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Petra Rosenfeld

Petra snapped up at the sound of another voice. The girl Juliet was talking to stood in front of her, holding out her hand. “Hey! I’m Petra, but Juliet probably told you that.” Petra gave the girl a warm smile and shook her hand. She also grinned at Juliet. Suddenly, a girl rushed in and sat down next to them. Her voice sounded vaguely familiar. She waited in silence and watched as the girl who was with Juliet, who she now knew was named Leona, compare a list of people in their groups. Petra leaned over and skimmed the list aswell. She sighed in relief at a few familiar names, especially Grace.

"I’m Brandy," The new girl who sat down said. Petra tensed and turned to face the girl. Was it her? It couldn’t be this easy…

Brandy and Leona kept talking about the group project and soon another girl came up to them, smiling and waving to Brandy. She must’ve been the other girl in the bathroom earlier, that is, if this is the same Brandy.

Petra closed her eyes for a bit to clear her mind and finally spoke up. “I’m Petra.” She was mostly speaking to the newest girl at the table, but also managed to catch Brandy’s eye too. “Seems like we’re all in the same group.”

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Ella Zene

Ella nods when Ari said not to talk about our parents. She guessed that Ari also has family problems too. When Ella was little, she always thought she had the perfect family…Now, she realizes just how wrong she was. Nevertheless, she looked at Ari with a sweet, smiling face that didn’t match what she felt inside. “Hm…I don’t know…want to play a game?” Ella asked, although she didn’t have any game in mind.

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“It’s fine, really. Today’s my first day as well, and yesterday was my first day in this city so I’m finding this school to be a bit colder than the city itself.” Brandy laughed a little to the girl, Leona, who also seemed a bit nervous. She then waved happily at Harper, who had just arrived at the table.

“Hi, Petra.” Brandy turned to the girl who introduced herself. “You know, your name sounds familiar.”

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Petra Rosenfeld

Petra gave Brandy a small grin, delighted that she somewhat recognized her. She picked up her backpack and put it on her lap, unzipping the front pocket. She whipped out a scrap of paper and a pen. Again, she began questioning if writing the girl a note instead of just talking to her was a bad idea, and it probably was, but Petra kept writing. hiding her note behind her bag until she finished. She folded her note and passed it to Brandy.
It read:

Maybe we’ve crossed paths before? :0 It’s a mystery I guess…


Petra then looked up at everyone in the group and checked her phone. Not much time had passed, but she was getting impatient. “Not to seem dumb or anything,” she began, “But when is this thing starting? I feel like I’ve been here for hours.”

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Joss walked out of the bathroom and to the library, where she looked at her phone while standing near the door. She pulled out the group list for the assignment, looking for where her name was at.

“Well, this is gonna suck.” she said, referencing to the list and the people, or at least most of the people that were on it.

She shoved her phone back in her bag and walked to an empty table.

The girl, Petra, gave Brandy a small grin just before taking out a scrap piece of paper and a pen to write with. She started to write on the paper, and as soon as she finished, she passed the folded note to Brandy, who read it over as Petra began talking to the group.

It took her a couple of seconds to read the note and realize it, but when she did, she couldn’t help but smile.

“You’re Pet!” Brandy said with a beaming smile.

Brandy lost her smile within a second once she realized how embarrassing that was. She covered both of her eyes with her hands, shaking her head. “Ugh, I’m so sorry you had to deal with me being a nervous wreck. I’m so weird.”



Petra Rosenfeld

“The one and only!” Petra announced in a sing-song voice. She placed her backpack down onto the floor and leaned a little closer to Brandy. “No worries, it happens to the best of us. It’s not that weird. You’ll get more confident the longer you’re here.” She giggled, remembering how nervous she was when she first arrived at the school. “It takes a little while to get used to the system of the school, but I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it.”

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“It takes a little while to get used to the system of the school, but I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it.” Petra reassured.

Brandy sighed, “I sure hope so.”

“You’re so nice, it makes me wonder why we have to do this assignment.” Brandy smiled to herself and looked up at Petra. “I mean, what if I chose to do my project on you, wouldn’t that be just downright horrible and rude?”

She looked at both Petra and Harper. “Especially since you’ve guys have been nothing but good to me. To just expose your secrets and privacy like that, like Gossip Girl, it’s just all wrong.” Brandy sighed once more.

“And I don’t know about you guys, but I’m no Gossip Girl…” her smile began to fade away.

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Maximus McNamara

It had been several minutes which had passed since Max had first entered into the school’s library, and he now sat at the table, the notes he had borrowed from a classmate of his in the morning laid out on the table. Indifferent to the sounds of people conversing around him, he continued writing out the words on the page, only occasionally pausing for a moment to see whether any of the other people in his group had arrived.

Reaching a hand over toward his phone, he clicked the button to bring it to life, before sliding the notifications on his phone away to dismiss them, and shifting his gaze back to the notebook, flicking through the pages to get an estimate of the amount of content he had to write out before period two commenced. Within seconds, there had been more notifications and Max had reached for his phone once more to take a glance at the messages he’d been sent, soon enough sitting back in his chair and scrolling through his social media feed. All thought of writing up an exegesis for his literature class had become forgotten by now as he chuckled at one of the snapchats he’d received from a friend about to head out on a flight destined for Dubai.

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Harper Elizabeth Meyer
She looked down at the floor when Brandy mentioned Gossip Girl. At this point, Gossip Girl had been ruining her life. She had lost her best friend of her whole life, and had received many insults from her best friend, or her old best friend."Gossip Girl really is a bitch."Harper said, a tear roaming down her face."She’s basically ruined my life already."She says, closing her eyes."I just lost some friends, then gained some."She said, neutrally.

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-|- S A G E -|- C A M E R O N -|-

Riiing, riiing! Sage Cameron’s eyes were glued onto her phone screen when the ear-splitting school bell rang, signaling the start of crowds, chatter, and body odor. Ewww. Her fingers continued clacking away at the game on her phone, despite the squeaks of sneakers, clicks of heels, and flurry of papers. The senior was in no rush to arrive at the library, unlike the stampede of students who pushed and yelled. I’ll only be a few minutes late anyways, it’s not like I’ll miss much. What’s the worse that can happen to me? Pfff… When only a few stranglers were left in the hallway, her body relaxed, the metal of the locker she was leaning on chilling against her back. A shrill scream interrupted her thoughts, and Sage stuck her tongue out at the teacher before darting away.

After a few minutes of wandering, she found herself standing at the library’s threshold, her hand curled around the door handle. Dread coiled in her stomach at the prospect of entering, but she couldn’t risk another teacher spotting her out here. If she landed in detention again… With a wrinkle of her nose, she yanked open the door, little bumps rising on her arms due to a blast of cool air. A quick survey of the room revealed that most of her classmates were already here, conversing to each other about the project. Sage didn’t care for the assignment no matter how much she needed the reward. It was just asking for drama, and the senior had enough in her life already. Why would she want anyone to find out the truth about her, anyways?

Noticing a rather empty table, Sage strolled towards it, plopping into a seat opposite of a boy. What is it with all these papers? She shoved them aside to make rooms for her elbows, resting her chin on her knuckles as she studied the boy for a second. What is his name again…? Matthew? Mark? Oh, right! Max. Her forehead creased when she noticed him staring at his phone, chuckling.

A huff escaped her lips as she began tapping him on the shoulder. “Hey, Max! What’re looking at? What’s so funny?” Sage pushed her chair aside and leaned over to peer at Max’s screen, platinum blond hair spilling across her face.


Sage Cameron’s outfit.

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Ashley Stone
After that weird short talk with a girl, which was actually pretty nice, Ashley walked down the hall again and went to the very end of the hall to organize her thoughts.
She went to the end of the hall, and sat down on a seat and gazed at the empty fields.
Yes, she was happy to be in a good school and already talked to someone-friendly. And the fact her class was pretty educational with not much of a mess, and the fact that New York is pretty awesome. But then, she didn’t want the drama to happen again, not again. And-all schools have some kind of drama.
Lets just hope it doesn’t inquire me. She turned her head sensing someone looking at her.

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Augustus noticed a girl sit down, strange never seen her around. He thought before continuing to stare, not exactly knowing why. Though when she catched him looking, he quickly turned around and sighed in embarrassment. I mean might as well talk to her, it would be more awkward if you don’t. He took a deep breath and got up to sit beside her. “U-Uh hi… I really didn’t mean to stare but I’ve never seen you around.” He told her, “I guess I just get really interested when theirs new people, though I do hate talking to new people if I’m honest.” He laughed before extending his arm. “My name is Augustus Kauffman, nice to mee you.”




Ari looked at her an raised an eyebrow. “A game? Umm… well… what kind of game? And what kind of game can we do here anyway? I Spy?” I chuckle. “Umm… maybe… How many nicknames have I got? You’ll be here until tomorrow, so I suppose not. Sometimes I play Stop The Bus with my… new parents, or where a popular brand originates from. But other than that, I’ve got no clue. We can’t play much games if we’re in a library, can we?”


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Maximus McNamara

It was only when a voice had emerged, followed by several taps on his shoulder, that Maximus McNamara had raised his eyes from the screen of his phone. Initially, he hadn’t even noticed the platinum blonde approach, or the sound of papers shuffled across the table. Looking up, he had expected to see a familiar face to greet him, though he was instead met with the eyes of a stranger peering down at his phone. While the junior had become used to people knowing his name out of the blue, there were times when it made a situation uncomfortable for him, and this was one of those times.

Ignoring her enquiry, his eyes had trailed over to some of the papers sprawled at the edge of the table and he had heaved a mental sigh of frustration at the sight of several more spread out on the floor. That’s karma for you, he thought, with the realisation that he’d let his short attention span get the better of him and chosen to be distracted by the notifications on his phone. Turning back to the girl, he’d shrugged and simply stated “Snapchat,” before switching the device off and laying it face-down on the table, the smile fading from his face.

“Are you looking for your group?” Max asked, attempting to be helpful in a way that would discreetly influence her to leave him be and allow him continue on with his homework assignment, due in for next period, undistracted. Ramona Keaton had been the last on his group’s list that he hadn’t been able to match a name to the face of, so he figured that the girl before him must have been the one and only. “I’m just finishing up some stuff for class, I think you’d be best off having a look for the others,” he spoke, indicating that he was pretty much going to detach himself from the group work for the majority part of first period in order to get his notes copied out.

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-|- S A G E -|- C A M E R O N -|-

When the boy’s eyes flickered towards the papers, Sage’s mouth formed into an ‘o’ as she winced. Oops. While his expression was guarded, the senior knew enough about seemingly ‘perfect’ students and their papers to understand this was a big no-no probably covered in like… Student Violation Class 101. Of course, she couldn’t be certain, as she most likely slept through that lesson.

The cold response of “Snapchat,” from Max verified what the girl already determined beforehand, and she pursed her lips at the sight of the back of his phone, laying on the table. Sage had seen him at a couple parties, and drunk as she had been, the junior had always seemed… fun? No, social. No traces of that boy was evident in his disappearing smile.

“Are you looking for your group? I’m just finishing up some stuff for class, I think you’d be best off having a look for the others.” Her brows rose and knitted together. Was he kicking her out? Didn’t he know she was the Sage Cameron? A sigh shuddered out of her body as she leaned down, the edges of the papers crinkling as she picked them up, one by one. Still, it was the thought that counts or something, wasn’t it? The gesture granted her enough time to pick apart his words, and muse over his question. Brushing off the lint on her clothes, the platinum blond stood, fussing around the papers before offering them to him with a tilt of her head. “Here.” Sage flipped her hair over her shoulders before assuming her previous position again.

Me? Looking for my group? Yeah right, totally. Totally doing that. You know, I wake up every morning, just for that sole purpose. Like, no kidding.” A short bark of laughter escaped her lips and the girl sighed, the muscles loosening in her body. “No. I’m not about to go look for my group. Ha, I’d rather avoid them altogether! I don’t care about this project, so why should I go find them?”


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Maximus McNamara

While he had been trying to get the work completed on time, conversations had always been a weak spot for the McNamara, with his social side always winning over, regardless of the circumstances of his day which had already had the effect of leaving him in a crappy mood: whether that was as a result of the strangers who called themselves family or the confession from Jordan and the subsequent argument that had followed between the two of them earlier that morning that had left him in that state of gloom, Maximus McNamara wasn’t entirely sure.

“Thanks,” he sighed, reaching a hand over for the papers. He’d hardly noticed her fussing over the pages before she’d handed them over to him, as his eyes had been glued to the page with the assignment details. It was only when she’d continued on in response to his question that he had lifted his gaze up to meet hers with a shake of his head as he released a small laugh. “Yeah, I figured,” Max said, with a half eye-roll, before clicking the pen in his hand and setting it down alongside the sheets.

From the girl’s response, it had occurred to the junior that she wasn’t who he thought she initially had been. It didn’t make sense for her to have taken a seat on the same table as him considering she had made a point about trying to avoid her group, but then again, there was the possibility that she was still being sarcastic. Either way, it was better to ask rather than second-guess the answer, so he decided to momentarily forget the work as he pushed it to one side.

Why, what group are you in?” he tilted his head, glancing over at his phone as another notification emerged. This time, as he turned the screen of the phone around, he found it to have emerged from Gossip Girl.

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Harper stared down at the floor, “Gossip Girl really is a bitch.”

Brandy could see that Harper was crying when she started talking about how Gossip Girl ruined her life. Brandy understood what Harper was going through, she did read about it on Gossip Girl, after all. It was only her first day at the school and her first time hearing about the website, and already she’d knew about the drama on there.

“I just lost some friends, and gained some.” said Harper.

“Well, whatever friends- or friend you lost, they don’t matter anymore.” she gave Harper a small grin. “What matters are the friends that you have now.”

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Harper Elizabeth Meyer
She sighed, then gave a slight smile back at Brandy."Y-you’re right."She says, wiping away her tears."I have some other friends to, like Estelle, or Caitlin, even Ari."She says, looking down at the floor once again. She had many other friends, but none of them could replace Jordin. The two would tell each other everything, always have sleepovers, gossip about their crushes But now, everything seemed like a blur.

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Juliana Kaufman
She was still standing at the door of the library, tucking onto the one strap of her backpack she had on. She looked around the library for people she knew, but she didn’t seem to find anyone. She looked once more, but this time, very closely. She spotted her brother, Augustus, who seemed to be shaking his hand to a girl. Her eyebrows slightly rose, slowly walking towards the table he was sitting at. She took a seat."Hey, Augustus…"She said in a quiet voice. She and him weren’t really the closest of siblings, they have been apart for twelve years. She was afraid on how he would respond.

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Petra Rosenfeld

Petra gave Harper and Brandy a sad smile. Seeing Harper cry like this was heartbreaking, and she didn’t even know her, but she did know her situation. “Trust me, you’ll make a lot of new friends. You don’t need to replace old friendships, just make new ones. This sucks, but you’ll survive, trust me,” Petra reassured. She internally cringed at her own words. Her advice sounded so bland and basic to herself. Giving advice was never something she saw as a strong suit, but hopefully Harper at least saw her good intentions. She seemed genuinely sweet, and definitely didn’t deserve to end up on GG the way that she did, although Petra didn’t think there was any good way to end up on that website.

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