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Michael Laurens:
He had found himself trying to block out the noise of bratty Constance students by sitting in the corner, with the volume of his earphones turned on high – to the very point where others were sending glares in his direction. He liked it that way, the music so loud that he could barely think. It made him calm, almost serene. After a few minutes of simply listening to the music, the man opened his eyes to find a girl staring at him every now and again. Normally, he wouldn’t have done anything. It wasn’t anything new for the man – to be stared at, mocked in silent. But something about how the girl was looking in his direction annoyed the living hell out of him.

Casually, the man stood up and walked over to the girl, snatching the notebook out of her hand. It took him a second to realize that on the page, there was a sketch of him: His eyes closed with headphones covering his ears. His eyes grew wide – not expecting the occurrence – though they grew cold as the girl was yelling some nonsense about giving her the notebook back. “And why should I? I don’t remember giving you permission to draw me while I was minding my own business – especially as you are doing it all wrong. My nose isn’t that big” he stated, disinterest seeping from his voice as he took a seat next to her – awaiting an explanation. The book tightly held in his grasps so she couldn’t snatch it from him.

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Jordan Oris

The sweet tone of his voice brought her back to when they would play hide and seek, he would try to convince her to come out of her hiding spot so he could win. Her lips began to form into a faint smile as her gaze connected with his. Those brown eyes. His eyes always seemed to put her in a trance. She would constantly find herself getting lost in a chocolate sea. Maybe she had zoned out because Nick had already wandered off and Max was patiently waiting for an answer to his question.

“Yeah, i could use the water. I’m kinda thirsty for you anyway.” Fuck. Was that even an accident? She cleared her throat, hoping that her words would not linger in his head. Why the hell would I even say that? What is wrong with me today? She had immediately felt ultimate regret, and it had shown. She began to lose eye contact with Max, as an awkward smile formed on her lips. There’s always the chance that Max would end their friendship over this one thing. He knew she longed for him, but that doesn’t give her the right to make these types of “jokes.” Does it? The sounds of the distant conversations began to fade into complete silence. Silence that she didn’t have to guts to break. She was waiting for her heartbreak, the downfall of their friendship, the moment where he lets her down easy.



Leona Rivers
Leona knew she was drawing him, but for some odd reason she didn’t realize he took her notebook in the first place. Once he looked it over she immediately felt her face get ten times hotter then normal. Once he started criticising her work and sat down she felt slightly annoyed at that moment.” Listen I’m sorry, but it’s really not like I’m bothering you…” She eyed her book again and looked back at him.

“Also you didn’t have to snatch it like that. If you just kept minding your business I could’ve been done without you ever worrying.” She tried to keep her voice steady and breathing in tack as she looked again at her book.” I’m sorry it’s such a bother…but it’s honestly just a normal thing to do, but snatching someone’s book is rude.” She frowned as she looked at him.



Nicholas Sterling:

“Aly, you and I both know you won’t be winning this bet. You do remember our last golf game, don’t you? I have skill and good looks on my side” he grinned, sending a wink in her direction as he thought about what the bet should be over. Nicholas wasn’t an idiot, he knew it was more pure luck then skill that he won the last bet and that was unmistakable when he lost subsequent bets that the two of them had – but he had a need to prove himself to the girl, and it wouldn’t hurt if he had another win on his side… even if it was rigged against her to win.

“Alright, Aly. I have a bet for you” he whispered, an idea popping into his mind – tainted by the alcohol he had hours before. He neared his lips to her ear, before whispering “I bet you can’t make nice with Allison until the end of the trip. One week. No fights, no sarcastic comments, just the sweet Aly I know and love.” He explained, hoping she would agree to his terms. Knowing her, however, he had a feeling she may alter the terms to make it difficult on both of them.



Michael Laurens:

It was odd, the shade of red that her face became when he mentioned the sketch. Granted, he guessed it was embarrassing for the girl, but on another foot, he didn’t really care. “Really? ‘It’s just a normal thing to do?’ So, sketching someone without them knowing is just normal for you. I hate to break this to you, but me snatching the notebook out of your hands and you sketching me without permission is about the same level of rude.” He replied.

As he looked at the picture of himself, his curiosity took suit. He looked back down at the notebook in hand and started flipping through the pages. “You really are a strange one, aren’t you?” he questioned, finding that she truly did make a lot of sketches of different students.



Leona Rivers
She cleared her throat as she nodded toward the book.” Fine whatever…but it’s just art it’s not like I was…stalking you or listening to you…I just like the way you looked while sitting there I do it all the time.” She stopped after what she said and thought for a moment.” I mean I don’t just draw you I mean…I draw others as well…” She tried to keep her voice more steady and not to break down. All she wanted was her book back.

As he flipped through the book she held her breath at all the students that he passed. What if one of them passed by and got the wrong idea as well.” Yeah…well like I said I do that a lot, so can you just give me it back?” She held her hand out toward him.



Violet Sinclair
She felt a bit awkward when she saw Ari’s reaction to her questions. Maybe this hobby didn’t have much action to it, it was probably just all in her head, She thought. But, she nodded along when Ari told her that she had mentally put people together and then compare herself to a magician - which Violet didn’t completely agree with.

Then Ari started responding to the second question, the one Violet actually cared for. Maybe this was a stupid idea, she thought, knowing that Ari was just going to say some random guy and hope for the best. “Sexuality? Heterosexual.” She replied. Then the next part of the question. What do I look for in a person? She asked herself again. She thought for a moment, and then said, “Someone quite laidback, funny, spontaneous, extrovert…” She realised she was describing the exact opposite herself. Well, they do say opposites attract.

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Willow Reed
After coming out of a conversation with Elizabeth Telldorn, she wandered off by herself, and tried to see who else she could engage in a conversation with. Coincidentally, she was bumped into by a girl around her age and she was sure she saw her when first arriving at the airport with the rest of the school. Surely she’s with us? She thought to herself. The girl was quite apologetic, but in a funny way and Willow laughed at her being in a rush to get snacks.

“I’m Jordin by the way…” The girl said. Willow recognised the name, it was probably mentioned on Gossip Girl once she told herself. “Yeah I’m going on the trip too, I’m Willow,” She said, smiling. “I’m new, just started like the other day.”

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Jordin Marrow
As Jordin placed her money into the machine she turned around to smile at her.” Well welcome to this crazy school, and on a trip as well so that’ll be great.” She looked back at the machine as two bags fell.” Damnit! Of course it gets stuck while I’m in a rush.” She grabbed the chips and whipped around to smile at her again and looked her up and down.” Some word of advice though…be careful with who you hang out with it may not end well at times if you’re in drama.”

Jordin couldn’t help the urge but roll her eyes slightly at the mere thought of gossip girl.” But you seem pretty chill so I’m sure you’ll be fine.” Jordin opened up a bag and smiled as she held the bag toward her.” Want some?”



Willow Reed
She smiled at the welcome… and the warning, the girl gave her. Everyone seemed so nice at this school, she thought. Then she corrected herself, Well I have only met two people, and I definitely hasn’t met any of the stronger characters that belong to this school… She watched with Jordin as the two bags fell. After saying, rather shouting, a few words to herself, Jordin quickly turned back around with the bags of chips in her hands and carried on talking while she cracked open the first bag.

Willow knew what Jordin was referring to when she mentioned to stay out of drama and be careful who she was friends with. Gossip Girl. Willow shrugged, she wasn’t really bothered about causing a little drama, and she thought being on Gossip Girl would be so cool - even if the post was about something bad, what better way to make an entrance at this school?

@Chocolate_Mama - Jordin Marrow

Mackenzie Amstel
After befriending Julianna Kaufman, the girl told her she had to run to the bathroom. This left Mackenzie, once again, alone in the airport. She started walking around again, looking for a seat which was not taken by other people waiting for their flights, or taken by the many people sleeping across two or three chairs. She looked at the time on her phone to see how long they had until they got on their flight. Still ages. She thought while finally finding and empty seat next to a familiar face.

Augustus Kaufman. Someone she had not spoken to in a long time, and coincidentally was faced with him now because less than 5 minutes ago she was with his sister. She cleared her throat and thought for a moment. How do you even start conversations with people you haven’t spoken to in so long? She thought to herself. Maybe you can start with- “Hey. Is this seat taken?” She asked, pointing to the empty seat next to him.

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Jordin Marrow
After a while Jordin looked at her then tilted her head.” You know you’re pretty quiet. Then again you’re also new so that doesn’t surprise me.” She laughed lightly as she walked toward the seats nearby and sat down, crossing her legs as she watched some of the people move around.” You know! This trip will be a great place to meet new people, and the parties just imagine those will be amazing!”

Jordin couldn’t control her excitement as she felt her whole spirit lift with excitement.” Once again sorry for talking your ear off I usually get like that when I’m highly excited.”



Willow Reed
There was a silence for a moment, and then she saw Jordin tilt her head, Willow was confused - what did I just do? Suddenly, the girl called her quiet. Willow was very surprised at this. Quiet? No one has ever called me quiet before. She thought to herself. “Huh…” She started, “I guess I’m just saying everything in my head, forgetting to say them actually… out loud!” She laughed to herself. She joined the girl over to the chairs as she started talking about her excitement on the trip.

“I know, I’m quite excited too!” She said, cheerfully. She had never skied before, but hopefully she would pick up on it quite easily - since she was a rather fast learner. Well, she had to be a quick learner, otherwise she would be making a bit of an idiot of herself every time she fell face first on the snow.

@Chocolate_Mama - Jordin Marrow


Juliet Rivers
Juliet sighed as she looked at Grace. Juliet knew what she must have been thinking. It’s what most people would think to start with. “Just so you know I don’t plan on doing that to anybody else. That’s the only time I’ve ever done something like that.” Juliet thought for a moment figuring out how to best respond to her next statement. “Not really and not currently. As far as friends go it’s really just my sister. And I haven’t met any guys yet that have intrigued me so far.”

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Jordin Marrow
She laughed as she sat back.” Yeah I mean I do that at times…well I should because heaven knows I talk way too much for a normal girl.” She couldn’t help but let her mind run wild with thoughts of sking.” Okay imma be honestly but I’ve never done anything like this before. I’m not a huge fan of the cold at times. Let alone snow.”

She grabbed her water bottle/flask and took a tiny sip from the container.” But I also watched on YouTube that it’s not a hard thing to try out. Like honestly I’m positive it’ll be fun.”



Venus took a shaky breath out as she bent over, placing her hands on her knees as the rush finally died down. Quick review on everything, right now.

  1. She had simply been tagging along Jay and Alexandra

  2. Newcomer Edison had arrived and Jay offered him help with his bags only to be briskly denied

  3. She had suddenly been grabbed by the wrist and taken off after Jay grabbed Alexandra’s camera.

  4. She was now on the run from Alexandra and perhaps even Edison

What was her plan of action now? Apparently, the first thing that came to mind was slapping Jay. Her arm suddenly swiped across his face, making a soft pat sound as Venus made sure it could be felt but not enough to actually hurt. “Dude, seriously?” She grumbled. Unpredictable, as always. “Of course I wouldn’t have ran with you, you just grabbed her camera and assumed it was a good idea? She’ll probably find us eventually,” she said, trying not to be too harsh on him. “You are ridiculously impulsive, you know that?” How are we going to get out of this one?

As she glanced around the airport, she noticed a few stares towards them but they were gone before she knew it, probably thinking they were a silly couple or something like that based on their slight turn of their lips but amusement lighting in their eyes. Luckily for her though, she recognized none of the faces which meant they had probably gotten far enough to the point where it would be difficult for Alexandra to spot them. “I can already tell you probably haven’t thought this through so our best course of action would be to return the camera but knowing you, you want to have some fun. I suppose my only choice is to drag you into a store and to blend in so we can avoid the fallout of all of this until later,” Venus sighed as she gently grasped his arm and dragged him into a nearby store, hoping it would get them out of plain sight.

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@Ella {Edison}

Almost instantly, Jax felt something like embarrassment flood over him. He hadn’t meant for her to take the step in the wrong way and quickly let out a loose laugh. “Of course, just a habit,” he said, quickly making up an excuse as he adjusted his wrist cuffs. “I assure you, when I show you around, you’ll get to try some of the best good ol’ France has to offer you,” Jax smirked cockily as he lazily gave his cuffs one last tug. “But, seeing as we won’t arrive to France for a long while, maybe we should get to know each other better,” he remarked before realizing how inappropriate the suggestion sounded. “I mean, in the friendly way, like ‘hello, my name is Jax’ way.”

“Oh dear, I haven’t told you my name have I?” He groaned as he stuck out a hand along with a warm smile. “Jax Abbott, friendly guide to France and your everyday hot guy,” the boy joked casually, doing his best to warm up to her. She seemed nice enough after all, what could go wrong?

@Chocolate_Mama {Alyssa}


Augustus Kauffman

Augustus was looking through his phone trying to waste time as he waited for them to board the plane. He was very bored since he really didn’t have anyone to talk too, hopefully it wouldn’t be the same as this at the actual trip. He wondered if he ever would fit in this group of people, I mean everyone seemed to have their lives filled with drama. Yet, here he was just having a normal life with no drama or worries… at least to all of them that’s what it looked like. He looked over to his sister who seemed to be talking to Mackenzie, he smiled as he realized how great she was doing out here.

As Augustus looked back at his phone he was about to take a nap before he heard a small voice beside him, he looked up to see Mackenzie which made him smile once more. “It is now… um by you, of course.” He said slowly, before rolling his eyes at his awkwardness. “How are you? It’s been long since we have talk.”



Maximus McNamara

Max paused, feeling as though he must have heard wrong.

Noticing the way her eyes dropped to the floor, he realised he hadn’t. There was a sinking feeling in his chest that he couldn’t explain. He’d been trying to keep her confession off his mind, but somehow it had managed to enter into his thoughts again and again over the past week, and now again, with her recent words. He longed more than anything to reach a hand out to comfort her, but the thought of last week seemed to hold him back. It had probably been one of the first times they’d argued.

He had to be overthinking things though; she must have meant it as a joke. Or maybe he just didn’t want them to be like this anymore, sat with an awkward silence between them every time one of them said anything that even vaguely hinted to Jordan’s feelings for him. Momentarily, he glanced over at Nick some distance away, now speaking to one of the girls Max recognised as Alyson from the day of the Sterlings’ birthday. He looked back at Jordan. He wasn’t ready to talk about what had happened the last time they had talked one week ago, so he was searching for anything to evade the subject.

“I’m going to head for some coffee,” he smiled over at her, suddenly shifting to his feet, “want to go with me–?” He paused. Habit. He’d been meaning to use coffee as an excuse to avoid facing the topic of conversation, but he’d managed to instinctively slip an offer for her to come along with him in the process.

Max bit his lip: maybe he was secretly hoping she’d agree.

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.: Jasper Sevroy :.
He soon realized she had stopped paying attention and sighed as he checked a notification on his phone. The owner of the message read Sean the Stupid and he read every word slowly, his face growing more and more grave as he went on. Jasper didn’t even flinch at her stupid nails brush his arm though he glanced up after she gave him a kiss, the fingers of his left hand instantly planting themselves there and roughly swiping it off as if he could wipe away the traces. When he glanced down at them there was a tint of color on them and he frowned. Gross. Threaten me and then kiss me? This is definitely super weird…

From: Sean the Stupid
To: Me

Hey baby bro, just wanna let ya know that I’ve got a hot date with ur friend so can’t pick you up lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Don’t get mad at me, it’s not my fault :wink:
Think of this as revenge for you ruining my suit during that food fight
xoxo, big bro

The new notifications made him roll his eyes in annoyance as he ran up to her, grabbing her arm to get her attention. “Ok, why the hell did my brother just text me that he wasn’t going to pick me up because, to quote, I’ve got a hot date with your friend?” Jasper asked angrily, shoving his phone into his pockets. This was a definite downer on things and he was really praying that he hadn’t done something major to upset the big guy up top… because he really, really, really, did not want to refer to Amber as sister-in-law anytime soon. (And knowing Sean and his four failed engagements, it was going to happen soon). “I just… why are you so obsessed with me? Because I pissed you off at a party one time?”



Alyssa Moore
Alyssa watched as he messed with his cuffs for a few minutes. She couldn’t help but hide her smirk from him.” Nothing to be worried about me as well, but thank you!” She lifted her brow as he said that last part, about ‘getting to know’ one another. Alyssa couldn’t help but burst out laughing.” Aw hon and here I was thinking it was the other way of getting to know.” She winked.” But yeah I get what you mean, and I’ll be glad to get to know you.”
She liked talking to this guy he seemed to be sorta nervous with her, but that never really shocked her. She always had the blazing effect on people.

Once he said his name she held onto his hand and laughed.” I have to say you look like a Jax. Once he added in the hot guy part she felt her head move with all thoughts.” Well then I guess I’m glad to meet you, and I’m Alyssa Moore,your everyday flirty girl.” She gave a small bit of laughter as she looked down at their hands.” Are you gonna let go, or is this just a way for you to be closer with me?” Alyssa could already feel that her time with him would be great.



Petra Rosenfeld

I sat down in the waiting area drinking a peppermint tea while waiting for the plane to board. Everyone around her was either absorbed in their phones or in coversation with others. Petra, however, was absorbed in the people watching. She was constantly silently observing and snapping pictures of people she found interesting. So far a girl decked head to toe in all neon with matching neon hair was in the lead for oddest fashion sense. The music in her ears was fairly loud, but it seemed to fade into the background as she became more and more absorbed in her people watching.

Petra saw someone only a short distance from her, a vaguely familiar face, possibly from school. Without thinking, she took a picture of their profile, not realizing that her finger had activated the flash as she was mindlessly fiddling with her phone. Her phone’s camera flash lit up the stranger’s face, causing them to turn and make eye contact with Petra, who froze and stared straight back, now ripped out of her trance and thrown into complete embarrasment. She only hoped that her face wasn’t blushing as hard as she thought.

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Willow Reed
She laughed at Jordin’s confession on the fact that she had never skied before. “Don’t worry,” She started, then she whispered, as if it was a secret, “Neither have I!” She watched her sit back down next to her, and she turned in her seat, to face the girl.

After listening to her say that she looked at skiing videos on YouTube, she decided to change the subject. She wanted to get a feel for the school she was now at, and know what kind of people there are. “So what’s this school really like?” She asked, and then the next question she asked wasn’t really so Willow would stay away from them, it was more to know who have bad intentions and who had good. Of course she was still going to talk to them. “Who are the type of people you recommend staying away from?”

@Chocolate_Mama - Jordin Marrow

Mackenzie Amstel
She felt a little nervous talking to Augustus again. It had been a while, what if he didn’t even remember me? That would be embarrassing, She thought. But, she was immediately reassured when Augustus smiled when he looked up. Mackenzie took a sigh of relief and sat down. “How are you? It’s been long since we have talked.

It had been a while, and Mackenzie knew she had changed since the last time they had conversed. The once confident and self-assured girl she was became… the shy and introverted girl she is now. Once again, she started worrying. Maybe he won’t want to be friends with me anymore. She thought. “Uh,” She started. How am I? She thought to herself, knowing she had to sum it up in only one word. “Okay. How about you?” She asked back.

@sunflower.jm - Augustus Kauffman