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Venus was… disgruntled by this whole trip. Of course, skiing sounded fun in theory and it was nice that there would be no school but then again, school rules would still apply. She stared down at her phone, sending one last message to Manny who had somehow gotten ahold of her father’s phone

See you in a few days. Take care, ok?

It was unnerving to know that Manny would be in the care of her father for nearly an entire week but she knew he could take care of himself… hopefully. Realizing she was being distracted, she shoved her phone into her pocket and gripped her single bag. Venus never required much when she traveled, well, now that she was travelling. Her last ‘vacation’ had simply been visiting her grandparents that lived three hours away so all of this was a new experience for her. It was her first real trip and it was out of the country. Things like that were usually very out of reach for her family and she’d only ever dreamed about it once or twice.

With a fleeting smile, she glanced over at Jay who had generously offered to take the bag for a fellow student in crutches. The sight of them made her mind wander back to the minor yet idiotic fight that had taken place just a while back between Jay and Mason. She still found it very stupid and useless. “Someone’s in a generous mood, aren’t they?” Venus said, a teasing tone in her voice before the other boy suddenly jerked backwards violently, causing her to stiffen. Woah.

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Mason Oliver @MusicalVoyager

Jax was excited as could be. He had even managed to scramble out of bed early just to make sure he wasn’t late for the trip. It wasn’t the fact that they were going skiing but rather the fact that they were going to France. His family had been there several times and he’d enjoyed all of those adventures. Or maybe it was because of the beauties he had encountered there. His uncle was surprised that he was in such a rush and jokingly asked if he was going to get high to which Jax simply replied with a yes.

When he finally arrived at the airport, he was ecstatic and felt prepared. While they weren’t going to Paris, he knew the slopes would probably be fun. I’ve already been to Paris a few times anyways. It’s time for something new. Jax glanced down at his watch and realized the plane would depart in quite a while so why not make some friendly conversation in the mean time?

“Hello there, love. Already eating before the trip are we?” He smirked as he approached a girl who was munching on an apple. “Make sure to save your appetite, the food in France tends to be exquisite and I’d hate for you to miss out,” Jax added, giving her a charming smile.

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Alyssa Moore
As she slowly ate her apple she turned at the guy that approached her. She smirked as she looked at the apple.“I don’t know about you, but I’m not planning on being hungry throughout this trip. So an apple is a good snack before we arrive there.” She finished off her apple and raise her brow at him.“So let me guess you’ve been to France before and know your way?”

She had to admit he was a cute guy, but of course he probably would say anything to just speak with her. Alyssa moved some of her curls behind her as she stepped closer.“I mean you’re right I would hate to miss out,so maybe if you do know your way you can help me out.” She flashed a whole smile at him as she tried to figure him out.



Ari DeLaurence

The girl sounded not too sure either. It kind of got awkward after that, with really nothing left to say and no questions to ask. Obviously Ari lost her imagination on asking questions, as usually she has something to say, but it would sound a bit too random for the liking if she just said “Oh hey, what’s your favourite color? Mine is blue because my hair is. So obvious! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.” or “I like dogs. Do you like dogs? I loove dogs. Dogs are my favourite color because they’re green. What’s your favourite type of pineapple?”
…Yeah, too random…
That’s when Emily brought up skiing. She knew why she asked it, because obviously the dean said we were doing skiing for the trip, although she wasn’t too sure anyone else was actually listening to the dean, apart from Emily, of course. “Yeah, kinda.” she replied. “I went to Austria once and we stayed there for… a day, and we did skiing for three or two hours. What about you?”

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Serephina Oliver Thompson

Ass soon as they got to the airport, Serephina knew this would be a perfect opportunity for photography. She was lucky she hadn’t forgotten to pack her camera. She had also packed a good few comic books and used another bag for an entire gaming console. Those places we’re staying in better have TVs, or I’m never backing this again. she thought, sitting down. She had packed the console by the skin of her teeth, and covered it with other stuff so her mother wouldn’t notice it when she inspected the bags. She was lucky her mother didn’t put her hand in the bags, or she would’ve killed her. She was lucky to be alive. But before she started taking pictures of the airplanes, she simply had to listen to the dean and what she would be doing on this trip. Turns out, they’re going to Turin! And we’re skiing! So many pictures could be taken! How nice are the views…
Before she started daydreaming and fan-girling too much, she went out to take pictures. She didn’t bother going to volunteer for groups, there was amazing photos to be taken.



Alyson Bell

Alyson had basically been M.I.A since the events at Nick’s party. So much had happened between them but she had no idea where they stood; she hadn’t returned his flirty texts, his many phone calls, his Snapchats, his Instagram DMs, his tweets (and sub tweets). He even tried to get to her by sending in letters, mostly questioning where she had been and why she was ignoring him. Of course, Alyson had been able to turn a cold shoulder to all of it and had gotten on with her life, or lack-there-of. When she hadn’t been hiding out in her bedroom, she was hitting the town, specifically going to the darker areas of Brooklyn where she was sure she wouldn’t run in to Nick. To be fair, she had no idea if she had run in to Nick, the nights were such a blur of drugs, alcohol, and various pretty lights, and maybe even a couple of random strangers.

Despite her antics, like a pearly white ghost, Alyson sauntered through the airport lounge. She held her duffel bag close to her side while wearing a large oversized jumper that consumed her tiny frame. Her platinum hair was slicked back in a high pony tail, and thick glasses balanced on the bridge of her nose, covering every inch of her darkened, bloodshot eyes. Originally, Alyson wasn’t even going to show up to the trip; she can’t ski, she hates everyone at the school, hates the cold, and would be in a confined location with Nick. However, her extremely coked up mother tipped her over the edge, and she escaped the house as soon as she could after that point.

As Alyson entered the airport lounge, she made a straight break for the cafe. She stood in line, waiting to be served as she glanced over the menu and decided between the various seasonal drinks. As she hummed over the menu, Alyson’s eyes (and ears) were drawn to a certain someone over by the seats. It was Nick’s whining voice; he had definitely been out drinking. Alyson couldn’t help but smirk while looking over. She was brought out of her daze as it was her turn to order, so she quickly just decided on two lattes. Once the coffees were made, she took a deep breath and headed over to where Nick sat. She stood in front of him and tilted her head innocently, peering down at him over the edge of her glasses. No words were said until she held out the coffee cup to him and muttered, “4 sugars, the way you like it…”. Despite it all, she smiled at him all the same.

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Violet Sinclair
She heard that Ari had been skiing before, only for a few hours though. Of course Violet hadn’t been skiing before, she was too young before the twins were born and ever since they were born Violet has never left the house unless it was for school. Reminding her of the fact she has left her siblings made her sad again, but she sniffed and pretended like she was fine. “No, never done it before.” She said, shortly.

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Juliet Rivers
Juliet noticed a girl sit next to her. She turned to look at the girl that sat down. Juliet slid her phone into her pocket as she looked at the girl. Juliet just had a feeling that the girl was thinking about her. “So since you decided to sit next to me, what’s your name?” Juliet’s parents had made sure that she took her medication that morning, so Juliet was having a much harder time letting people see the personality she wanted them to see. So she was more herself at that moment.


Ari DeLaurence

Her short reply ended the question and the conversation once more, and once again she was going to be stuck in the same dilemma. She could tell by now that it was her turn to ask the questions. So, she obviously thought of another question. I mean, nobody ever gets a question off the top of their head without even thinking about it. Well, usually they don’t. There were lots of options, and lots of really weird ones that passed through Ari’s head too. Like, for example; “Eclairs or cream rolls?” and “So, what are you going to do with your life?”. She could tell the latter would be quite offensive, and the first one just plain weird. “So… got any friends here?” she asked, shrugging.

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Grace Cama
Grace turned her head to listen to the girl next to her. Juliet Rivers. she thought. The one who tried to burn off someone’s hair. Let’s see if she’ll burn mine. Actually, I like my hair. I’d like to keep it, thank you very much. As she listened to her, she couldn’t quite make out whether she was being rude or not. But instead, she thought it would be much easier if she should just… go with the flow? Something like that. She smiled at her and looked at her from her thick, wide glasses. “Grace Cama.” she said, sticking out her hand. “And you are… Juliet Rivers?”

@Littlefeets - Juliet Rivers

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Violet Sinclair
She thought the conversation was coming to an end, but then Ari shot her with the question. Any friends? She thought. Her mind instantly went to one name. Gabriel Bechtel. No. She told herself quickly after the name came to mind. She felt annoyed at herself for letting that name come to her mind, and annoyed at how things happened with them. “N-No not really.” She said, not thinking about how sad that actually sounded. She sighed, “And you?”

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Ari DeLaurence

She replied rather sadly as she sighed. “Hey.” Ari said, giving her, or at least attempting, a reassuring smile. “Just because you don’t have any friends that stand out doesn’t mean you won’t have one. It’s only a matter of time, really, before you get one. You’re… really nice.” Although she had a feeling this wasn’t the case, she stuck with it anyway. Because she had enough proof and it was the safest option. And of course, she couldn’t just say “Haha you don’t have any friends, na na na na na, you’re hopeless!” because that would just be plain rude, and she wasn’t like that. And also, Ari has a thing for honesty, lies… just aren’t her thing. “Me? My friends?” She said, half-asking. “Right.” she nodded to where Harper was. “That’s Harper. Or in full, Harper Elizabeth Meyer. See the brunette over there? That’s her.” She then turned her head to see a drunken Nick. She rolled her eyes. “I suppose you know who he is. There’s also Alex…” she paused, looking around to see her, but stopped soon after. “I’m assuming you know her too. They’re the main ones, anyways.”

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Harper Elizabeth Meyer
“How are you though? I bet you’re excited to be going to Paris again.” Jordin had asked her, Harper’s attention quickly shifting back to Jordin. “O-Oh! I’ve been good. Never been better!” She said, sheepishly. “Regarding Paris, I’m very excited to be heading back to Paris. I haven’t been there ever since my mother last went to a Fashion Week. She’s been too successful to attend those types of events.” She said with a little sigh.

“Maybe we can also check out some things as well. Go shopping around the streets of Paris!” Jordin nudged her slightly with a smile." I already know you know the best clothing shops." Jordin said, Harper’s eyes already lighting up. “Of course I do! We’ll go to all the latest shops! If my mom were in Paris, which she isn’t, she could have shown us around, but, I guess it’s not happening anytime soon.” She said, forcing a smile.

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Julianna Kaufman
She was probably one of the people who were just awkwardly standing in the airport, isolated in a crowd. She had remembered what had happened after the days of school when she would get home, it’d usually be her father greeting her and asking her how she was, and how her friends were like. Despite how long she’d been at Constance Billard, she barely had any friends to stick by her side.

She looked at the atmosphere around her. There was laughing, giggling, and many, many voices to be heard with lots of side conversations. She’d wish before that she was one of those people who were social and that one person who’d others always wanted to be around. She didn’t wanna be some person who was by herself all the time just playing her ukelele. At some point, she’ll have to step up and walk up to someone and just give a quick hello, or a quick, hey. She looked around and noticed somebody who also looked by themselves.

She found one girl, she was alone. She was quiet. She was just awkwardly standing somewhere just like Julianna. Step it up, Julianna. She promptly walked over, forcing a quiet smile onto her face. “Hey, I-I’m Julianna. Julianna Kaufman.” She said, trying to give a little wave to the girl in front of her.

@Ella - Talking to Mackenzie Amstel

William Alexander Parker
He looked around the airport. People shopping, people talking, and those people sitting alone. He didn’t care which kind of “airport” person he was. He didn’t seem to see anybody he knew, and he didn’t seem to find Josslyn either. He took his remaining baggage with him and took a seat. He wasn’t really liked at Constance Billard either. He slouched in his seat and put in his earbuds.

ORP: Approachable.


Nicholas Sterling:
Nicholas scoffed at the travel pillow Max threw his way but utilized it nevertheless. It would be helpful on the plane especially with the impending hangover he would be feeling within the next few hours. Thankfully, he had sobered up enough that he was only a bit tipsy at this point – though he knew that the plane flight would soon become a living hell with all the noise. With his luck there would be a crying child the whole way to France. He didn’t even have time to make his hangover cure in the morning as Alex dragged him to the car in efforts to make sure they weren’t “late.” When in the hell was Nicholas Sterling ever really late to anything? Okay fine… Alex had a point in dragging him out in the morning, thankfully he had finished packing his things in the nick of time (granted he may have forgotten a few items, but you try to pack a week’s worth of stuff drunk out of your mind… he didn’t forget his boxers, did he? Shit…)

At least he had his in-flight items at the ready:
Pillow. Check. Thank you Maxy boy for that one.

Blanket. Check. He had already wrapped himself around in the fuzzy cloth.

Noise canceling headphones. Check. Ready to pop into his ears for a (hopefully) quiet flight.

Honestly all he really needed now was a hangover cure or even a warm cup of coffee would do.

It was as if someone had answered his prayers because a moment later, the aroma of the drink clouded his mind causing him to jolt up in his seat and stare at the figure in front of him. It took him a moment to realize the silhouette was of one Alyson Bell – the girl he hadn’t been able to get a hold of for the past few weeks. Nick took the image of the girl in. Though her external appearance gave an essence of momentary perfection, she looked… drained.

He watched as the girl held the cup towards him, and as much as he wanted to grab it out of her hand, he couldn’t. It was as if something within him was holding him back.

“You know… I was almost about to call in a missing person’s report” he whispered dryly as a slight pout made way upon his features. “Where have you been, Aly?” he questioned though the confliction on the girl’s face made him halt his inquiry. The man stood up, pulling the girl in for a hug, “I’ve missed you Aly-kins” he grinned spinning the girl around before grabbing the coffee out of her hands and taking a sip as if the last few weeks hadn’t occurred.

Nick sat back down in his seat, making room for Alyson next to him. “So, tell me all about how you’ve been tracking and stopping an international crisis in in Austria and how that’s why you haven’t been able to give me a call back. Did you blow up a castle? Did you parachute into the ocean? I want to know it all.” Nick stated playfully as he laid his head on the girls shoulder.


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Alex Sterling:
“Aren’t you just a beam of sunshine in the morning?” Alex questioned with an ever-growing grin. “Anyways, thanks for the invite. I believe I will ‘follow along’” she answered in response to Jay’s earlier statement. If there was one thing Alex was, it was stubborn – and for some odd reason, she found Jay interesting. Perhaps it was the humorous reply to ‘Nick’s’ text message, but Alex saw a reflection of herself in the man that she wanted to explore.

When Jay became distracted in helping the other student, Alex took the chance to capture her surroundings – the stores, the people, the environment. She found it intriguing to watch others from the sanctity of being behind her camera. To record the fleeting moments that she may never relive. Lost in thought, the girl hadn’t even noticed the tug of war happening behind her or the appearance of the other girl.

“Ahh, and this day gets even more interesting” she exclaimed as she zoomed into Edison pulling the bag back and the reaction on Venus’ face made it all the more priceless. “Tell us Edison, what are you hiding in there?” Alex jokingly questioned.



Jordin Marrow
Jordin looked at her a little. She could tell that something was bothering her slightly.” Hey? Are you good though like really?” She didn’t like not knowing if there was something she could change in anything, and she definitely didn’t want to mess up like she did before.” You know I’ve heard so much about fashion week but never been we should totally go next time.” She laughed a little as she nudged her.

Jordin eyed her for a moment.” I’m sorry Harper I’m sure she’ll come next time, or even take you as well soon enough.” Jordin never really knew how to comfort in parental. Let alone mother situations. She remembered going for months not seeing her mom.



Juliet Rivers
Try to be nice Juliet… Just try even though you sound like your not accidentally sometimes. Juliet took a slight deep breath, because she knew that however much she didn’t want to, she had to stay on her best behavior. Juliet smiled nicely at the girl as she said her name was Grace Cama. Juliet shook Grace’s outstretched hand as she spoke. “It’s nice to meet you Grace. And yeah I’m Juliet.”


Violet Sinclair
Suddenly Ari looked upset as she replied, and she realised what she was doing. She was… comforting her? She was quite surprised when the girl started reassuring her about getting… new friends. She didn’t really need it, and she knew Ari didn’t really mean it ‘You’re…really nice’ How would she know? But she still nodded slightly, and said “Thank you.” She then listened to her list her friends, Harper, Alex and Nick. She had heard of them before, but never spoken to them.

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Mackenzie Amstel
She looked up, surprised at the sudden approach. She had dark, long, straight brown hair, and Mackenzie was sure she had seen this girl around before, but she wasn’t sure of her name. But, it was then told to her when she said ‘Hey, I-I’m Julianna. Julianna Kaufman.’ She was clearly quite shy, and she tried to give a reassuring smile while saying, “Hey. I’m Mackenzie Amstel.”

@epi.alyssaa - Julianna Kaufman



I enetered the airport with everyone else. They exited off the bus. They all went to sign in, get their tickets and go throughsecurity. Once all the boring stuff was done they had to wait… even more boring. He listened with the group to what the dean had to say. Groups… really. Could this get any more boring. I mean groups aren’t like bad but yet they are. I placed my bags down and headed. Atleast they could do some shopping.

He ignored most people in his group and started heading towards some of the stores. There wasn’t much that seemed somewhat worth buying so I decided to just browse and save my money till we were in France. I mean skiing isn:t wuite my thing but going to France is definetely! France. The country full of love and fashion! It was going to be quite the adventure.

I decided to continue looking around not really nothering to make any sort of communication with my group. I stood at a mirror and fixed up my hair and clothes. I mean just because you’re going on a 14 hour plane doesn’t mean you still can’t look good. Once I was happy with my appearance I grabbed out my phone and double checked social meadia for the one of the last times in the next 14 hours. I stood there on my phone distracted from most things around me.

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Alyson Bell

Alyson felt her face fall as Nick only responded with a dry whisper to her, her arm sunk with the coffee in hand as she watched him clearly eye it up but ignore her gesture. She bit her lip and looked to the ground, shuffling her feet. Her guilt ridden thoughts were quickly interrupted as she felt Nick cannonball into her, wrapping his arms around her frame and squeezing her. Alyson gasped for breath to fuel a slight chuckle. “Calm down there, Sterling. I’m fragile.” Alyson let a smirk creep over her face as she then sat down next to the boy.

Alyson raised her eyebrow at him as Nick perched his head on her shoulder; despite her bony exterior, it seemed her fluffy sweater made for a nice pillow for him to rest. Alyson took a long sip of her own coffee and exhaled deeply, feeling a sense of calm wash over her, just for a moment. It was as though nothing had changed between them.

“Oh Nicky. I really shouldn’t tell you all about my secret double life as an ultimate super spy.” Alyson lifted her glasses slightly, revealing her darkened, blood shot eyes. But she simply gave Nick a cheeky wink and pocketed her glasses. “But I guess I can trust you,” Alyson gently stroked Nick’s hair, using her nails to lightly scratch and massage his scalp as she did. “My name is actually Julia Marie, I’m 26 and have worked as a spy since I was 15, when my father was killed on a mission of his own. I took up the job to avenge him.” Alyson chuckled, continuing to pet Nick and telling her story in a soft and soothing voice. “There was said to be nuclear missile launches coming from Russia, aiming to hit Austria so I had to journey to Russia. But my investigations led me back to Austria where the Russians had a double agent on the inside. I had to blown up their lab of operations that was situated inside a mountain which I had to jump from. My parachute didn’t open and I escaped just barely after landing in a lake. I came back here just 3 hours ago. I haven’t even gone to see my wife and kids yet, I just knew I had to come talk to you first.” Alyson smiled and took another sip of her coffee, enjoying her faux double life. Things felt a lot calmer.

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Edison Montgomery
Jay tugged at his bag one last time, and it opened. The one thing on top, which was the one thing he didn’t want Jay to see, fell out onto the floor. For a moment, there was just silent, and both heads went from facing each other to what was on the floor, then back at each other. Eddie sighed because he didn’t want anyone to know about it, and he was sure that Jay had now completely changed his perspective on him, which he did not want to happen.

Suddenly they both heard footsteps, he looked up and saw the footsteps came from the feet of a girl he didn’t know, and then Alex Sterling after her. He looked back down at the ground, and the thing was gone, and Jay had his hand in his pocket. ‘Someone’s in a generous mood, aren’t they?’’ The girl he didn’t know said. Eddie kept facing forwards, but his eyes trailed to the side, at Jay and then at his pocket, then back to the girl.

Tell us Edison, what are you hiding in there?’ came from the voice of Alexandra Sterling. He looked at her, keeping eye contact. ‘Nothing’, he wanted to say, but that would seem even more suspicious. He put his bag strap back on the shoulder it fell from. Then he looked back up. An answer from him was still expected. “Uhh…” Please someone interrupt me. He thought.

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