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Jordin Marrow
Jordin thought for a moment. She had some tales to tell, and some pretty good advice.” Okay well my friend Jasper is also a pretty good guy. You won’t be disappointed with him.” She laughed at the thought of the party.” So yeah he’s a total good guy to talk with. Then my old friend Harper is very cool I’m sure y’all would be good friends.”

She paused for a moment.” I also kinda have a weird relationship with one guy…to the point where we both got on gossip girl, but like…eh.” She fiddled with her necklace that whole ordeal was a lot to handle and for her to try to rethink about it all slightly stung, but she didn’t want to seem like she cared too much.” So that’s really all…I kinda just moved back to New York a few months ago anyways.”



Michael Laurens:
“I do believe this counts as a form of stalking” he replied continuing to flip through the pages, chuckling slightly when she rambled about ‘not only drawing him.’ Au contraire, the sketches were shockingly good. Of course it seemed as if she had the random by stander every now and then, but Michael also noticed a few drawings of the Constance elite: A few of which included the Sterling twins, that half-wit Allison Porter, and even of his soon to be step siblings – god, it was even disgusting to think of the two as his future ‘siblings.’

“Yeah, well in that case, I guess I’ll keep this one” he responded to her pleads about handing the book back, but not before ripping out the drawing of himself. “This one’s for me” he stated nonchalantly before throwing the book back in her direction and placing his headphones back on before he had to hear the girl scream about ripping a page out of the journal. Michael would do a lot of things, but fighting with a Constance brat about bullshit – that wasn’t his cup of tea.

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Leona Rivers
Her face grew hot as he continued to flip through her book looking through things.” It’s not stalking! I mean we all see people everyday it’s not like I’m some creep following you!” She looked at him as he flipped through the book nonchalantly.” You know this is so not right I wasn’t even hurting you! The real thing is how creepy it is that you were staring at me as well!”

Her face fell as she heard the page rip. That book was very special to her and to have this dude with his weird attitude mess up her beautiful art was terrible. She ran after him then stepped in front of him. She ripped off his headphones from his ears. Her whole face was bright red at that point from disappointment and anger and embarrassment.” You can’t just take my paper and rip my book like that!”

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Amber Fantasia:

The girl had been strutting back to the airport seating – possibly with the intent of taking a detour towards one of the duty-free makeup shops – and she was practically half way there before getting crudely yanked backwards. “The hell is wrong with you, asshole” she yelled, annoyance seeping through her voice. “You could have messed up my hair” she stated – though the irritation with the man soon turned with his words. A smile made way to her lips replacing the frown that had been there earlier as he continued to ask her about the text he had just received.

“Well I have no idea why he would even think we were friends. I thought I made it clear that I despised you… but I guess he thought that was a joke. That’s fine though, I’ll make sure to remind him when I see him on Monday” she replied with a laugh, “And I agree, I am, to quote, ‘hot’ I’m glad both you and your brother have eyes.” As she said these words, the girl made her way inside a tiny MAC store they had in the airport – rolling her eyes as she found Jasper following close in behind.

She was half listening to his next words as she checked the selection at the store, taking a glace at the lipsticks in her signature color. To be honest, she didn’t know why she was going so far with this one. Usually, she would simply send in a juicy tip to Gossip Girl, truthful or not, and call it a day. It was a win-win, it made their lives hell, and her life easy. She just couldn’t do that with Jasper, for some reason she had an innate need to make his life hell. Perhaps she enjoyed messing with someone who wouldn’t take her shit for once? Gross no. That would admit that she liked having Jasper around and that certainty wasn’t the case – quite the opposite actually. “Jasper, oh, Jasper. I don’t know what your mother taught you growing up, but us Fantasias are determined, if not resolute in our goals. And I do remember telling you that I would make your life hell if you didn’t listen to me at that party. Tell me, am I doing a good job? Because I’ve barely gotten started” she responded, picking up a gloss that was named “Devil Red.”

“What do you think Jasper? Is it my color?” She questioned with a laugh. If this man was going to follow her around, he could at least help her out. “You are gay aren’t you? If I remember at that party – you did scream those words. So make yourself useful and help me find things that suit me” she stated with a wink.



Michael Laurens:

He didn’t even dictate her last words with a response. Him stalking her? That must be a joke. Michael didn’t even know the girl, let alone WANT to stalk her. Was she pretty? Sure. Did he care? Hell, to the fucking no. After all, she was a Constance brat. In other words, she could be drop dead gorgeous, but Michael knew her personality would be the complete opposite. Though, his initial meeting did contradict that idea slightly…

Michael was taken out of his trance when he realized music was no longer playing in his ear, and the culprit behind that was the one, the only… what was her name again? “Sorry… who are you?” he questioned before continuing without missing a beat, “Never mind, I don’t really care. I’ll just call you Barbie. Look barbie doll, hate to break it to you but that paper is mine now. And unless you want me to let slip to a few of these dull bystanders that you’ve been drawing them as well, I suggest you turn around and take a chill pill.” He stated, patting her head at the end of his speech. “Good girl, but I would like those back” he stated before putting his hand out, awaiting the return of his headphones.



Leona Rivers
Leona couldn’t hide her anger much longer. She just meet this dude and probably sketched him a few times, but still had to admit she didn’t know him at all.” Listen I don’t know where you got Barbie from, but my name is Leona. So for you to act like this! Is just plain rude.” She held one of his earbuds in her hand as she glared at him. If he wouldn’t give her back what was her’s then she’ll keep what’s his.

After he said he’d tell the people around them that she drew them she unclinched her hands slightly. She tried her best to keep her head high and not burst into tears in the middle of the airport. Leona was furious as it was, but she wasn’t going to let him have the pleasure of spilling her deepest secrets. Let alone let others know. She looked at her torn book then back at him.” Fine keep it anyways.” She could feel her anger rise as he pet her head like she was some dog. Instead she threw his headphones onto a nearby chair and shrugged.” Hope that makes you happy! You’re such a jerk!” She felt the tears in her eyes well up slightly.



Orion Hale

He jumped with excitement. “Yes! I have so many new designs I am so excited to show off!” Orion loved designing and wearing his designs. Every design is so special to him and he adores the fact that he gets to wear his own creations out in public. It makes him feel so happy, proud and unique. He would be the only one wearing his special creations. He had been designing clothes for quite a long time now and is quite good at it. Each new garment is better than the last.

He smiled at her. He adored all of their conversations especially those about fashion. They both loved fashion which was one of the reasons they became super close friends. He loved the fact that he could always turn to her for advice about his designs and could alway chat with her about fashion. They could both chat for hours on end, whether it be about fashion or not.

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Willow Reed
She listened as Jordin started dropping a few names as to who she should consider becoming friends with. Jasper… Harper… She repeated in her brain. She couldn’t help but wonder why she added the word ‘old’ before saying her friend Harper. Was there a reason they are no longer friends? She thought, then corrected herself, Well there’s obviously a reason, but a serious one? She wasn’t sure whether to ask her about it, but before she could even consider asking, Jordin had moved onto a ‘guy’.

I also kinda have a weird relationship with one guy…” This girl said. Willow raised her eyebrows, but she wasn’t surprised. “There’s always a guy.” She said, because it was the first thing that came to her head. “What’s so special about this one?” She asked.

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Jordin Marrow
Jordin thought for a moment as her mind went to Leo.” I mean…he’s sweet and we’ve been friends for a while as well, but he’s sorta a jerk so I tend to not talk to him anymore.” After saying that all she saw were flashes from that day. From the kiss in the nurses office to the yelling later on. She couldn’t believe she could possible think of him as special anyways.

“It’s fine he’s all in the past now for me…I mean I don’t talk to him anymore so I’m good.” She had to admit the attention on Gossip girl was a great feeling to have at the time, but still having to get her heart smashed by him never felt good.



Jay Yeong

Several moments later, and Venus had brought her hand against his cheek in a half-slap. Jay reached a hand to his face with a wince, having expected more of an impact. “–Seriously?” Venus had said, and he could only raise his brows as if to reflect the question back at her. She had been the one who’d just slapped him after all.

“—you just grabbed her camera and assumed it was a good idea?”
Jay had to stop a smirk forming on his face. Was she trying to act annoyed at him right now? It only had the opposite effect on him, with his smile growing all the more as she continued. I had good reason to, he wanted to say, but checked himself in time. The pills. It probably wasn’t his place to mention them.
“You are ridiculously impulsive, you know that?”
“I know.” Jay looked over at Venus, releasing a laugh. He found himself watching her with a smile: it was kind of cute, the way she was trying to feign annoyance with him, without trying too sound too harsh at the same time.

He listened to what Venus had said with a nod of his head, though it wasn’t long before he found himself dragged alongside the dark-haired female on their way to a nearby store. “You reckon we could be partners-in-crime after today?” he leaned in to ask her jokingly. As soon as he’d said that, the sound of one continuous scream brought his attention away from Venus and towards the direction of a fast-approaching Edison.

Instantly, Jay gripped her arm, pulling her in towards him and away from the path of the object hurtling towards them at full-speed.

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.: Jasper Sevroy :.
“Honestly, your hair is the least of my concerns right now,” Jasper rolled his eyes, glad that the pull hadn’t been gentle on her. She deserves it. Plus, he was feeling slightly… let’s just say mad about the whole Sean thing. He had relied on his big brother to be there for him and that had been snatched away because of some conniving fox in high heels. Seriously, his brother was not only a douchebag but a supreme idiot for falling for her. Then again, his brother has been engaged four times. It probably wasn’t even a challenge for her to dig her heels into his heart. Gross, but easy enough. Last time he’d been engaged it was after two months of chatting and making out with this one British boy who they soon found out was not only American but also only in it to get Sean’s money. It was still better than Engagement #2 who had tried to kill Jasper in his sleep for disapproving of their union. That was a fun story.

“Ok, just stop trying to hook up with my brother already! And I do not consider you hot as hell, I think you are hell,” he corrected hesitantly. “And I have to admit, you’ve made yourself a known nuisance so far. But I wouldn’t say you’ve made my life hell yet, I’d rather put you as a minor inconvenience that I will never see again in a few months!” He added, eyeing the name of the lipstick she had chosen out, wondering if it was for the color… or for the name. Either way, it’s quite befitting for her. “Wait, did you just stereotype me? My fashion taste isn’t automatically on fleek just because I like dick you know!” Jasper said with a frown, crossing his arms. “But ‘Devil Red’ does suit you, especially considering how vile and twisted you are.” It reminded him of a stupid thing Sean had said one time to him when in a partying state of mind, ‘Everyone wants a gay best friend!’ to which had earned him a dry laugh and a knee to the gut from Jasper. Huh, maybe it was better that they stayed away from one another.



Michael Laurens:

“I’m waiting, Barbie” he stated dryly, his hands still out as he ignored her previous words. He frowned as he watched her throw the item onto the chair, her anger seeping through her movements. “Feisty aren’t we” he stated quietly as he grabbed them and sat himself down on the chair, watching as she walked away from him. Tears were clouding her features and Michael could feel guilt at the pit of his stomach. He should have gone after here, maybe said sorry for his actions… but he knew there was no point. He was the famed Michael Laurens and everyone had a right to hate him.


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Alex Sterling:
She heard the scream the man made and felt a speck of guilt at hurtling Eddie at full speed. He was injured, after all, but Alex had been caught in the moment – and when she was caught in the moment… anything could happen as shown by her previous actions: in particular, the one that left her in a rehab facility. Biting her lip in apprehension, she watched carefully as he went towards Jay and Venus. “Come on” she whispered, though all hope was lost as they jumped out of the way. In her disappointment, Alex had almost forgotten all about the fact that Edison was still going with nothing to block his path: that was until she heard the unmistakable crash of the cart followed by a shriek of people.

Alexandra ran towards the man, silently praying that he was okay. Reaching the scene, the odd spectacle almost made her laugh. Alex knew it was no laughing matter, but it had seemed as if Edison had a certain someone break his fall – and that certain someone was one of the Airport security guards that didn’t seem too happy to have a grown man on top of him.

“You four: with me NOW” he screamed as a few more security guards made their way towards the group. “So much for a skillful escape”, she stated with a grin, putting her hand out towards Edison in an attempt to help him up. “Well, Jay. Don’t tell me you’re going to just stand there. Help me help him up… after all, you started this mess” she stated with a wink, ignoring the officer that was screaming at them.

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Willow Reed
She watched this girl think of ‘the boy’. It took a moment before she finally responded, so there’s definitely a complicated backstory to this relationship. She thought to herself as she listened to Jordin’s response. “he’s sweet… but he’s sorta a jerk” She heard. Willow raised her eyebrows, there was a bit of contradiction in that statement she just said. She tilted her head to the side as she knew that Jordin’s mind was most definitely on this boy.

“It’s fine he’s all in the past now for me.” Willow nodded, almost approvingly. She was glad to hear that Jordin wasn’t hung up over this guy. “That’s good,” she said to her.

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Eddie Montgomery
His flashback ended just in time for him to realise that there was no longer someone behind him in control of the wheelchair, and he was about to go into a crowd of people. “Everyone move!” He quickly shouted in warning, knowing that he wasn’t going to be able to stop the wheelchair in time. Most people got the message and ran. But unfortunately, one person didn’t make it out of the crash in time. Of course. Of course, that one person happened to be an Airport security guard.

Eddie quickly moved off this security guard, still on the ground, and took a look at the damage made. Thankfully, there wasn’t much - but it was enough for the security guard to shout and scream. The guard was up on his feet quickly, and was already ordering them to come over to him. The other three appeared, finally, standing in front of the security guard. “So much for a skillful escape”, he heard Alex say, jokingly. Alex had leaned over to help him up, and got Jay to help her do that. Eddie certainly did not want help from either of them, and he managed to get up himself, without a word or look towards Alex, Jay or Venus, planning to never ever be around any of them again.

Ignoring the fact that the security guard was fuming, Eddie took a moment to turn around, slowly limping over to his crutches that were left behind, and picked them up. He took his time to make his way over to them, and in that time he took a moment to comprehend what he just went through. He had just remembered that night. He had finally remembered what had happened. He didn’t know how to feel about it, and he didn’t really get an opportunity to really think about it, because quickly he was stood in the middle of the scene of the crime again.

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