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“Gossip is a very dangerous tool. We should be more wary of the gossipers, not the gossip that is being relayed to you.”

Gossip Girl here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s Elite. If there’s one thing I don’t love more than gossip, it’s winter in the Upper East Side. You’ve got your Christmas celebrations, then your New Year’s celebrations, and soon in no time you’re braving the cold in your three-inch Christian Louboutins for the sake of flaunting your privileges in the streets of New York. And New Year’s resolutions are always a big one- this year I’m taking a step forward with my resolution.

New Year New Me, and this year I promise to be even bigger and better than ever.

You know you love me,

Gossip Girl

This is a role play that has been revived quite a few times in the past, revolving around the lives of elite prep students and their dramatic lives filled with scandals, romantic encounters, and drama. What makes this Gossip Girl relevant is the fact that everyone will be ‘gossipers’ behind the scenes. When the official thread is up, before and during the entire role play everyone will be able to send in gossip (and rumours) about other characters anonymously with the intent to destroy their fellow student’s precious status. Ever hated another character so much you’d rather pull your hair out than hear them talk? Well, this is your chance to destroy and burn 'em to the ground. Gossip Girl will post all of the anonymous submissions during the role play on a website and your characters will have to act on them in their own way.

Credits to Ashlynne who the roleplay has been heaaaavily inspired by, including the designs of the powerpoints and etc., and @bowsoverbeaus who originally inspired the Gossip Girl saga of roleplays!



Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl | RP | Official Thread
Gossip Girl | RP | Official Thread

I am checking in to make sure everyone is here and active, ready to begin with roleplay, before I post the official thread.

Apologies if I tag a random person, I’m doing my best to guess the names of the people who signed up to the roleplay in the old forums.

@Miss–RoseRed @ellaaaa @Ypsilon @Ypsilon1 @michael @MusicalVoyager @j.mojicaxo @Nova @benitz786 @carolinedm @swisi_forum @MockingJay @TheBluGeek @allure-me


When is this starting? I just want to know because I haven’t submitted my characters yet : )


Hi it’s me @jmojicaxo I will be using this account from now on! :slight_smile:


Hey, it’s Ellaaaxp (name now just Ella)
Cant wait for this to startttt!!!


As soon as possible when everyone confirms they’re ready to begin. I’m glad to see you’re still up for the roleplay - make sure to get your characters in as soon as possible, by tomorrow maybe?


@Munchii and I are ready (Munchii is Miss–RoseRed)


Ready :blush:


Hey! It’s Miss–RoseRed. This is my new account. I’m all set up and ready!


I’m here!


I’m so ready for this


I’m hereeeee


I can’t wait to start!!


I’m here! Decided to just change my username to MockingJay.


I’m here and I’m ready :smiley:


I’ve updated all the forum names in the faceclaims, thanks everyone for responding back so quickly. I can’t wait for the scandals to hit the Upper East Side, Gossip Girl’s going to have a lot on her hands to deal with… Keep a lookout for when we will be starting, which will be very soon, I’m hoping we’ll be able to start on the official thread tomorrow.

So far, the only people left to confirm are @michael @carolinedm and @swisi_forum, and I’ll be waiting on @PurpleRose to submit a character/characters, so keep a look out for that so you can request relationships with them.

@Ella @PurpleRose @sunflower.jm @Nova @benitz786 @Munchii @Ypsilon @allure-me @MusicalVoyager @MockingJay @TheBluGeek


Ugggh! I can’t wait! :sob:
This role play is soo funny.


Is it too late for me to submit another character?




A new post is up on Gossip Girl.


@Ella @PurpleRose @sunflower.jm @Nova @benitz786 @Munchii @Ypsilon @allure-me @MusicalVoyager @MockingJay @TheBluGeek @michael @carolinedm @swisi_forum