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Maximus McNamara

The words of the headmaster had become largely drowned out by those of Nicholas Sterling’s, seated beside the senior. As Nick lowered his head down onto Max’s shoulder, the McNamara turned to the guy, before scoffing over at him. “Sorry, not happening,” Max asserted with a smile, only to be met with the usual complaints from the guy as Nick found himself met with a slight shove to the shoulder. Though before Max even had the chance to respond, he’d found a pair of hands covering over his eyes, and a “guess who?” to follow.

Almost instantaneously, Max could recognise the soft intonations of the voice he’d heard throughout his childhood time and time again. Maximus McNamara and Jordan Oris. They’d practically grown up together. Following each other through elementary school, all the way through to middle school, and on to Constance Billard present day… it was a familiar voice, and it wasn’t one he would ever forget.

A small wave of happiness crossed over him, different to the one he’d gotten when he’d been laughing only moments before with the Sterling. “…I don’t know, Nick, who is it?” he teased, cupping his hands over hers: the smile on his face giving away the feigned pretence that he didn’t know. Nick had started talking and before Max knew it, the three of them were seated together on the padded seats. “Ugh, just use this,” Max spoke, sending a travel pillow flying over at the guy, lightly enough so that it wouldn’t make much of an impact.

Max turned his attention over to the girl, the smile still on his face as he observed her expression, though his eyes softened as it was quickly overshadowed by a slight look of concern. “You tired?” he asked her, pausing in his thoughts for a moment before he’d reached over for a bottle of unopened water to pass over towards her. “Here, drink this,” he said, “You’ll get a headache if you don’t drink enough this early in the morning…"

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Juliet Rivers
Juliet sat off to the side, with her feet propped up on something, where there were less of her classmates. She chuckled slightly to herself as she listened to what the dean had said. She wasn’t planning to listen to it much. She was too busy finally reading the latest posts from gossip girl. She had not had much of a chance to read it over the past week, but now she finally had a chance to read some of the most recent posts. Which gave her some insight to the people she was going to be on a plane with for the next several hours. She was also glad to learn who it was that sent her that mystery text that day, and she found it funny to see what messages others had gotten as well.
Juliet was honestly still surprised that her family was actually going to let her go on this trip. Although if they knew she had picked up that one guy’s lighter that day, and kept it for herself, they might not have let her. She didn’t want to have two lighters confiscated in the same week after all.
Juliet looked around at her fellow classmates. She hardly knew any of them, so all of this could turn out to be quite interesting.

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Edison Montgomery
He was back. He had finally been let out of hospital - fortunately in time for a five days away from home. He had many worried eyes on him, and a lot of people making their own rumours on what happened, but only Katherine Hart actually knowing the truth.

However he couldn’t actually take part in the skiing, as he was on crutches with a broken leg, but this meant he could be by himself while everyone is skiing. He was looking forward to that - but for now he had to get into a group to walk around the airport. If he weren’t on crutches, he could probably get away with walking by himself, but it would be quite hard to sneak off with loud crutches.

He looked around slightly, not really caring who he was with, he wasn’t planning on making conversation with anyone anyway. He noticed someone already walking away, by himself. He looked back at everyone forming groups he knew he would have to be a part of. He decided to go over to this person, just so he could get away from everyone else.

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Ari DeLaurence

When Ari arrived at this… “school trip” place, it was obviously an airport and many people were reading books, chatting along or in general keeping themselves busy. You could see glimpses of people making their way to their airplanes outside the enormous windows. What are we doing, skiing? she thought, rolling her eyes. Wait, I think we actually are. Are we? Well only one way to find out. And so, she reluctantly listened to that boring dean explain what we’re doing for this dumb school tour. Do we really have to go in groups? she thought. Really? Usually she would be find with this stuff, but this week she had turned into an old grump for not much reason. It even got her in a catfight on that dreaded website. But now, she was happy. She was going to smile through the pain that is technically nothing, and enjoy this trip. if there’s anything to enjoy of it.


Grace Cama

After yet another silent week, we were going on a… tour? To Turin? Grace sighed and didn’t bother listening to much of what the dean was saying, but she did hear that we’re going to be put in groups. She smiled. This could get finally interesting… she thought. That is, if people are put with certain people. But after that, she went back to her boredness. That dean went on… and on… and on… and on… about some stupid skiing thing we’re doing in Turin. Where even is Turin? she thought. She quickly searched it up and looked at her phone, before putting it back in her pocket. Her legs were getting tired, so she looked at somewhere to sit, and ended up sitting next to this girl with brown-blond hair. She glanced at her, but for no longer than a milisecond. I remember her… she thought, taking out her phone and going onto Gossip Girl’s website. She flicked down a few pages before seeing it. She knew who the girl next to her was now, but still refused to talk. If anyone’s going to talk, it’s her.

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Violet Sinclair
“No, no, no, Ali doesn’t like apples, you can’t give them to her - she will cry!” Violet said, talking frantically to her dad on the phone who was looking after the twins and the baby during the five days she is away. “Will and Ali go to their football training together on Saturday. Yes together. And you can’t leave baby Sophie by herself, she has to come in the car with you. And you have to use the baby seat.”

She looked around, worried about the week she was going to have away when she should be with her siblings. She hated herself for thinking it, but she was jealous of everyone around her who didn’t have to worry about their family. “Okay, bye Dad.” She finally said, hanging up. She sighed as she watched over people get into groups, and stepped forward - as if to say she was open to being in a group.

She wasn’t really friends with anyone in her school. The only person she was familiar with was…- She decided to approach someone, as she knew she had to do it at some point, she saw a girl stood alone. She cleared her throat and walked over. “Hey…” She said to her.

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Ari DeLaurence

She stood over at the wall, looking for something to do. That’s when a girl with brown hair, hazel eyes and tan skin comes over. “Hey.” she replied, smiling. “I haven’t seen you around much.” it was true. This girl seemed rather new, although she probably wasn’t and she just mixed in with the crowd, like most people try to in this school. Nobody really wants to get noticed. If they do, they know what’ll happen. “Ari.” She said, “Ari DeLaurence.” she held out her hand. “What’s your name?”

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Violet Sinclair
She wasn’t really surprised when this girl said she hadn’t seen Violet around, Violet was not really one to talk to other people in school. In school, she did what most people did, she actually studied a lot - which kind of separated her from everyone else. “I’m Violet.” She said in response to her asking her name, although she already knew what this girls name was as she has been in the same classes as her for a long time. They had even conversed before, it was only short, Ari had asked for a spare pen. But Ari had clearly not remembered.

@Drama_Queer - Ari DeLaurence


Ari DeLaurence

“Wait a minute.” she paused to think. It took a full minute for her to realize but she still did. “I think I’ve seen you in one of my classes, have I? Sorry, I’ve terrible memory.” But by now she was halfway sure that she’d seen this girl before. 50/50. If she hadn’t then she was going to look like a huge doofus. Ever had a time when you went up to someone and you think you know them, but then it turns out they’ve never seen you in their entire life before? Like when the man walks up to the woman but then it turns out it’s just a man with long hair? Yeah. Like that. So it was kind of a risk, but not really.

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Elizabeth Teldorn

Elizabeth sat in the lounge, looking about all the groups of slightly familiar faces from her school conversing with each other. In her first week of school, despite her Mothers demand, she had not really socialized with anyone and she’s paying the price now. With her lips pursed in a line, she flipped her hair from one side to the other. Flipping her hair was something she would do from a young age when she was bored and her Mother hated it. She would always say “It is improper” and “It ruins you whole facade”.

Elizabeth never actually wanted to go on the ski trip though -of course- her Mother forced her saying that it would be a good bonding experience. Yeah Mother, being stuck in small proximity with someone you don’t know for 14 hours is a great bonding experience. Elizabeth sighed, at least it will be 5 days away from the dragon bitch.

She yawned, waking up at 3 am was not an experience Elizabeth wanted to try again. Although she didn’t need to wake up until an hour later, she had to not look like a drowned rat so Lizzie decided to swap sleep for beauty and now she was seriously regretting it. Although she never got circles under her eyes no matter how tired she was her fatigue was shown in other ways, her main one is that if someone tried to talk to her now she would act like a royal stick in the ass but she is trying to get it under control. She kicked her legs up onto the vacant seat next to her and groaned.

After being bored for about five minutes, she remembered her phone packed in her handbag, she reached in for it, pulling out headphones at the same time and plugging them in. She turned on some music and lied back, enjoying the moment until she remembered something, Her Mother had packed something in her handbag that she didn’t see right before Elizabeth left so she didn’t have time to check it. Her curiosity got the better of her and the brunette girl unplugged her headphones and searched in her bag. What Lizzie pulled out deeply surprised her. She was holding a long strip of condoms.

“Fuck you Mother” She yelled slumping her head into her hands.

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Jay Yeong

“We?” Jay questioned, directing his attention to the girl.

He had found himself glaring over at her longer than intended before he finally spoke up, extending a hand over to the camera lens. “I’m just heading off to the washroom, but feel free to follow along,” he stated dryly. In all honesty, he didn’t have much interest in taking the conversation further. There was no real reason as to why she would want to follow him around the place, and he just hoped the lie would break her off his trail sooner than later.

Only when he was about to walk away had Jay been alerted to the presence of another person beside them. Jay didn’t get what the deal was with these people: it felt like there was some secret underground cult Jay club that he’d never been made aware of. He thought back to that girl who’d approached him in the infirmary last Thursday, and now this. Ever since the start of term it seemed like the world had finally begun to move past all the crap-talk Gossip Girl had sent his way the previous year, and it was something Jay still wasn’t entirely used to.

“…Hi?” he questioned, pausing in his steps. He looked the guy over in slight confusion, feeling like he knew the guy’s name but not being able to quite grasp it. Jay observed the crutches for a moment. “Did you need help with something?” he asked, still unsure as to why the guy had approached. As much as he’d been wanting to make his way out of the conversation, Jay knew there was no way the guy was going to make it far walking around with all of those weighing him down: at least not now that he was on crutches. “Here, let me take your bag," the senior offered. He’d have to be a total ass not to at least help him with that.

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Willow Reed
It was her second day at the school and she was already on a ski trip with these unfamiliar people. She hadn’t even told her parents about this trip, she assumed they wouldn’t even notice. She had seen some posts on a website called Gossip Girl about the people around her now. Nick Sterling, the guy who sent those weird texts, Estelle Macmillan, a girl who was seen with him, and Elizabeth Telldorn - most likely to win the oscars? She wondered what the big deal was with all these people, they weren’t celebrities. Why would anyone care if two students were seen together?

She saw one of the girls she had remembered from GG near her, Elizabeth Telldorn. pulling out something from her bag. She walked over to her and made a comment on what was in her hand. “Interesting,” She said looking at the strip of condoms. “But you might want to be a little careful, there are teachers left, right and centre.” She said, wondering why this girl thought it was a good idea to pull out condoms from her bag.

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Edison Montgomery
He knew that this guy was confused as to why he came over to him, but at least Eddie was away from everyone else and not in a group with other people. He just nodded in response to his confused greeting. Eddie quickened his pace slightly on his crutches because he didn’t want this guy to slow down to keep up with him. The guy then asked if he needed help with something, he was about to reply with a short no, but then he told Eddie to give him his bag.

Eddie knew what was in his bag, and he knew that he wasn’t about to let him see that, it wasn’t any of his business. “Uh, no it’s fine.” He said shortly. Then, to stop Jay’s confusion, he told him, “I’m not here to be friends, I just didn’t want to be a part of the groups forming back there.” Eddie thought that maybe that sounded quite harsh, but he didn’t really want to beat around the bush with the fact that he has no intention of getting to know this guy, he was merely his way out of that big group of people.

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Violet Sinclair
The girl claimed to remember having Violet in her class. It was true, however Violet thought that maybe she was just saying it to make it seem like Violet wasn’t just a forgettable face. But she wasn’t going to say her thoughts out loud, and just nodded and said, “Yeah I think we were in a class together…” She said, pretending that she wasn’t too sure.

She rubbed the back of her neck, feeling a little awkward. She was going to leave the conversation there, but then decided she might as well have at least one person she is acquainted with on this trip. “Have you-” She started, then actually took a moment to think about the question she was going to ask. “Have you ever skied before?”

@Drama_Queer - Ari DeLaurence

Mackenzie Amstel
She took a deep breath. She was not looking forward to spending 5 days with people she was not even friends with. She was also worried because she couldn’t even ski, and she was going to look stupid because she knew she was going to fall over and, once again, she will become the laughing stock of the trip.

The only person she would really consider herself friends with was Jasper Sevroy, after having a long conversation with him in class. She looked over at him, but he had already been approached by someone else - Amber Fantasia.

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Elizabeth Telldorn
Elizabeth looked up, standing in front of her was a girl she had never seen before. She pulled herself up from her slouched, embarrassed position and met her eyes.

“But you might want to be little careful, there are teachers left right and center”

“It’s not what it looks like, I swear” She groaned stuffing the condoms back in her bag quickly so the teachers wouldn’t see. She soon re-met the girls gaze. “It seems that my Mother is extremely perverted and enjoys humiliating hr daughter into popularity” Elizabeth rolled her eyes and kicked her legs back up to the seat next to her whilst rolling her pretty hazel eyes.

She met the girls eyes again before noticing that she hadn’t given herself a proper introduction let alone any formalities. There was visible panic on Elizabeth’s face for a split second, but she quickly hid it, exchanging it for a pretty smile, those drama lessons payed off. “I don’t think we have formally met, I’m Elizabeth.” She outstretched her hand for a handshake. “do you know me from somewhere? I’m feeling like you already know me and if we have already me I’m extremely sorry” She said, her English accent oozing out of her.

@Ella- Willow Read


Jay Yeong

Jay just looked at the guy, something of an amused expression crossing over his face. “I’m heartbroken, man, ” he laughed, mainly to himself. “Here I thought we were all going to bond and become friends by the end of this trip.” As they passed a shop window, Jay turned to catch a mirror reflection and smoothed the front of his hair down. Although he’d noticed an initial hesitancy from the guy in accepting his offer to carry the bag, the change in conversation had been enough of a distraction for Jay to momentarily forget.

Background noise. He could still hear that low humming sound, the one he’d heard during the course of the Dean’s speech. It was always somehow easier to drown out the noise when his attention was focused elsewhere. Jay passed a glance over at Alex, who was still engaged in filming, although she’d turned her camera away from the three of them and out into view of the surrounding area of shops and cafés.

Jay looked back over to the guy. A recollection of what they’d been talking about just before came to mind. It was obvious that carrying the bag around wasn’t doing the guy any favours in keeping up with their pace. “Too bad I didn’t ask,” Jay sighed, reaching over to grab a hold of it.

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Jordin Marrow
Jordin sat down in a random seat she didn’t even think much about. After the whole night she had tossing and turning she was hoping this trip would be a great way to destress. As she looked around at other passing students she held her bag close to her. Too many ideas went through her head travelling with someone. Let alone a whole group of kids she didn’t really know. She slightly yawned as she tapped her fingers on the window.

ORP: Approachable

Leona Rivers
Leona made sure to double write all the rules the dean had to say for the trip. She loved Paris and remembered going a few times over the years before things changed. She looked around for Juliet just to already see her talking to someone. She smiled as she settled down in a seat, and pulled out her sketchbook. She decided that the best thing to do in a crowded airport was to draw the nearby people.

ORP: Approachable

Alyssa Moore
Alyssa looked around the airport and set her bags down. She was excited to go back to Europe, but at the same time loved it here. She shrugged casually as she walked toward a nearby snack vendor. Alyssa bought herself an apple and decided to wait toward the side till it was time to go. She was excited for this trip to start already, but not really looking forward to a long plane trip.

ORP: Approachable


Willow Reed
She smiled a little at this girls reaction, and how embarrassed she got - even though she didn’t need to be. She looked around to make sure none of the teachers had caught the girl. She laughed when the girl said it wasn’t what it looked like. “Don’t worry, a ski trip with a bunch of horny, hot guys? I’d say your quite smart for bringing them.” She said, nodding approvingly. “You wouldn’t want to end up pregnant on the slopes.”

The girl stood back up and their eyes aligned. She raised her eyebrows when the girl became quite panicked, and then she suddenly covered it up. Willow wondered what had happened in that short moment to make her feel nervous. Then the girl started introducing herself, and that’s where she realised this girl was english. “No, I don’t think we have met.” She responded, smiling reassuringly. “I’m new. Well, that’s not my name - I’m Willow.”

@Beth_Episode - Elizabeth Telldorn


Edison Montgomery
When he made the joke about being heartbroken, Eddie smiled - and almost laughed, something he hadn’t done since way before the accident. He raised his eyebrows in surprise. Then he watched him look at himself in the mirror reflection and rolled his eyes, the smile disappeared and he cleared his throat. Then the guy suddenly looked away, and, out of curiosity, Eddie looked where he did. Alex? Is that who he’s looking at?

Suddenly he felt a tug. His bag. Quickly he looked back at him, and he was trying to take his bag. He jolted back, almost completely falling over. “Dude, I said no, I’m fine.” He said quite seriously - as if it was a warning.

@themaystorms - Jay Yeong


Harper Elizabeth Meyer
Harper looked around desperately finding somebody to talk to. She didn’t wanna be that odd one out. She was happy to be visiting France again, the last time she had been there was Fashion Week with her mother. This trip would be a good way to get away from the abuse of her father, but, worrying about Lyric was most of her troubles.

She shook those thoughts out of her head and looked at the people around her. Some were shopping, but mainly, most were having a seat. To her surprise, Jordin was casually tapping her fingers on a nearby window. She walked over as she plopped her bags down on the floor, carefully taking a seat next to her. “How’s it going?” She said, crossing her legs.


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Jordin Marrow
Jordin looked away from the window and smiled when Harper sat down.“Hey, yeah things are okay I mean this trip is exciting in itself.” She looked at the window then back at Harper.“Hopefully we can leave soon though I hate the smell of airports.” She wrinkled her nose slightly as people walked back and forth.

“How are you though? I bet you’re excited to be going to Paris again.” She smiled slightly as she shifted in her seat. She was somewhat nervous about going on a trip again, but also couldn’t hold too much of her excitement on the down low." Maybe we can also check out some things as well. Go shopping around the streets of Paris!" She nudged her slightly with a smile." I already know you know the best clothing shops."


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