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Grace Cama

She smiled as she replied to her. This girl is nicer than I thought… she thought. I genuinely thought she would be a fire freak at first. she listened to her speak as she thought of a question to ask. Even though she seemed a nice person, Grace was always known for spotting lies and fake replies or actions, so she was still skeptical. Let’s see if she’ll keep it up for longer. she thought, forgetting the risk or burn marks or no hair. “So, no offense towards you…” she said slowly before stopping to consider. Screw it. she thought. I can always regrow my hair. And wigs are no problem either. At least to my parents, anyways. “…Are you the girl who tried to burn William Parker’s hair…?”

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Ari DeLaurence

She nodded and smiled. “No problem. Just don’t get down on yourself. There’s isn’t really any need to, to be honest. We’ll all have our glory days and the times things go so downhill there doesn’t seem to be any hill anymore. Trust me, I’ve had the latter.” she rolled her eyes subtly, without trying to give away that… downhill. She was only trying to be reassuring and sort-of relating, not being a story-teller and telling what would seem to be petty stories to other people. It wouldn’t really be that bad anyway, compared to stories others in this school have had, or maybe they could be having them right now. “You can get hit harder than bedrock, but then you can bounce up so tall it’d be higher than an India rubber ball… if that makes sense.”

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Elizabeth Telldorn

Elizabeth laughed slightly as she brought up being pregnant on the slopes. It might be an advantage though, a bunch of horny guys in close proximity to you something is bound to happen and she is prepared. A slight evil smirk came over her face but she changed it to a pretty smile to show that she was listening.

“I’m new. Well that’s not my name-I’m Willow”

Elizabeth smiled, this girl is a cutie pie ; a true innocent being and she understood her position. “I’m new too, I started here about a week ago you soon come to understand the ways to get around” She said giggling slightly. A quick thought came to mind, seeming like this girl seemed like she was newer than her she probably won’t know the answer but the brunette decided to blurt it out. “Do you know what Gossip Girl is? I have heard it in a few conversations, but I haven’t really caught on.” The clueless girl cocked her head sideways

Almost instantly she regretted her question and shook her head, her pretty golden brown locks bouncing about as she shook her head. “Actually don’t worry you probably won’t know the answer, seeming as you are new” Elizabeth kicked her legs off the seat so she can have room for the newly established Willow to sit down, she patted the seat next to her and smiled. Looks like she’s making up for her flop of a week last week during this damned ski trip.

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Willow Reed
She smiled to know that this girl was new too. Even though she wasn’t worried about coming in new, she was glad to have someone else going through the same as her. But, from what the girl asked her, Elizabeth had clearly not done her research before arriving. “Do you know what Gossip Girl is?” She had asked. Of course Willow had heard of it, in fact, Elizabeth had already made it onto one of the posts.

But then she saw Elizabeth retract from the question - a guilty face replacing the curious one she had before. Willow leaned forward, “Actually,” She started. “I do know about it. According to GG, Elizabeth Telldorn is most likely to win the oscars?” She raised her eyebrows, quite impressed, because from the few posts she had read, it was clearly quite hard to get compliments from Gossip Girl.

Before the girl got a chance to answer this, she went back to the first subject of the conversation, with the horny boys and risk of pregnancy. She was curious to what Elizabeth’s answer to this question, and there was only one answer that would satisfy Willow - almost as if she was testing her. “But, more importantly, if you were to put those condoms to use on this ski trip, who would it be with?” She looked around, and then back at Elizabeth.

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Elizabeth Teldorn

As soon as she heard Gossip Girl had talked about her she instantly searched it up and there Elizabeth was. “Most likely to win the Oscars” was what she was put under. She knew she was good but not that good and a blush fell over her face, she scrolled down a bit. She felt pain for the girl that fell under the "At least you’re pretty category. Low blow GG low blow.

“But more importantly, if you were to put those condoms to use this ski trip, who would it be with?”

An instant smirk fell over Elizabeth’s face. Willow turned out not to be as innocent as she thought she was and she liked that. She could drop the whole “innocent” act around her too, finally after a week. “Ah, that is a tough question” She took a look around a smirk falling over her face. This was a tough question, all of the boys were pretty decent looking, she stopped flipping till her eye fell on Maximus. “Him? This is a tough question, especially when with some of these people I wouldn’t even need a condom” Elizabeth’s eyes hit Willow whilst she flashes her a quick smirk before turning back to her innocent face.

“Well what about you!”

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Willow Reed
She watched Elizabeth grab her phone and started typing. She guessed it was her looking on the Gossip Girl website. She leaned over and saw the post she was on. “Worse performance? Money-Can’t-Buy-Everything? Zero-talent? Gossip Girl is truly ruthless.” She said, making a note of this as she wouldn’t particularly want a hate post about her on GG. Then again, any attention is good attention, right? If she gets her name on the title of a Gossip Girl post, everyone will know about her.

When she asked the question, Willow saw how Elizabeth’s face changed. The smirk. Almost as if she felt a bit more relaxed. Willow wasn’t sure what she was expecting this girl to say, but she knew slight disappointment was what she felt when Elizabeth’s eyes fell on Maximus McNamara. Willow turned around, looking where she was, at Maximus. She laughed at Elizabeth’s comment on the condom, and then soon enough the question was flipped onto her. Willow finally turned around and said, vaguely, “Meh, none of these guys are really my type.”

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Violet Sinclair
The conversation had clearly taken quite a deep turn, and she didn’t really know how to respond to this. Just smile and nod, smile and nod. She told herself, doing so while thinking it. She knew this girl was only trying to help, and she got it - but she honestly didn’t mind having that many friends, well… none. She felt bad for this girl who was trying her hardest to make her feel better and she was getting no response. She was also quite annoyed at herself for not knowing what the right thing to say was.

She sighed and looked around at everyone else walking across the airport going into different shops, then coming out with huge shopping bags. But, there was only one person she was really looking for. Where is he? She thought. She wasn’t sure what she was planning on doing if she did see him, but maybe seeing him would reassure her in some way. That he exists? That he’s still alive? She looked back at the girl standing in front of her.

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Ari DeLaurence

After giving her a sort-of dry pep-talk, Ari didn’t have much to say after. It was yet another ending to yet another question. She’d have to think of another question before this… Emily got bored. And once again, the crazy questions flowed though her mind like the slashing current of an ocean, affected by none other than climate change. But instead of climate change, it’s… she wasn’t too sure, really. Trying to maintain a good conversation while maintaining your sanity 24/7? That could possibly do. It would take a few seconds, but soon enough it would fit in the final piece of the puzzle and it would be complete. But enough of that wandering mind, she had to think of a question, and probably fast. But what distracted her again was the fact that Emily had looked off, persumably at the shops. Ari’s hopes went down. Looks like she isn’t actually interested in this conversation after all. she thought. “So, umm…” she went back to thinking of a question. “Got any hobbies? Things you do in your spare time?”

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Violet Sinclair
She looked at Ari. She knew that she seemed distracted, and it definitely wasn’t fair on her. “Hobbies?” She repeated. These kinds of questions are clear signs of desperation to keep a conversation going, she knew that. What do I do in my spare time? She thought to herself. Look after the twins, take care of the baby- No, they weren’t hobbies… “I don’t really have that much time for hobbies.” She said, truthfully.

Doesn’t he have another girlfriend now? She thought, getting distracted again. Then she remembered she was still in the conversation. Stop. Stop. Stop thinking about him. “I have 3 younger siblings. Have to look after them.” She said, nodding. “How about you, do you have any interesting hobbies?”

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Jay Yeong

It hit the ground with a clink. A momentary surge of disbelief passed over him, the object recoiling off the dusty airport floor before halting to a stop by the side of his foot. Slowly, Jay trailed his eyes over to meet the guy’s. It wasn’t until seconds later, with the sound of some nearing footsteps, that Jay snapped out of his transient state of mind. He had hesitated, though hopefully not long enough for either of the two to observe him slipping it into his pocket.

Venus. The corners of his lips lifted into a smile at the sight of the girl before him. Having loosened his grip on the bag, Jay slipped his hands into the pockets of his coat, the question of what he’d just been witness to still playing on his mind. He frowned, only breaking out of his blur of thoughts when he noticed the absence of Venus’ usual expression. One often too incomprehensible for Jay to ever be able to read despite his attempts.
‘Ahh, and this day gets even more interesting,’ narrated the girl with the camera, breaking Jay’s trail of thought before he could even think to question what it was Venus had found herself so concerned with. Nearly falling over didn’t count, so Jay hadn’t even considered that as an explanation for the look of surprise that had made its way onto her face.

‘Tell us, Edison, what are you hiding in there?’ Alex chimed. And all Jay could think was, fuck. If anything, he could feel that same sense of unease felt by Edison as the question slipped out into the air. Based on the guy’s stuttering alone, it was only a matter of time until he would do or say something to out himself to the pair. Jay had started the problem, so it was only fair that he’d be the one to end it.

A devious smile crossed over his face. He hadn’t even stopped to think it through as he reached an arm forward to grab hold of the camera in Alex’s possession: the one thing he knew would divert her attention away. “Sorry not sorry,” he blurted, having taken hold of Venus’ wrist in the process as he took to his feet. Spontaneity was what he did best, and if that meant a combined game of tag and hide-and-seek in New York City Airport, then why the hell not?

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.: Jasper Sevroy :.
Boring. That’s what he considered all of this. The Dean’s speech and everything. He knew what to do, nothing bad or illegal which was easy enough. Hopefully he’d be able to sneak in a little sketching time of the slopes without anyone noticing; however, his thoughts were interrupted by a familiar yet unwanted escape. Before he knew it, he had been yanked away to a more private place. “Oh wonderful, a chat,” he grumbled as he rolled his eyes.

Last time he’d seen this red-haired menace she had managed to find her way into his home. He’d been coming up after a painting session in the studio, his apron stained with varying colors in hues of blue and purple and some grays after experimenting with contrasting colors. Jasper had simply gone up to wash up and take a break for a bit when he’d come face to face with his eldest brother, Sean, and of course, Amber. Amber who should NOT be here or even know about any of this at all in any way or shape or form. He’d been confounded at first when his brother had asked why he’d never introduced his friend from school before. And that was how this all started.

“First of all, Sean is not up for grabs, hands off. Second of all, why were you even there? Lastly, I never want to see you there again.”



Jax was a bit surprised at her intuition about him and let out a soft laugh. “Yes, I admit I’ve visited the country before. A beautiful place, bit crowded and cramped together but it’s exquisite,” he noted as he gave her a carefree smile. “The food tends to be masterful and the sights are worth everything, especially the long plane ride.” He said, curiously watching her take a small step forward and wondered about her intentions at the moment. What was going through her head right now? What about his own head?

“Well, if you do insist, love, I wouldn’t mind showing you around. It won’t be an adventure to forget, I’m sure of that,” he laughed as he gazed at her. Where is this going? Or rather, where do I intend to let this go to? Jax took a small step backwards as he casually motioned towards the apple. “The meals there do make that look like rubbish, I won’t lie. The people there also make the people here look like trolls,” he joked, acting as if he hadn’t backed off a bit. I’m not here for that, not right now at least. And he could only hope she didn’t think he was going to lead her on to something because Jax could not find himself… with this girl.

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Venus was… confused. The events unfolding around her were too simultaneous, too different. There was one (Alexandra Sterling, right?) who was recording everything on her camera, every event including Venus’s surprise which had shocked herself. Maybe it was the fact that she hadn’t expected such a reaction from the boy, the sudden protectiveness that surged around him towards his bag, or that she realized there were many things that could go wrong today. Venus had to restrain herself though, immediately slipping on her blank mask and tightening it as she scanned ‘Edison’s’ face, watching the uneasiness and something resembling worry sprout on him.

Something’s wrong. He doesn’t want to answer it. Before she even had the chance to rescue him, to pry the boy out of the situation, Jay stepped in and accomplished it for her. She barely managed to get a word out, to express her relief that the situation had been handled before she felt a steady hand on her wrist and the words ‘sorry’ as she comprehended the scene. “What the hell?” Venus muttered out as she wrapped her brain around everything.

She, Venus Takeo, was being dragged along by him, Jay Yeong, after he grabbed a possession of her’s, Alexandra Sterling’s. This couldn’t end well, could it?

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Nicholas Sterling:

Nick snuggled into the girl’s shoulder, the sweater she was wearing made it just comfortable enough that the man could feel his eyes drooping to a close. He quietly listed to the story the girl spun about her secret life: silently laughing at her words. In its conclusion, Nicholas simply couldn’t help himself…

The man immediately sat up right – fast enough that he almost toppled the coffee within Aly’s hands – in attempts to be shocked by her words. He wearily turned towards the girl to send her his best stick eye he could before speaking.

“It was me. I was the one who killed your father and it was also I that was the double agent in Russia. I always speculated it was you and with your disappearance for the last two weeks, plus your confession right now, I finally have proof! You blew up my lab, and almost left my body to burn… How. Dare. You. Also: I’ve been having an affair with your wife; just thought you should know that too.” He exclaimed in an overly dramatic voice before bursting into a fit of laughter.

“See, I’m a good actor too. I just don’t understand how Gossip Girl could name me “worst performer,” like, that was A-list acting right there,” Nick grouched to the girl before turning to face her. An emergent smile making way upon his lips as another thought entered his mind. “And on the note of GG – despite her being totally off base about my acting - she did say one thing right. The fact that you were the most amazing audition up there – granted I was slightly high during that performance, but I do believe I heard angels sing when you made an entrance.” Nick playfully poked the girl as he bounced up and down his chair like a child given too much sugar.

“So… when do I get the honor to sing with the Alyson Bell?”



Jezebel Luna

Jezebel woke up early just to check over everything in her luggages to make sure she was not forgetting anything, she also made sure she had extra things in case someone forgot something at home. It was something she liked to do to help out others. Then, she began to get ready by taking a hot, steamy shower, after she was done she continued with her morning routine until it was time to choose her outfit. Jezebel wanted to go with something comfortable but fashionable, she really was excited for this trip that she was actually trying to look her best.

After finding her outfit she put it on and continued by applying some make up. She loved that she had to never worry about her eyebrows coming out good, for it was her best feature and Jezebel loved all the compliments she always got about them. After one last look at herself she called Ceci, her maid to help her with her luggage and Ryan to prepare the car to leave to the airport. After saying her good bye’s to her mother, she got on the car and left.

As she arrived Jezebel smiled brightly, she loved plane rides and just couldn’t wait to be on the plane, but for now she had spotted her best friend Orion and decided to surprise him as she ran behind him jumping on his back. “Orion!” She screamed, making everyone turned their way. “Oops, sorry.” She giggled as she buried her face on Orion’s neck.

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Augustus Kauffman

Augustus had decided to pack lightly, he was obviously not really looking forward for this trip but he thought he could try to have some fun. He had remembered his time talking to Katherine and a smiled soon appeared on his face, though he knew he should get his hopes up… he did always fall for girls easily but maybe she was different? Whatever the case, he was about to be late so he had to hurry.

He threw on a simple outfit and then quickly headed out the door with his things. He called an Uber and arrived at the airport surprisingly a bit early. Augustus hates going through security, just something about taking his shoes off and stepping on the dirty ground. After going through everything he walked towards the others. He saw everyone talking amongst themselves and didn’t feel like interrupting any conversations so he decided to find a place to grab a bite. As he ordered his food he took a seat and waited to be called.

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Juliet Rivers
Juliet smiled at Grace until she mentioned the fire incident from a week prior. Juliet sighed and rolled her eyes some. “I was in a bad mood and he made me mad. And for the record I didn’t “try” to burn it. I did burn some of it.” If the story was floating around, Juliet figured that it might as well have some of the details be accurate. My sister is definitely not going to like the fact that this incident wasn’t just forgotten among all of the other gossip that day.


Elizabeth Telldorn

“Meh, none of these guys are my type”

Elizabeth felt unsatisfied with Willow’s answer, but decided no to press. A different topic of conversation came to head instead. What was her… umm… deal? Willow’s close ended answer left her confused, she might of mean no one took her fancy but she could have also meant that none of the guys took her fancy. She just decided to bold in he end and blurt it out. “What’s your deal then?” her pretty English accent said

As soon as it was said a shiver a cringe went over the brunettes body. Why would anyone say that? She thought fighting the urge to face-palm and peg it to the other side of the world. She betrayed her inside thoughts and decided to keep her cool calm personality on the outside. Almost if she doesn’t give a shit about the answer, but deep down she knew that if it made her uncomfortable then Elizabeth would feel it too and her walls would instantly come tumbling down.

Instead she just kept an expectant smile plastered on her face, her acting skills were on point today; even though she is extremely tired. I totally deserve an award the brunette thought, waiting for Willows answer.

@Ella- Willow Reed


As Jax talked about the food and other things. Alyssa slowly nodded her head as she really thought about it. Paris sounds like it’ll be fun place anyways, and all the new experiences. After he stopped talking she smiled back at him.” Well I would love if you showed me around! It doesn’t have to be long at all I can handle myself, but still it’ll be great to have a friendly tour guide.”

Alyssa noticed how he took a small step back, and she had to try her best to contain her shock. She never once had to deal with someone stepping away from her.” Well that’s pretty insane to talk about my Apple like that.” She couldn’t help but laugh.” But the food better be way better.” She took a step toward him again and lowered her voice.” Also calm down hon I don’t bite.” She laughed a little as she stepped back.” I’ll save that for the food I’ll try.”



Orion Hale

He was on his phone distracted when he felt a weight suddenly thrown onto his back. He jumped at the sudden movement and scream of his name. He immediately recognised the voice and a large smile formed across his face. He turned his head to see Jezebel’s face. “Jez!” He says excitedly. He helped her down of his back. “Watch the glasses.” He warned with a smile as she got off his back.

He put his phone in his pocket and looked at Jezebel. “Looking good.” He said looking at her outfit, it was comfortable yet fashionable. “So, are you excited for this trip?” He asked, he already knew the answer but he still wanted to see her excited reaction. Orion himself was looking forward to it except for the plane trip. He felt as though it was going to be so boring. He knew they had movies and games built into a screen on the chairs but 14 hours of just movies! Well at least he had Jezebel with him.


Alyson Bell

Alyson watched in amusement as Nick jumped up and did his whole little speech. She folded her arms and raised an eyebrow at the boy as he flounced around, though she continued to chuckle. Many other people in the airport looked around and stared at the pair, most of them seemed annoyed at the noise during such an early morning wait.

Alyson laughed with Nick, feeling almost normal again, and once he had finished his performance, she dragged him down and put her arm around him to hold him in place. “You are truly a wonderful actor, Nicky.” She smirked and ruffled his hair, messing it up purposefully. As soon as Nick mentioned her audition, Alyson let out an extended groan and let her head fall backwards. “I hated that damn audition…” She grumbled and started to swat away his hand. “My violin was out of tune, and my voice was shaky as hell. Don’t know how Gossip Girl thought I was any good.”

Alyson huffed then shook her head. “Nope. No way. You are not gonna get to sing with me, Nicky. I would have to be very very intoxicated for that and I’ve decided…” Alyson took a deep breath before gazing at Nick with a serious look in her eyes. “I’m going sober… Apart from weed. Because lord Satan himself knows I wouldn’t be able to go 5 seconds without a joint when I’m surround by these types of people.” Alyson waved her hand, motioning to her fellow classmates that filled the lounge area.