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Augustus had been sitting bored out of his mind in class. Everyone was finally coming in, even the late students. He sighed as he everyone talked amongst themselves and he was the lonely boy in the back of the class once again. Yet that changed when he felt someone sit beside him, which surprised him. It was Katherine, he was ready to smile at her when he realized the state she was in. He couldn’t help but study her and he knew something was bothering her, though ignoring his train of thoughts he nodded at her question. “Sure… do you want to meet after school?” He asked her as he gulped.



Jezebel sighed, “I-I honestly don’t know, I was talking to Jasper one day and next thing you know this guy comes up to us and is like I’m looking for Jezebel Luna, I’m her twin brother.” She said as she remembered that right after school she confronted her mom about it, which ended with them not talking anymore.

Jezebel soon got distracted when Nicholas began to dance with a girl out of nowhere and she scoffed, of course he didn’t care anymore… he was even dancing with someone else. She rolled her eyes paying attention to Jessalyn again before her bladder decided it was time to finish some business. She quickly let the teacher know before she excited the place, she went into the restroom and did her business. After exiting she decided to drink some water before she began to feel dizzy and decided to take a seat right there.



Ella Zene

Where are you from Ella?

Ella smiled sheepishly at the fact that she wasn’t exactly sure what Harper meant. Normally Ella is good at comprehension but she still cocked a brow at her words.
“What do you mean where am I from?” She put her finger to her lips and tapped it repeatedly, a sort of confused pout in her face. She’s only ever lived here, no where else, but she wouldn’t be surprised if Harper had never really noticed her before today. “I have lived here my whole life,…what about you?”

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Are you approachable?

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ORP: Ella and Harper are still having a conversation…


Got it. Thank you!


Harper Elizabeth Meyer
“I have lived here my whole life, what about you?”

The words struck Harper. She remembered on where she had lived when she was just a baby, but, the bad days were brought to her when she thought about New York. "I was born in Los Angeles, California, but, I moved here when I was about seven years old."She said, slightly smiling. She remembered that Los Angeles did have many sights to see, but New York was more interesting. There was much more to see.

"Moving along, hm, do you have any siblings?"She said, smiling at Ella. "I have one, her name is Lyric, she’s nice to talk to, and she’s really fun to hang out with."She says.



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ORP: Sure.


Venus’s face slipped out a small smile as she responded. “Is that right?” She muttered, giving him a curious glance as he turned to observe his sleeve once again. “Well, it seems you have caught me! I’d dreadfully miss your annoyingly refreshing presence if you happened to leave,” Venus jestered sarcastically though there was a hint of a twinkle alight in her eyes. Jay happened to be one of the few people she found somewhat amusing and one of the fewer that she often found herself joking with, a rare thing that usually never happened. The other people she could recall joking with were Manny and… well, sometimes her father.

“But, let’s be honest with ourselves, you’d miss me more, pal,” Venus added as it dawned on her how… happy she seemed. No. The thought flashed in her head as her face snapped back into a neutral frown and the spark of hope died from her eyes. I refuse to be emotionally compromised. Venus tugged the neck of her collar up a bit as she let out a sigh. “Plus, Pre-Calculus isn’t that bad if you try.”

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Jax felt silly at the thought that he was playing along as he felt her attempts to seduce him were working just a bit. “I’m sure it’ll be a night to end all nights,” he added playfully, wondering whether the kiss she’d left on his cheek was a good or bad thing. He suddenly felt a weight relieve itself from his pocket and realized she had taken his cell phone to type something in. She walked away with vague promises and instructions, leaving him staring at a sentence that held their place of gathering. A hot swimsuit? I’m assuming this is a spa or a pool then. Jax thought as he placed his cell phone back into his pocket. He absentmindedly rubbed the spot where she’d pecked his cheek, considering keeping it before he gently rubbed the spot. “Now, what’s your goal then Amber?” Jax muttered to himself, his jawline tensing as he couldn’t help but feel slight chills once again.


@benitz786 (Amber)


.: Jasper Sevroy :.
“They would make excellent money, probably even more if some studio picked it up and wanted a full reality show for it,” he added before snickering. “Probably caught whatever sickness is flying around school right now if I’m being honest. Wouldn’t be surprised i-” Jasper paused as another voice chimed in, groggily turning around to recognize a sinister redhead that probably ate kids for breakfast and dreams for dessert. “Oh, hello, Amber,” he remarked coldly as he felt his mouth twitch downwards. “I do regret to wonder what class you might be, what’s lower than dirt again?” Jasper asked absentmindedly, feeling a bitter taste in his mouth just from looking at the bratty girl. We’re both in for a hell of a conversation right now.



Leah Patterson

He told her. That traitor had told her. Leo booked a flight about three hours ago, so he can alert her mom about her collapse earlier. Leah knew he didn’t mean anything bad, he was just caring for her, but Leah can’t help but curse him mentally. Fuck you, Leo.

He didn’t know the truth. Nobody does. And no matter how much she wants to deny it; her act was fake. She was fake. And if the truth is revealed, she’s going to look like a psychotic, batshit crazy lass, and she can’t have that if she wants her next plan to work. It wasn’t normal. She wasn’t going to destroy her social status just like that. She was new, and reputations stick. She had to cover it up quickly, showing signs of improvement and going to the counselor, so nobody would have suspicions.

With clenched fists and a wrinkle between her eyebrows, she marched down to the girls’ bathroom, her black and grey ombre sun dress swishing against her knees. She had just managed to push through the mahogany double doors before she slumped against the marble bathroom counter. Her erratic breathing was abnormally slow.

She brought her head up to the mirror, noticing her pale features and her hair set in a tight bun. She frowned, then reached up, cupping the locks in the knot. Then she met her eyes in the mirror, steel determination coating her face. Do it. So she released her locks with one, hard yank, and her silky hair was free. She fluffed it up a bit, then flipped it.

She wasn’t innocent Leah anymore.

She was the Leah.

ORP - okay, that was creepy and psychotic… anyway, she’s APPROACHABLE either in the bathroom if you’re early enough, or in the hallway, or locker room.

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Kenzie Amstel
She smiled when he agreed with her with someone making good money on if they made some sort of documentary for the play. He answered her question about the teacher and she listened to his explanation until he suddenly stopped. What did I do? She thought. But then she realised, it wasn’t her it was whoever was behind her. She was about to turn around and see who it was, but before she could - the person spoke, and she immediately knew who it was. Amber. Amber sarcastically answered her question, making a comment on her low class. She didn’t turn to face her, instead her eyes trailed to the ground.

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Ella Zene

Ella’s head tilted while her eyes crinkled very slightly, analyzing and thinking. She noticed the change in Harper’s smile when she spoke. Sure she was still smiling, but it lessened some and Ella didn’t know why. But forgetting about that for the moment, Ella listened to the rest of Harpers questions and inwardly winced. Family was definitely not a topic she wanted to talk about, especially today.
“Yeah I have a younger sister. Lyric is a cool name, is she younger or older than you?” She carefully said her words, hoping to steer the questions away from her.


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Katherine Hart:

A flicker of a grin flashed upon her features before disappearing almost immediately afterwards, replaced by her somber appearance. “Get ready to get your ass kicked,” she stated jokingly, although through her dismal expression, one could almost imagine she meant it. In an essence, she did. Not in a ‘this guy pisses me off and I’m going to beat him up’ kind of way - though she had definitely had moments such as these in her life time - but more along the lines of the fact that she has some pent-up emotions over the past few weeks. Looking ahead at the board, she found today’s lesson’s to be a simple “study period,” otherwise displaying that anyone could practically do anything as long as they stayed inside the classroom. Hell, Nick Sterling literally just started dancing and no one batted an eyelash. “So, Gus…” the girl began, needing some sort of human connection after her weeks of isolation. “Tell me about why you began boxing?” she questioned, curious at the man’s story. After all, Kat knew why she started her training – mostly for self defense – but Gus didn’t exactly look like the type that needed to protect himself.



Nicholas Sterling:

“Dear beloved, Bring those 501s a bit closer, a bit closer

And dear, my love, do that thing we never do sober, sober”

The man was caught up in this epitome that he had as he quickly scribbled down lyrics on his notepad, taking yet another drag of the joint. That was until he heard taps of someone’s shoes nearing his hidden location motioning to him that he needed to get rid of the joint as fast as possible.

“Shit. Such a waste. Bye my beautiful” the man whispered to the item in his hand, taking one last intake of the smoke before putting it out and throwing it away in the nearest trash can just as an extra pre-caution. After all, if the man receives a pat down he can’t be caught for ‘possession,’ and Nick would rather not deal with explaining to his parents why he was suspended from school.

Cleaning himself off, the man walked out of his hiding spot while casually looking for the person he had heard earlier. Hopefully throwing away the weed wasn’t for nothing. However, the man forgot all about that as he saw Jezebel sitting by the fountain, her head stuffed in her hands. An innate fear ignited within him as he found himself rushing towards her. Kneeling beside the girl, he watched her curiously. She hadn’t yet noticed his appearance, but Nicholas was taking in her features. He gently placed his hand on her shoulder, “Are you okay love?” he questioned before taking the girl within his arms and hugging her. He felt as if he was no longer in control of his own body, perhaps if he had been he wouldn’t be so touchy-feely but the man, in this state, wanted to hold her – to protect her as he had in the past.



Amber Fantasia:

“Darling, I’m a diamond. Hell, baby, I’m straight up platinum. Whereas the two of you barely make the scum beneath my Louis Vuitton’s” she stated, a maniacal smile forming upon her lips. Amber truly found a joy in reminding people of their place, especially when they were viewing a bit too highly of themselves. Amber especially enjoyed this when it consisted of two people such as Makenzie and Jasper.

The girl watched how Kenzie put her head down instead of arguing with her, and an interesting idea formed in her mind. What if Amber took Kenzie under her care, a minion of sorts? With the escape of Allison’s formidable ways, Amber was free to do what she wanted including utilizing every resource necessary to her whim. After all, Kenzie could be a valuable resource – it was a win-win situation. Kenzie would jump when Amber pleased and sit when she wanted and Kenzie would get to learn from the top of the social ladder. Perfect.

“Jasper, perhaps you should take pointers from darling Makenzie here. You don’t talk back to those above you.” The girl neared Jasper’s ear, whispering slightly, “especially with the information I’ve dug up on you. You should definitely be trying to get on my good side sweetie.”

Backing away, the girl flashed Jasper a signature smile before turning to Makenzie, “And Kenzie, why don’t you stop by my place later, I would love to give you a makeover and talk” she stated, awaiting for a response followed by the tapping of her finger upon the desk.




Leo Patterson

His day was messed up. With everything going through his life lately, he surely has gone a little cuckoo in the mind. It was a depressing day, that was for sure, but Leo had always been a, and he quotes, “morning person,” whatever that meant. So, like any other day, he showered quickly and threw on some clothes — black ripped jeans and a forest-green tee.

He knew what his sister had been going through, and all the depression. He’d known, even when they were tiny kids. He saw her facial expressions when his mom kisses his forehead and make him ready for bed on nights, ignoring Leah completely. He thought she’s going to get used to it — no matter how cruel and sadistic that thought was. But you couldn’t blame him, all rich American-boy style, and all. His life was perfect — no, he was perfect, so why isn’t Leah? He was confused; what’s the difference between Leah and him? What makes them so different, that she gets that barbarous treatment? The answer was — he never knew.

But, he was happy for her. Now that there’s a new school, new rules, new people, it was perfect; a fresh start. But, now that her depression news got out, Leo knew she’ll struggle a bit till she sees the light. He was done; he did everything in his power to make her happy. Now that he brang her to New York from Los Angeles, after beggings from her to take her for a new start, his job was done. So he dismissed his thoughts about his sister and slipped through senior class.

It was his senior year, after all.

ORP - Leo is approachable!

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Kenzie Amstel
She had her arm rested on the desk, holding her head up. She was waiting for Jasper and Amber to finish their conversation. Well not a conversation.. she thought as she watched her whisper into Jasper’s ear. That was definitely sketchy to Kenzie and she wondered what she could have said to him. She wouldn’t dream of asking him what she said, Kenzie had only just met Jasper, of course she wasn’t going to put him on the spot like that.

Then Amber turned around to Kenzie, and she finally got to see her after having her behind Kenzie the whole time. ‘And Kenzie…’ She looked up with her head tilted slightly. What else is she going to say to me? She thought, not really looking forward to whatever snarky comment she had lined up. But suddenly, what came out of Amber’s mouth was not rude nor inconsiderate. Stop by her place? She lifted her head up from her hand and then she said immediately, “What?” Not really believing what she had just said to her.

@benitz786 - Amber Fantasia
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Amber Fantasia:


Amber smirked at the look of confusion upon the girl’s face. It was refreshing to have someone understand their place in society. “I said you should come over later, darling. What do you say at about 5-ish? I have something to take care of right after-school but I should be free after that” the girl responded, flashing Jasper a slight look in his direction when she revealed she had ‘things to take care of,’ as they did indeed involve him. Not directly, of course, but the dirt her PI was going to give her would be gold.

“And anyways, I have a date later tonight and you can help me pick out and outfit as well. You do know where I live, right?” Amber questioned the girl curiously. Most people knew where she lived with all parties Amber held, but as she was almost positive Kenzie had never been invited hence her curiosity if Kenzie knew the location of her residence at all.



Jay Yeong

Jay couldn’t help but return the smile as he leaned back into his chair. As she took to highlighting the irony of his recent words, it was a reminder to him that Venus always seemed to have a way of figuring out what was on his mind when he least expected. It wasn’t as though he would admit it, but Jay always the one that seemed to miss things the most: his father, his mother, how they all used to be. He’d been the one always holding onto the people that had already long ago turned their back to him, and it had persisted long enough for him to know that it was a habit that needed breaking.

“In that case,” Jay spoke, observing the frown on her face that had replaced the smile present there only seconds ago, “you can try for the both of us,” he continued, patting the front cover of the textbook he’d slid over to her side of the table with a slight smirk. He’d paused though, momentarily frowning in suspicion as he tried to connect the dots behind the sudden shift in mood. There were times when he wondered whether there was a reason behind it all, but it was difficult to interpret when it came to Venus. By now he’d grown to expect the corners of her mouth turning down into a scowl, and the softness in her eyes to harden into a glare. But it had always been something he couldn’t understand with how serious the girl could turn in the matter of a second. Jay bit his lip in slight frustration: maybe it bothered him slightly.

"Do you want to play a game?” he looked over at Venus, lowering his chair down onto all four legs as he leaned in. The question had arisen spontaneously after some moments of tapping his fingers on the desk in contemplation.

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