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Petra Rosenfeld

Petra glanced down at her phone, the violent buzz jerking her away from her sleepy trance. It was from Nick Sterling. She barely remembered putting the boy’s contact in her phone at some party where she was too drunk to have any full memories. He had sent her a text, the first one in quite a few months actually. At first she was planning on ignoring it, but upon opening the app, Petra was greeted by a lovely paragraph by what seemed to be an under-the-influence Nick.

Petra giggled as she scrolled through. She glanced up to see no one across from her, not exactly sure what she was expecting. Seniors aren’t usually in her class. She paused for a moment before playfully responding to Nick.

To: Nick Sterling
From: Petra Rosenfeld

“I’m sorry…what? Wow, Nick, I really thought we had something going there for a little bit. Like those five seconds of eye contact we made at your party? That was basically the best moment of my life. I’m happy we’re texting this so you don’t have to see all of my mascara running down my face! This is so tragic. I’m genuinely in shock. Well, if you don’t care, neither do I! I hope you’re happy with whoever you moved on to. Obviously I’m not good enough. I guess I’ll just have to move in on your sister instead. She’s a lot hotter than you, and probably will make me happier than you ever will!”

And…sent. Petra smiled to herself as she closed her messages. Despite it being a joke, at least part of it was true. Alex was hotter than Nick. But, basically everyone knew that, so it wasn’t much of a surprise. Despite her quick response, Petra was still wondering why she had just gotten the text out of nowhere. She didn’t even know that the Sterling’s knew who she was, at least by name. But, whatever. The text made her smile, and god knows that she needs to do that more often.


@benitz786 - “Nicholas” (or maybe Alex? she thinks it’s nick so idk) Sterling
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There was quite a long silence after that. But then it was interrupted by Jasper’s phone, and she watched him get it out of his pocket, while apologising shortly to her. She was about to respond to that, until her own phone intervened, making a chime noise as she took it out of her own pocket. She turned on her phone - ‘1 New Notification From: Nick Sterling’. Her heart skipped a beat, but then she was just confused. Why the hell would he be texting me? She thought. She unlocked her phone and read the text, she raised her eyebrows in disbelief at what it said and knew that it definitely wasn’t from him, someone was on his phone. Kenzie decided not to respond to it, whatever she was thinking of saying would just be feeding into whoever really sent it. She turned back off her phone and put it in her pocket, she looked back at Jasper who had also got a notification. Could it have been from Nick too? She thought, Or whoever’s pretending to be Nick?

@TheBluGeek - Jasper Sevroy
@benitz786 - Nicholas Sterling


Riiiing Riiiing!
The sound of the bell marking the start of lunch-time, and the end to period four lessons.

Important Information
  • Auditions for the school play are on in the auditorium and all roles, whether they be actors or costume designers, will have the chance to face up to Amber’s scrutiny.
  • These auditions will consist of your character being publicly called up to the stage and interviewed by Amber Fantasia, before being asked to present something related to the role they are auditioning for in front of an audience made up of every else. For example: actors will be asked to perform a monologue; musicians will be asked to perform a musical piece; and photographers, and those working on styling, costume, and set design will be asked to present a portfolio showcase of their work.
  • During the time that auditions are happening, characters that may not be necessarily auditioning are free to attend the auditions and sit around and discuss others’ successes or failings onstage.
  • If you haven’t signed your character’s name on the bulletin board, but you’d like to have them audition, feel free to bring them along to audition (or just to spectate) either way!
  • In general, your characters are free to go anywhere around the school: some ideas for places you may wish to have them go could be the auditorium, the dining room, the library, etc.

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She was thinking of asking Jasper if he got a text from ‘Nick’ too, but then the bell rang. At this moment, Kenzie actually realised where she was - in school. She was a little surprised at the teachers no-show, but she wasn’t complaining. She got up, quickly said goodbye to Jasper, and left the classroom, and walked aimlessly a little. Kenzie was then reminded of the play auditions, when she saw yet another poster for it. She sighed. I have nothing to lose, might as well. She thought, heading for the auditorium, where a lot of people had already arrived.



Yeong Eun-jae

Jay’s presence at the infirmary hadn’t come as much of a surprise to the school nurse.

He had already been there his fair share of times for the woman to recognise him on a first name basis out of an approximate thousand students that attended the school, and given his frequent visits, it was far more unusual for two weeks to pass without a single trace of him at the place than it was if he was to begin frequenting the place five days a week. The one thing he liked about it was that his presence there never warranted any questions as to why he was absent from class, and he could spend an entire period curled up under the covers of one of the infirmary beds without having to sit through hours’ worths of torturous talks about things he wouldn’t even be able to recall within several days’ time. It was an easy feat for him to come up with the slightest of excuses to cut out on class that way, given that Jay had never been stranger to getting into situations that often warranted visits to the infirmary, or in his eyes anyway.

The punch Mason had thrown today had been one of those situations. Although Jay’s face was now only slightly sore from the impact of the guy’s knuckle on his nose, back then Jay had made the best out of a bad situation, having seen himself out of lesson with some exaggerations as to his injuries in his efforts at playing the victim. While Jay couldn’t wholeheartedly recall the moments following Mason’s punch, he remembered the after-effects of what had happened, with the way peoples’ stares had gravitated towards the back of the class towards the two of them, and the way the teacher had risen from their seat as Venus’ voice played out somewhere in the background of it all. One thing Jay knew for sure was that he had left the classroom with a scoff as he raised the corners of his lips with a smirk, the knowledge that it would be him as opposed to Jay accounting for the mess triumphing across his face as he passed the guy a final glance amidst cupping his hands around his nose in an effort to prevent the blood from spilling out onto the carpet.

Now, Jay simply leaned out of the window with a frown, exhaling the smoke from his lighted cigarette. The nurse had left some time ago from the office, having given him the perfect opportunity to borrow the lighter she kept in her drawer as a temporary replacement for the one he must have forgotten in the pocket of yesterday’s coat.

@MusicalVoyager (Ophelia Clarke), @Hail_the_Stxrs (Venus Takeo)


Ophelia Clarke

Ophelia had been cuddled under the covers in the infirmary for about fifteen minutes. The nurse had given her an Advil, which is routine for this situation. Ophelia’s headache had already settled, but there was no way she would be heading back to class so soon. As innocent as she’d like to portray she is, some of it just might be a facade. Especially when it comes to situations like these.

She endlessly stared at white walls, the ticking clock stuck out more than usual. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Nonetheless, the spaced out Ophelia would take this over class. She listened to the clock, it was somewhat soothing. It was almost as if Ophelia was the only one in the room. Of course, she wasn’t. Nurse Fredicks was sitting in the corner, quietly filing paper work.
Ophelia took a deep breath, taking in the calmness of the room. The calmness that was interrupted by another student entering the infirmary.

Ophelia studied the male who entered the room. She smiled, taking in his features. He had cocoa brown hair, and his eyes were a deep sea of midnight. It would only be polite to say something, right? She watched as the male lit a cigarette and blew a cloud of smoke out the open window.

“Uhm,” She took a deep breath, hoping to start a conversation that wouldn’t be awkward. She thought anything besides small talk would work, she would just need to say the right thing. She could just resort to the one thing that always works. Flirting. Saying something outright random would be a start to a less boring day. Ophelia Clarke was looking for a harmless relationship. Maybe she found one?

“I like your face,” She winked, “I bet it looks more attractive when it’s not damaged.”



Jezebel Luna

Jezebel felt worry as she saw him hesitate and stand there for what seem like forever. She was ready to walk off and just tell him to piss off, but then the unexpected happened… he kissed her! Her brain wanted to let go and slap this boy on the face but, her heart… her heart urged for this feeling for so long. She had missed those soft lips that she couldn’t help but kiss back.

As he pulled away and whispered in her ear, she felt shivers down her spine. Clearing her throat she nodded slowly, still keeping her guard up as she pushed him away slowly. “Okay…” Was all she could say at the moment before staring at his lips once again and letting out a small chuckle, “Just don’t forget to remove my lip gloss of your lips before your other play toys see you.” Jezebel said as she removed it with her fingers like she used too before. The ball rang for lunch and she quickly backed away as students started heading out of their classrooms. “I’ll see you after auditions, and I expect the whole truth.” She finally told him, as she went back to class to gather her things and headed to the auditorium.

As she headed to the auditorium, she looked at her phone and saw a message from Nick. This made her so confused, and knew she had to confront him about this… again. Ignoring she just decided to focus on getting her portfolio ready, no doubt she would get this spot, her mother was after all the well most known fashion designer of the upper east side, and Jezebel helped her all the time.


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Augustus Kauffman

Augustus hadn’t thought much of the auditions he had honestly completely forgot about them, “Um… I don’t know, perhaps tech crew?” He told her before hearing the bell rang. “I hope to see you there, if not… we can meet up after school or something to train” He said to her before saying good bye to her and heading out of the class to make his way to the auditorium, it’s not like he had anything better to do anyways. Feeling a vibrate from his phone he reached out to check it and saw that it was an unknown number.

To : Boxer Friend (Gus Kaufman)
From Nick Sterling

Messages :
“Who dis, new phone?”

He decided to reply, though normally he didn’t, normally it was always one of those rich kids playing a game on him.

To: Unknown Number
From: Augustus Kauffman

“The question is, who’s this? I don’t think you’re important to me, if I don’t have your number saved.”


ORP: Approachable!!


Leah Patterson

As a figure brushed against her back, she had a strong urge to ignore and continue on with her mini self-pity session. She was just thinking about how hilarious she sounded in her head, she almost wanted to roll on the halls of Constance Billiard, tears streaking her cheeks as she laughed. “The Leah,” seriously? Seriously?! The thought brought a small smile on her lips.

Leah was going to continue her journey across the glittering halls of Connie (Her new nickname for Constance Billiard), but a certain soft voice rushed her mind from the corner of her brain like a fork stabbing her head. Her head momentarily blanked as her Gucci bag plummeted to the ground just beside her new favorite red-soled Christian Louboutins, and she lowered to get it.

After her bag was secured in her hands, she gave the girl a hurried smile, and answered, “No problem,” she said, fixing her dress, “I’m fine.” Leah bit back rather harshly towards the girl — she had done nothing wrong though, so she got the urge to fix it with a small smile and corrected herself. “Are you okay? I’m terribly sorry.”

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Venus was thoroughly disappointed with how the whole fighting affair had turned out. She had watched Jay leave the room abruptly, watching the ghost of a triumphant smile slowly become reality etch onto his face. There were millions of questions running through her mind and despite her usual calm, her usual ability to keep herself focused and distracted all at once, she was confused. She didn’t understand anything that had went down except that it found its roots in some stupid feud between two stupider boys. She didn’t understand why Mason had just suddenly punched Jay and then prompted a fight between them, in the middle of the damn classroom for fuck’s sake! Insane. Idiotic. Impromptu. Many more insults ran through her head, some for one or the other but several for both of them.

Then before she knew it, there was the bell, a sort of freeing pull that tugged her away from the mess and toward anywhere but there. Venus found herself in the auditorium before she knew it, not to audition or anything of the sort of course, but to simply watch and distract herself. She didn’t want to track her mind back to whatever had just occurred and sat in the back of the room, legs propped onto the chair in front of her as she brought out a notebook to review. Why am I even here?

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Yeong Eun-jae

“I like your face, I bet it looks more attractive when it’s not damaged.”

An endless sea of thoughts was interrupted by that one sentence. The questions that were running through his mind about the earlier events of that day; the slight inklings of worry over how careless he had been in managing to misplace his lighter: all of that buried itself away with the sound of that one sentence. Hearing the sound of someone else in the room had almost caused him to choke on the putrid taste of nicotine and tar. Instinctively, Jay dropped the cigarette underfoot, stomping the flame out beneath the soles of his shoes as he shifted his gaze away from the distant New York skyline stretching out across the horizon, and turned, attempting to clear the smoke that had filled into the room with the waft of his hands as though it wouldn’t have been obvious.

As his eyes met hers, he realised that she was just another one of the students at Constance. He relaxed slightly, releasing a breath into the air with some relief. It took some time before the girl’s words had flooded back to him, and within moments he had taken a glance around the room with the assumption that she had been talking to someone else. “Me?” he asked, though the question was followed by a slight chuckle at the realisation that it couldn’t exactly be anyone else. By now he had to stop himself from bursting out into laughter as he raised the screen of his phone out before him as a makeshift mirror.

After a moment of surveying his reflection, Jay raised his brows in some sort of consensus as he played along. “Huh, I guess you have a point,” he said, though he couldn’t stop the small smile from surfacing to his lips as her words played back in his mind. “I like your face…” he whispered to himself with a shake of his head, “who says that?” Jay teased, lowering his phone back into his pocket as he laughed into his hand. “You know, if you wanted a picture you could have just asked for one.”

@MusicalVoyager (Ophelia Clarke)


Caitlin Montes

Although the response was somewhat cold, it wasn’t something that Caitlin took to heart. Having heard it, she just maintained her apologetic smile and planned to go on her way, not really caring much for dragging the conversation out any further. Within moments, she had lowered her eyes back towards her phone for the briefest of seconds as she took a glance at the time: something prompted by the sound of the school bell blaring out in the background. Pressing the switch on one side of her phone, the device came to life, revealing the presence of an unread notification. The one she had been meaning to check before the whole incident of bumping into the girl. What had caught her eye most of all though was the name of the sender.

“Nick?” she let slip into the air, mostly out of the surprise of him having texted her today, out of all days — though the question of whether she had been alright being reflected back towards her meant that Caitlin had raised her gaze at the sound of the words. She nodded, with a reassuring “Yeah, don’t worry about it” to follow, though she had already turned her attention back to her phone with furrowed brows as she opened the message up to read it fully.

Out of all days, his timing to text her had been perfect.

A smile made its way onto her face as she read through it with a slight laugh. It really sounded like something Nick would say. She wondered if the Sterling had already been made aware of her presence back in the Upper East Side, or if it was all just down to a case of perfect timing. Either way, all the nostalgia that she hadn’t felt before back in Beverly Hills, it flooded back and made her yearn for the days when she, Nick, and Alex would hang out for hours on end at the Sterling’s place, or spend their Friday evenings attempting to sneak past the bouncers at 1 Oak.

It had been too long since the three of them had talked.

Caitlin turned to look at the girl, the question playing on her mind. The brunette looked like she could be a senior and, if Cait wasn’t mistaken, she could have sworn she had remembered seeing her around in one of her earlier classes that morning. “Hey, you wouldn’t happen to know where Nick or Alex are, would you?" she asked, still carrying that smile that had formed on her face as she’d reminisced about her days in New York.

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Elizabeth Teldorn

As the bell rang to mark the end of the lesson, Elizabeth looked up warily from her phone she had been looking at almost all lesson -minus the small chat she had with Maximus - the lesson didn’t concern her much anyways, her social life always comes first as her Mother puts it. Although she did get a mysterious message from a random guy, Elizabeth just shrugged it off as some random person that had found her number and had continued scrolling through thousands of makeup videos on her Instagram feed.

She placed her phone in her back pocket of her coat which she then shrugged on over her shoulders. Elizabeth took a long deep breath of the furry material and in came rushing the beautiful smell of home, the smell though was vague but it was enough to comfort her. She took a long look about the classroom as she pulled on her bag and strutted outside into the large hallways. Deciding to head towards the auditions she started strutting in a random direction until she knew that she had no clue where she was going so Elizabeth did the one thing she knew she could do. She grabbed a random person and just started chatting.

“So… Hi,” Elizabeth said giving off a big smile “I know I kind of you know… grabbed you but can you please show me where the auditions are? I heard they are in the auditorium but I don’t know where that is”. She paused a second, coughing as she noticed her English accent was coming off a tad strong so she decided to dial it down a bit. “Sorry that was a bit upfront, it’s Elizabeth Telldorn. I’m new here if you can’t tell” She said letting out an awkward giggle before meeting the boy’s eyes and extending out her arm for a hand-shake “Nice to meet you”.

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