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Jezebel Luna

Jezebel smiled as Orion fixed his glasses. “Thank you.” She said giving him a small bow as she winked at him, “Of course I’m excited! I know many people say that plane rides are exhausting and boring but I love them.” She said as her smiled grew.

“Anyways, where have you been gone all this time? We haven’t talked since forever.” Jezebel said with a small pout. “I missed us, I have a lot to you…” Mostly about Nicholas, she knew that Orion didn’t like that subject though, he always thought she deserved better and sometimes she did too but she couldn’t help it. “But we have a whole trip to catch up.” She finally told him before waiting for him to answer her previous question.

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Grace Cama

Grace began to feel bad that she brought up the topic, with the eye rolling and all. She listened to her explanation with… sort-of undivided attention. Obviously in-between conversation and possibly while talking she looked around to see what was up and if any gossip or drama what happening that she could listen-in on. So, she was just like that until Juliet mentioned that she actually DID burn some of the guy’s hair. She managed to suppress a widely open jaw and a “Jesus girl, you actually burned it? Are you going to burn mine? Are you going to have an arson attack?”, instead maintaining a nod to assure the girl she was still listening. She’d better leave that topic in the non-recycling bin. “Alright. My apologies.” she said, apologetically. “So… got any friends here?” she asked. “Somebody you’ve got your eye on?”



Edison Montgomery
He rubbed the back of his neck as the suspecting eyes of Alex and Venus lay on him. He planned that after this conversation he wouldn’t converse with Jay again, after him finding out. He didn’t need another person on his back, and thinking that every mistake he made was because of his ADHD. Eddie watched Jay’s pocket very carefully, praying that it would not fall out. He looked up again - the girls were still expecting an answer.

“Sorry not sorry” He suddenly heard. By the time Eddie looked down and up again, Jay had quickly taken Alex’s camera and Venus’ wrist. He raised his eyebrows - did he do that as a distraction? He thought. It was clearly working, and Eddie was quite grateful for this as the two girls had quickly moved on from the topic of what was in his bag. He took one last look at the girls to see if there was any chance they were still thinking of the bag.

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Willow Reed
Elizabeth’s reaction to that last comment showed her that she clearly hadn’t been very subtle. But it was true - none of the boys at this school were her type. She looked around at all the boys. Nope. She thought. She was kind of out of zone for a moment but then it was interrupted when Elizabeth asked “What’s your deal then?”. Willow was a little confused. What? She thought. What kind of a question is that? “My… deal?” She repeated, not really sure how to answer that question.

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Alexandra Sterling:
Frozen. It was the only word that could describe what occurred as the world around her stood in suspense of time and space. Alex felt the camera ripped out of her hands, and though all her might, couldn’t preserve it within her palm. She was in shock – it was an unexpected deed from her company and she truly didn’t see it coming. It had been a long time since someone’s actions had stirred such genuine disbelief within the girl… in reality, it was usually the opposite. Her actions were the ones that typically caused a tremor within the social circles she enlisted herself into. It was an aspect she prided herself on. Unpredictability. Huh. Strange enough – it was a nice change.

The gears in her head begin to turn quickly within that moment as her eyes averted Bonnie and Clyde in hopes of reconciliation – after all, she was the Alexandra Sterling. It clicked within her mind when she found an airport attendee walking with a wheelchair towards an older woman seated. Running towards the attendee, Alex feigned worry, “Ma’am, someone just had a heart attack over there.” She yelled, pointing to a group of senior citizens in the far end of the airport. It took only those few words for the women to drop the chair and run to the end of the airport.

With a growing smile, Alex ran the chair back towards Edison, pushing him down without so much of a word. “You better hold on Eddie,” she screamed before pushing Edison as she ran in the direction that the two went in. “No one bests a Sterling” she whispered, ignoring the fact that Edison had woefully dropped his crutches behind. This was one thing the girl could cross off her bucket list. Alex skillfully weaved in between the few people that had flights that morning – receiving some curses in return. Not that she cared – her goal was something, or better yet, somebody else. And that somebody was but a few feet ahead of the two.

It stayed like that for a while. Jay and Venus staying two steps ahead of Alex, so close, but just out of reach. It seemed as if it was worthless – as she could feel her legs giving up the fight beneath her – resulting in Eddie and Alex getting further and further away from the two. Hey! It wasn’t her fault – she was carrying for two, and Edison was no child – he was a grown ass heavy man.

“Damn it” she whispered knowing she only had one hope left. “Eddie remember when I said hold on? I really mean it this time” she told the man who was clutching for his life on the cart. With one final burst of speed, the girl pushed the wheelchair as fast as she could and awaited for the results of Edison’s impending doom.



Amber Fantasia:
Amber chuckled at the Jasper’s words. “Oh darling. Let me tell you how this works…” she stated walking to the airport café and sitting the man down at one of the open seats. “First of all, Sean is up for grabs. Or… why would he have given me his number? In any case, if he isn’t – I did see a gorgeous family portrait of men I would love to dig my nails into – if you know what I mean,” she explained, the smirk plastered on her face getting larger by the minute.

“Second of all, I told you not to mess with me – or I’d find all your little secrets. Besides the good family genes that obviously skipped you, I’ve also witnessed first-hand the Sevroy family wealth. Which begs to question: Where’d it all come from? Because I sure as hell know there’s no Sevroy’s in the upper-class social circles” she stated, her nails digging into the table as she looked at the man across from her. There was something here, some secret, and Amber just knew she was on the verge of cracking it.

“Lastly, you really don’t have a say in my actions any more darling. Sooner or later I will solve the little mystery that surrounds you - it’s only a matter of time. The question is, how far are you willing to go for it not to be revealed to the world? If I were you, I’d be begging to get in my good graces. A little ass kissing never hurt anyone darling” she exclaimed, leaning in as intrigue pushed her curiosity. “What do you say to that, babes?”


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Nicholas Sterling:
“Excuse me Alyson Bell, you are way too hard on yourself. If you do remember, I’m classically trained as well, and I’ve heard you play and sing before… of course it was on accident because you never let me listen to you face to face, which is totallyyy unfair. Anywayssss, I got off topic. What I’m trying to say is you are great and I’m sure you were amazing during that audition as well. Hell, that’s why I signed you up for it” he said, wrapping her hand within his own as he fixated his eyes on it and begin tracing imaginary figures within the palm of her hand, listening to her next words.

Taking a sip of his coffee, the man was stunned at what Aly said next. The coffee he sipped burst out of his mouth and he begin choking on his spit when he heard the girl speak of sobriety. When he had finally gotten a hold of himself, whipping his chin, he looked at the girl skeptically. “Alyson Bell… The Alyson Bell is going sober?” When he realized the girl wasn’t pulling a prank on him, he continued “That’s like Harry Potter turning out to be the bad guy all along and Voldemort was the victim… that’s like Kate Middleton not being a fashion icon… or… I’m out of ideas, but you know what I mean!” he exclaimed with a pout.

“Who am I going to get shit-faced with now?” he whispered, leaning his head against her shoulder once again. “I mean… at least I can still get high with you” he continued… “speaking of which, please tell me you somehow snuck some weed on. I ran out last time.”

“Wait. Did you say you won’t sing with me? Alyyyyyyy, pleaseeeeee.” Perhaps it was his foggy state of mind, but Nick was holding on to this idea of singing with Aly like a child hanging on to their favorite toy. “How about this. We make a bet… if I win, you sing with me, and if you win… well, that will never happen so we don’t even need to discuss it” he joked, hoping to entice the girl’s competitive side.


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Orion Hale

He smiled and fixed his glasses as Jezebel spoke. He knew she was going to be so excited. Honestly he was not looking forward to plane ride but at least he’d get to spend it with Jezebel. That would make it more interesting and fun rather than being stuck with a bunch of annoying people or even really boring people. Plane rides weren’t exactly Orion’s favourite and he was a little nervous to be honest, because like probably everyone else he had negative thoughts about plane rides but he was able to slightly overcome that and try to enjoy the plane ride as much as possible.

“I’ve missed you too.” He said imitating her pout. “I guess we just have been both very busy.” He said with a little shrug. He was right. He had been working hard on a lot on some new ideas. He’d been creating heaps of new ideas and had made quite a few garments already. He’s pulled many all nighters and quite frankly was extremely tired. He’d made quite a few special items that he is taking on the trip with him including some of things he was wearing at the moment. He couldn’t wait to wear his new outfits and show them off. They were definitely some of his best creations and was very proud of them.


Jay Yeong

“Careful,” Jay said, manoeuvring in between a crowd of people, with Venus following closely behind. He slipped a glance at her, and couldn’t help himself from laughing at the “What the hell?” that had surfaced from the girl. Maybe it was how oddly calm she looked saying that, or the fact that he realised he couldn’t answer that question himself.

He didn’t know how he’d even managed to get them into this situation in the first place. When Alexandra and Edison had first approached, he barely had any intention of further interacting with them — but here they were, chasing after each other like there was no tomorrow. He realised right about now would have been the perfect opportunity for them to get away from the others, though a part of him had to admit there was something thrilling about swerving through these endless crowds with the others close at their heels, and ignoring the bewildered stares of those around them.

Corner after corner, they ran, and Jay could almost swear they’d been going in circles around the airport trying to evade capture from the two. Eventually, he glanced back. It was hard to tell whether the two of them were following behind or not. Amidst the masses of people here, it would be difficult to pinpoint the pair of them, so he could only assume they’d given up already, now that they were out of sight.

“Sorry,” he spoke, directing his attention over to Venus as they slowed down. “I just couldn’t see you running if I told you,” Jay passed a small laugh as he released her arm. “Looks like we can stop running though,” he said, looking at the camera: he guessed he would have to be stuck with it for a while now.

That was, if Alex and Edison weren’t already some distance away.

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Edison Montgomery
He wasn’t sure how he ended up in this position. It was like one minute he was standing in the middle of the awkward conversation, then blink, he was pushed into a wheelchair, going full-speed ahead. He looked behind him to see Alexandra Sterling running and pushing as fast as she could. Actually, they weren’t going too fast at first. He wanted to stop it, but instead he just sat there. He had his hand on his forehead, looking down, apologising quietly to the people in distress around him.

“Remember when I said hold on? I really mean it this time.” Before he had even processed what she had said, the wheelchair suddenly went at rocket speed. He closed his eyes, but he also felt the urge to open them to see what was going on.

He opened them. But, he wasn’t in the airport with Alex, Jay and Venus. He was in a car - the car. He was sat in the drivers seat, with both hands on the wheel. “Edison slow the hell down” a voice said. Eddie turned his head, Katherine Hart. His head turned back to the road, which was moving at high speed. Eddie had a sick feeling in his stomach as he tried to pull the brakes or slow down, neither worked. He turned to the car doors, trying to open them. “Eddie, you’re not wearing a fucking seat belt, slow down” Katherine said. Stop the car, why can’t you stop the car, why did you put yourself in this position? He thought to himself. Suddenly, the car slowly flipped sidewards.

“Stop!!” He screamed as loud as he could. He was back in the airport, still going at a high speed.

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Ari DeLaurence

“…Yeah.” she replied, half-sadly. “Hobbies. Sorry, It’s probably just one of those… dumb questions a 3 year-old asks.” As she listened to her, she began to think about her own family. Sure, she… sort-of had one, But what happened to her… actual family? Did Mom die? After all, that’s why they… you know, sent her away, after all. Is Dad still working 24/7? Travelling around the world and potentially meeting famous people? What about Lemon? Did she die? Or is she still there? Millions of questions came into Ari’s head and she zoned out for a minute, laying her head against the hard wall and looking up at the sky. Even dumb ones, like “Did they mow off that daffodil down the corner of the garden?” But then, after what seemed like hours for Ari, but was only a few minutes, she realized she was still in that conversation with Emily. “Oh! My hobbies.” she began to think. “I like styling and that stuff. like, make-up, hairdressing… that sort. I like children and dogs too. Well, really all animals, but dogs the most. And…” a sudden blush came over her. She dropped her head down. “I like matchmaking…” she muttered.

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Violet Sinclair
She was still looking around while listening to her. Then, Violet heard a change in Ari’s tone of voice. She’s upset? She thought before turning around and seeing the unhappy look on her face while she apologised for asking a ‘dumb question’. Violet was confused, and shook her head, to say that it wasn’t dumb or childish - but she didn’t want to say anything that would make Ari loose her train of thought.

The girl in front of her was clearly thinking quite hardly, and she had a feeling that she was not trying to think of her hobbies, she was definitely thinking about something deeper. Say something? Say something. She told herself. Then she thought, No, she might not want to be asked. Don’t say anything? Don’t say anything.

Before she could continue to basically argue with herself, Ari finally zoned back in and Violet could see that she only just remembered she was in a conversation with her. It must have been some thought she had which made her forget where she was. She observed. She had kind of lost interest in what her hobbies were, not that she really was in the first place, she was more interested in what she was just thinking about. None of my business. She told herself. Instead, pretend to be interested in her hobbies.

Her hobbies, styling, make-up and hairdressing. Was it really important to her? Nope. But, it did make conversation. She was looking down when she was listing her hobbies, and then Ari trailed off. Violet looked up, curiously. “I like matchmaking…” She raised her eyebrows - she had never heard anyone to say matchmaking was a hobby. Think you could get me with- She started thinking about saying. Oh my god stop. “That’s really cool!” She said, genuinely.

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Ari DeLaurence

Ari looked back up as she answered. “Really?” she laughed awkwardly. “Well, thanks… I’m probably crap at it though. I mainly just do it in my head because I’m too shy to really talk about it. I mean, you can’t just say ‘Hey. See that girl there? Date her. Yeah? Cool. Bye!’ now can you? I wish you could, but especially is this school…” she paused to take a quick look around at the other students, chatting and having fun. “You’d never be forgotten for it. In a bad way, of course. You should see the stuff that goes around here. You probably have though. What am I saying? You have. You’re not one of the unfortunate new kids who get here. Some of them are just as crazy as the others though.”

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Violet Sinclair
She was actually rather fascinated in this girls ‘talent’. Well, for now it was just all talk - but she would be interested to see it put to the test. She thought of how Ari could approach the art of matchmaking. Befriend the people and then start talking about them to each other? She thought. “How often does it work?” She asked, attentively. “How often do you get like couples together?”

She then paused for a moment before she asked the question she wanted the answer to. Too obvious? She asked herself. Then she shrugged, did she really care? Yes. But, she was quite interested in what her answer would be. She looked around at the airport, that had been taken over by the Students of the Constance Billard. “Who do you think I would match with?” She finally asked.

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Ari DeLaurence

She began to think Emily had got the wrong idea, she did like matchmaking, it’s just she only did it in her head. She’d never actually talked to people about it. That is, unless they actually full-on approached her about it, which was, indeed, highly unlikely. She wrote them down in small notebooks sometimes too. But really, it wasn’t much. At least it wasn’t to Ari, anyways. She listened to Emily and her questions about her… hobby. She leaned over to her. “I’ve thought up of a few people that got together, but I’m not telling.” she whispered, leaning back. “I’m like a magician. A magician never tells their secrets. Well, who’d like to tell their secrets anyways with that dumb website watching us.” As she listened to the girls second question, she knew she had that coming ever since she admitted the matchmaking thing. Half of her wanted to give in to her grump and blink at her as if she was giving a shut up, I’m not answering look. But she had to keep it up because otherwise… she’d be in a huge mess. “Hmm…” she said, thinking. “Well, first I have to ask you your sexuality, and what you look for in a person.” She put her arms behind her back. Let’s put these dumb skills to the test.

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Alyson Bell

Alyson smirked at the near child-like Nick that clung to her desperately, whining about whatever. Alyson was able to tune out most of what he said, sipping her coffee again before raising an eyebrow at the mention of a ‘bet’. Alyson hated that she could be so easily swayed into anything even mildly competitive, but more importantly, she hated losing to Nicholas Sterling. Alyson had only ever lost once to Nick, and she has never heard the end of it…

A young Alyson glared at Nick as he teed up. It was the final hole of the Jungle Jilly’s Crazy Golf course, and Alyson wasn’t going to lose. She had a near perfect score, and she certainly hadn’t gone easy on Nick just because it was his birthday. However, this time Nick had somehow managed to keep up with Alyson’s score. It had baffled her, and probably baffled Nick also. Despite her definite annoyance over this current tie, Alyson kept her composure while Nick lined up his shot. He took the shot, swinging his club and whacking the ball. Alyson smirked smugly, knowing it would be far too hard of a shot to make it through the tiny doorway of the windmill. Watching the ball fly through the air, it suddenly bounced off of the top of the windmill. Time slowed down. Both Alyson and Nick took a sharp inhale. The ball bounced again… then rolled behind the windmill. With wide eyes, the duo stumbled round to the other side, only to just catch a glimpse of Nick’s ball before it disappeared into the hole. Alyson fell to her knees in anguish as Nick jumped around, whooping and causing a total scene.

It was the one and only time Nick won, but he never stopped talking about it whenever they had a new bet or competition. Her competitive side raged within her and she put her hand out to him and narrowed her eyes. “You got a deal there, Nicholas… I still need to think on what you have to do if I win the bet however.” Alyson smirked, her mind already racing with ideas…



Jezebel Luna

Jezebel smiled sadly, “Yeah we both have.” She said with a small sigh before she studied him. He seemed to be more excited than usual and she definitely knew it couldn’t be about the plane ride. “Why do you look so chirpy? Let me guess… you have created new designs and are just thrilled to show them off to the world?” Jezebel guessed with a grin, she loved that they both had a passion for fashion, perhaps that was why they became friends so fast.

As she looked at him for a little more she couldn’t rub off the thought as to why they never dated. I mean in the beginning of their friendship she was dating Nicholas so that was obvious. Yet, when they broke up how come it never happened? She shook her head trying to remove those thoughts and cleared her throat as she quickly turned the other way.



.: Jasper Sevroy :.
“Ok, stay the hell away from my family, thank you very much. I’d rather not have to call you sister-in-law or step-aunt, eugh,” Jasper shivered. The thought of having this girl in his family was a very dark prospect of the future that he knew he would do anything to avoid. “I’ve already told him to block you or else I’ll make sure his girlfriend finds out about this,” he added just for extra measure even though it was a lie but hopefully it would do it’s job. “As for your second point, I guess I just never managed to think you’d go as low as stalking me to get some dirt,” he sighed. His family had experience with paparazzi so it was quite a surprise that Amber somehow managed to sneak in.

“I guess it wouldn’t hurt to let you know that we run quite a few businesses though my family…” he hesitated. “We don’t interact with too many circles anymore. Just a few close ones,” he finally finished, admitting it slowly as he listened to her final point. As if I’d kiss up to her ass. He thought dully before simply giving her a glare. “I’m not sure what you want or what you’re trying to figure out here, however. Fine, I’m rich, wouldn’t be that bad if that got out though I’d prefer if it didn’t. Most people think I have a nice suburban home, not a mansion. I guess it would suck if they started disliking me for lying about my wealth,” Jasper shrugged. The real secret is safe though. Well, secrets. My art life as a famous, anonymous artist and… He was still surprised that he’d managed to cover most of it up as ‘helping out another family member downstairs’. “But there’s not much else about me so I’m not sure what you seem so interested in,” he scoffed. “There is no mystery around me except for that fact of me being rich.” Believe it, please.



Jordin Marrow
After a while of listening to the same album over and over again Jordin decided it may be best to just grab a snack. As she walked toward the vending machine she knocked into another girl.” Oh hey yeah sorry about that. I only saw like one more bag of rap snacks here, and I’m in a huge rush to get to them.” She laughed a little as she reached into her bag to grab her wallet.” I’m Jordin by the way. Since I bumped into you. You at least deserve to know my name.”

Jordin gave a small laugh as she looked the girl up and down.” Let me guess you’re going on the trip as well? I know this’ll be cool I’ve been to London so far so I bet Val d’lsere will be just as cool.”



Amber Fantasia:

The girl had mostly blocked out what the man was saying in response to her previous words. In all honesty, she didn’t give two shits about what Jasper’s excuse was. She just loved to see him squirm. As he spoke, she had already picked up her phone curious to see how truthful the man was.

Sean Sevroy :tongue::sweat_drops::tongue:

Hey cutie, I was wondering what you were doing Monday night? I’m getting back in town that day and was thinking you could pick me up from the airport and we could go paint the town red?

Sending the message, she found that Jasper was still going on about an idiotic rant of how, quote on quote, he didn’t care about her threats, but he’d rather her not reveal his secrets. “Poor Jasper. Your friends find out you have money, boo hoo. Go cry to someone who actually gives a shit about what you think” she stated dryly.

A smirk crossed her face, however, when she heard her phone buzz to life. Looking down at the text she received only made the smile grow.

Sean Sevroy :tongue::sweat_drops::tongue:

Sounds great beautiful. I was going to pick Jasper up, but he can find his own ride back. See you then <3

The text was followed by a subsequent notification on Jasper’s phone, and Amber could only imagine it was his brother telling Jasper to take a hike when he got back next week – Which was farther stratified when she saw Jasper’s face fall as he was reading his text.

“Jasper, baby. This little chat was more of a heads up, rather than anything else.” With those words, she got up from her seat and made her way towards his side of the table, her fingernails nails trailing his arm as she got closer. She lowered, her face to his ear before whispering, “I just can’t wait to figure out all about what makes you tick” With that, she placed a chaste kiss on his cheek, leaving the remnants of her dark lipstick on his face before walking away, leaving him sitting there - shaken to the core.

@TheBluGeek I’m thinking maybe Jasper wouldn’t go down without a fight, hence following Amber out of the cafe to continue arguing with her - however, it’s your choice on what you want to do!