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Christella Emmanuel

Christella looked around the classroom as she set her bag down. Her auburn hair was a tad bit messy, but, nonetheless, she was able to make it unnoticeable. Who are all these people? She thought to herself. They were strangers, except for her friends. Christella looked around again. Those people are sophomores… She rolled her eyes. She couldn’t wait to leave this room. She fell asleep on her tidy desk.

ORP: Approachable.

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Gossip Girl | RP | Sign-Ups & Discussion

Harper Elizabeth Meyer
She sighed as she looked down at her desk. She was hoping that someone would approach her, but she waited to what seemed like forever. She got up from her desk, scanning the classroom, looking for someone to talk to.

She finally spotted someone she could talk to. She walked up to them with a smile,"Hey, my name is Harper, nice to meet you."She said, extending her arm for a handshake.


Julianna Kaufman
She stopped by at her locker to spruce up her sweater. She put the sunglasses she had been wearing outside into her locker, then grabbed the stuff she would need for her next period. Some time had passed by, yet she still didn’t know many around Constance Billard. She wanted to force herself to talk to others, but she just, couldn’t.

She made her way to her next class, the sounds of students chit chattering with others around the room. Since she didn’t wanna seem like the odd one out, she decided to find someone that she herself could talk to. She moved her head left to right until she spotted someone she could indeed talk to. She walked up to them, and with a quiet tone, words went out of her mouth,“Uh, hey, my name is Kaufman. Kaufman, Juliana. I preferably like being called Julie.”



~Jayden Foxwell~

The bell rang, and he shoved his books in his bag and hurried to his next class. But there was a sign on the door, and his teacher was on sick leave. Which meant he was going to have to join either the juniors or seniors in their classes. Jayden decided to join the juniors, as he didn’t want to look like a “baby” in the senior classroom. He followed a junior girl to her class. Okay, where should I sit? He picked a random seat in the front row and took out his books, and began to read.

~Charlotte Hudson~

Why can’t it be lunch already? Charlotte thought, annoyed as the bell rang, signaling the end of class. Ugh, I hate school. My mom’s already rich, why do I need to get a job? She looked glum as she shoved her stuff into her bag and stormed out of the class. She reached her next classroom, only there was a sign on the door that said her teacher was on sick leave, and that she’d have to either join the juniors or seniors. Are you freaking serious? she thought. She was a little annoyed for a moment, but then she decided that maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. She had never really associated with the juniors and seniors; only people who were her age and younger. Deciding to join the juniors, she headed to their class, picked a seat at the very corner. As she sat down, she noticed a guy all by himself, reading a book. Ha, loser. She tucked in her earbuds and closed her eyes.

~Ashley Delmonte~

For once, Ashley was actually in a good mood. She had been to a party over the weekend, and the songs she had danced to were still stuck in her head, not that she minded. The bell rang, and Ashley packed up her bag and left the room to go to her next class. She smiled at some random girl in the hall, which was definitely a first for her. Ashley rarely smiles; her expression is either blank or angry at all times. Very few people had actually seen her smile (when she wasn’t at parties, of course). She reached her next class and took a seat, and noticed that some sophomores were entering the class as well. Sophomores? What the heck are they doing here? Ashley thought. They’re not going to stay here for the class, are they? She then overheard some conversation that the sophomores’ teacher was on sick leave, and that the sophomores either had a choice to join the juniors or seniors. Oh, great, Ashley thought, her face going back to its usual frown. I’m going to be stuck with the little baby sophomores. She put her head in her hands. They just had to choose the juniors, didn’t they?

ORP: All approachable in the junior classroom :slight_smile:

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Gossip Girl | RP | Sign-Ups & Discussion

Ella Zene

Ella’s heand lifted to look at the girl who just introduced herself. Harper, seemed to have one of those genuine smiles that is usually rare so Ella smiled back and lightly shook her hand. “Ella Zene, nice to meet you too.” She replied still seated. Looking to the spot at the right of her, she gestured to the seat offered, “You can sit here if you want.” Ella didn’t know if she already had a seat but Ella felt it would be odd if they were talking the whole time with Harper standing up. She then looked the girl over, studying And surveying Harper to see how much she could guess from her appearance.



Juliet was just minding her own business, pretty much just mindlessly tapping her pencil against the desk. She looked up at the girl that walked up to her. She had said her name was Julianna, but that she goes by Julie. Juliet was a little surprised that Julie came over to talk to her and that her name was so similar to Juliet’s own name. Make sure to keep nice. This girl doesn’t seem to have too much confidence around others, so don’t scare her off… Juliet smiled sweetly at Julie. “Well it’s nice to meet you Julie. My name is Juliet.” Juliet laughed a little at the similarity between their names.


.: Jasper Sevroy :.
“Oooh, real live reality TV, an interesting concept,” Jasper purred before giving her an odd glance. “Are you- oh, oh!” He realized as he laughed lightly. “I’ll try and keep my lips shut for now,” he said as he winked playfully. “Though I cant promise I won’t let it slip once or twice,” Jasper added, his eyes alight with mischief. It’s hard to believe there’s such a good person at this school. I mean I know several good people but yeah.



Kenzie Amstel
“Someone could make good money from filming behind the scenes and posting it onto YouTube.” She nodded, actually considering doing it - she would never have to work again. She got worried after she made the joke because he didn’t get it at first, and she was nervous that he wasn’t going to at all. But then, he laughed and she was relieved. She smiled at his response and looked down. Then she remembered where she was, in a classroom. “Is this teacher sick too? Or are they always this late?” She thought out loud.

@TheBluGeek - Jasper Sevroy


Nicholas Sterling:

“Stellaaa oh Stellaaa” the man started singing with a large grin making way to his face as an idea popped into his drunken state of mind. Before anyone could stop him, the man jumped up to grab Stella’s hand and pull her out of her chair. Twirling her around, Nick pulled the girl’s body against his and started swaying his hips to the nonexistent music playing in his mind, a smile on his face as he brought his lips to her ear, “Thanks for the dance, love” he whispered.

“Nicholas Sterling. If you do not sit down this instant, you will be dancing all the way to the dean’s office,” the teacher screamed.

Nick continued to sway his hips for a few more moments before rolling his eyes. “Until next time my beautiful triangle,” he stated bringing the girl’s hand to his lips placing a chaste kiss upon it. With a wink, the man went back to his seat watching the teacher with a defiant glare upon his features. However, Nick’s mind lingered back to the song that was playing in his head and he couldn’t help but grab a pen and paper and begin writing down the lyrics.

“We can just dance to this, don’t take much to start me

We can just dance to this, Push up on my body, yeah.

You know we’ve already seen all of the parties

We can just, we can just. Dance to this”

With those words, Nick knew exactly what he would be singing at the audition in but a few hours. The glare he had moments ago vanished with yet another smile as the man sneakily turned to face the girl once again, “Do me a favor, come see me at the auditions today. I have a surprise for you.”


ORP: First of all, I am so sorry for the late reply!! But I will be more active now :slight_smile:

ORP: @sunflower.jm I’m low key just imagining what Jezebel is thinking right now because everyone definitely saw him dancing with this girl lol. I feel like there will be a moment in his “high” state that he thinks about Jez and something will occur haha.


Amber Fantasia:

“Hmm, why wouldn’t they want to know more about you… I know I definitely want to know more about you darling” Amber whispered, allowing her finger to trail his arm suggestively. The girl knew she wasn’t interested in sex with this man… well at least not at the current moment… she was interested in the story. After all, at Constance Billard, knowledge is power, and she was the girl with all the information. Hell, if anything, with the amount of news Amber provided to Gossip Girl over the past few years, she should be considered the sole editor of the site. Huh, Amber Fantasia as “Gossip Girl,” now that would be interesting.

“So gorgeous, allow me the honor of getting to know you better. What do you say about hitting up a bar with me later tonight?” she whispered in his ear, a slight smirk making way upon her features as she awaited an answer.


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Venus gave him a bemused look as he finally glanced up from examining his sleeve like a piece of art work. “I assumed you’d have known that already. I suppose I was wrong then,” she said, sighing loudly though she felt the corners of her lips turn upwards slightly. Perhaps she could’ve wondered why he had been so intent on examining his sleeves (they didn’t seem that intriguing) but for now, she’d drop the subject. " But yes, you are in Pre-Calculus I’m afraid. Sorry to break the news to you, Jay," Venus commented with a small shrug, glancing at the board for just a mere moment.

How long has he been asleep exactly? She contemplated before adding another train of thought to that. Or how long has he been getting himself distracted to ignore the world around him? Yes, Venus could read body language well enough to see what emotion people were feeling but she wasn’t a mind reader or a fortune teller. Sadly, she did not have the innate ability to tell what was about to happen or what did happen. Though, she imagined it was best the power didn’t even exist in the world seeing as people such as Gossip Girl happened to inhabit it…


Raising one of his eyebrows just an inch above the other, Jax turned to the girl with intrigue glistening in his eyes. He felt something run down his arm and could only think what she was trying to imply. “Oh, is that right?” He declared with a hint of a purr in his voice. He had met girls who were similar to this Amber, and he knew exactly how to play the game. When you went to a school that was known for it’s privileged students, things like this happened quite often when wearing the uniform. A few men had even tried it on him before but luckily any nearby Abbotts were quick to drag him away to safety.

“Well, love, a drink sounds lovely. Maybe I’ll even learn a thing or two about you as well,” Jax remarked confidently as he lifted a hand to scratch the back of his neck. He was intrigued to know where this would lead to. Usually, it ended in one of three ways according to his buddies back home. A one-night stand, a slap in the face, or you repeated it until you got one of the other two options. He was not particularly looking forward to either of the three but he wanted to play this game and see where it went. Perhaps he would learn a few things about Amber… and even about his sister.



It’s quite alright, I understand! Real life matters are more important than roleplaying.


Jay Yeong

For a moment, Jay had contemplated walking out of the lesson. He never had much of an interest in school, and the thought of staying in class only to end up with his head down on the desk again seemed a meaningless way to spend the next hour of his time. Although the option of leaving seemed tempting, there was a part of him that had to admit that it was nice to have someone to talk to for a change. It seemed as though Venus was the only one who he’d had a conversation with in a while, and he risked missing out on her presence if he decided to leave just now.

“Okay,” he affirmed as his eyes remained on the whiteboard markings at the front of room. Pre-Calculus it was then, though he couldn’t promise himself that he’d actually try. He knew he had difficulty concentrating, and that trying to retain any information was a waste of time. In the rare instance that he was ever picked on in lesson by the teacher, he’d just bury his head in his arms and that would be the end of that. And either way, Jay had already missed out on a considerable number of lessons in his junior year, what with being admitted to the institution, that by the time he got around to senior year where he was just way over his head in everything, he’d given up on trying to even catch up.

“But you should know, I’m only staying here out of consideration for the fact that you’d miss me too much if I left,” Jay replied with a sigh of his own as he glanced down at the sleeve of his jumper again out of habit.

@Hail_the_Stxrs (Venus Takeo)


Estelle Macmillan

Suddenly, without any sort of warning, she was flung up, her blonde hair in the air, before she was pushed to his chest. Along the twirls, Stella thought about how utterly crazy how this was all is. She was surely glad she was wearing jeans as if she didn’t, she was sure she would have flashed the whole class. Or the whole school, with how fast rumors and gossip are spreading nowadays.

But she was sure, that nothing, nothing could compare to the feeling of freedom she was feeling. Even if she thought dancing and twirling and swaying with this crazy man in the middle of the class with the teacher’s shouting like a madwoman in the background was something crazy and utterly mad, then she would say that it was the complete opposite now. It felt like she knew that guy that was holding her as she was his girlfriend or something, for years and years, and just dancing in the middle of class wasn’t scandalous.

It was normal.

It was free.

Although, like most good things, it ended. The teacher broke both of them apart by shouting another round of yellings. She couldn’t help it when she burst out laughing at the teachers yells, or the students’ gasps of bewilderment. “Nicholas Sterling. If you do not sit down this instant, you will be dancing all the way to the dean’s office,” The sentence keeps repeating in her head as she giggled, but she certainly did hear Nick say the next few words that mad her heart pitter patter.

She smiled, her eyes crinkling as she showed her pearly white teeth that not everyone got to see. “I will,” She whispers, the smile not fading off her face, as she turned around to face her seat. But just as Nick was going to disappear through the corner of the door, she turned around and hollered, “Until next time, Estaban!” and turned, without seeing his reaction.

ORP - @benitz786 - Nicholas Sterling - And it’s fine!


Katherine Hart:

She was late. For the third day in a row, Katherine was running down the halls of Constance Billard in attempts to make even the last few minutes of the class. Kyle had called her earlier and scolded her for the fact that she “continuously undermined his authority,” but even he had to admit that she had a valid reason for the fact. Edison was hurt, and It was, in part, her fault that it had occurred. If she hadn’t been drunk, she wouldn’t have allowed Eddie to drive home causing the accident.

Katherine knew she looked like crap: her hair was a mess, she had dark bags under her eyes due to the fact that she hadn’t been able to sleep very well for the last few days, and she was pretty sure that none of her clothes matched. But, then again, to hell with it. She had a reason to look and feel like crap. It was if the accident had brought up the traumatic memories of her parents and she simply didn’t care anymore.

A sigh left her lips as she entered the classroom, gaining the stares of the students who were quietly working in their seats as well as a glare from the teacher. Taking the only seat available, the girl relaxed finding the man sitting next to her to be someone she had a brief interaction with: Gus. “Hey,” she whispered looking at the man with a small smile, “remember when you said that we should train together one day? Could that day be today… I really need it.”

It was true: Kat had found that she always found clarity when she trained, however, over the past few days as Kyle had been busy dealing with the hospital, Kat had been a mess.

@sunflower.jm (Augustus)


Amber Fantasia:

Her signature smirk made its way upon her features as Amber moved her lips away from his ear only to leave a chaste kiss on his cheek. “I can’t wait sweetie,” she stated in a sultry tone. Biting her bottom lip slightly, Amber moved her fingers from his arm to his thigh, a seductive smile taking its place upon her countenance as she began trailing her fingers once more. “It will definitely be a night to remember, darling.”

With her hands on his lap, she pushed her fingers into his pocket to retrieve his cell phone, typing in an address before handing it back to him. “Meet me here at 8:00 sharp. Wear something hot and bring a swimsuit,” with those vague instructions, the girl left the man with only a wink before walking back to her seat. Amber had learned in her various ventures that it always turned out better for her if she didn’t give her number out, and in any case, giving an address was always more interesting.

As she made her way back to her seat, the girl couldn’t help but overhear the annoying voice of nobody: Mackenzie Has-no-style.

“Is this teacher sick too? Or are they always this late?”

“Oh, I’m sure when our teacher saw you here, she just didn’t have it in her to teach such low-class individuals” Amber commented with a smile. “It figures you’re talking to Jasper. The two of you just have so much in common.”



Harper Elizabeth Meyer
"Okay, I’ll just grab my stuff."She said, heading towards her desk, then collecting her belongings. She walked back to Ella, with a smile on her face. She was making some more friends once again, something that she had wanted. "Where are you from, Ella?"She says with a smile.

@Wingsoffire - Ella Zene

Juliana Kaufman
Juliana quickly realized the coincidence of their names. She quickly realized that Juliet was laughing for some reason. Was it something I said? She giggled along with her,"H-Heh, why are we laughing…?"She said, awkwardly standing near her. She wasn’t sure if Juliet was making fun of her, or laughing at her.

@Littlefeets - Juliet Rivers


Juliet Rivers
Juliet looked at Julianna with a confused look. Juliet was confused by the fact that Julianna seemed confused. “Well I’m laughing because I think that the coincidence of our names is funny. Why else would I be laughing?” This girl seems like she could really use some confidence. I gotta make sure I keep my personality in check around her. Because I would really scare her off if I suddenly started acting like my normal self.


Juliana Kaufman
"O-Oh!"She said, realizing the coincidence. "I understand it now, that’s actually cool."She said, smiling. Maybe she would become friends with Juliet, and then she could actually have someone to hang out with. It was perfect, well, when Juliana imagined it. “Is the seat next to you taken? I don’t really have any friends…”



Juliet Rivers
Juliet smiled at Julianna. “Oh yeah of course you sit in the seat next to me. It’s not taken yet and I don’t really have any friends besides my older sister.” I so hope I can convince her to give me back my lighter. It’s driving me crazy not having it, but I guess that’s not a hard task… “But part of that could be because I’m new here.”


Nicholas Sterling:

A smile reached his face as the girl replied, “I will,” and the man could feel a bubbly ecstasy forming inside him to match his excitement. Perhaps it was the drugs, but the man couldn’t stay still. Standing up once again, he motioned to the teacher that he was headed to the bathroom before walking out the door without waiting for a reply. He needed fresh air… more over he needed something a little bit stronger.

The man could feel the weed wearing off as his mind faltered towards why he had taken the substance in the first place – Jezebel and her fling. With a groan, Nick quickly walked towards an empty corner of the hallway near the bathroom and slowly took the joint out. Lighting the item up, the man smiled as he took a long puff of the smoke allowing the drug take control of his mind once again as he sat down on the ground and started writing in his notebook the finishings of the song he would sing later that evening.



ORP: Alexandra is still free if anyone wants to talk to her