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Let me know if anyone is currently approachable!


All of my characters are.


I’ll post a currently approachable list in few moments.


Currently Approachable

Alexandra Sterling (senior class)
Alia Woods (junior class)
Christella Emmanuel (senior class)
Jayden Foxwell (junior class)
Charlotte Hudson (junior class)
Leah Patterson (out of class)
Leonardo Patterson (senior class)



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Thanks, love! :heart:


@epi.alyssaa just making sure you saw my post? If your busy I totally understand , so no rush!


Oh, I’ll answer it! :slight_smile:


Should we end this school day now? It’s been pretty long lol


Thanks for your input – we can look at time-skipping to lunch in a bit if everyone’s up for it, though there’s a few things I’m waiting on first before we do that!


Of course!


This is just to let everyone I’m currently RPing with (Which I think is just @sunflower.jm at this moment) that I will be replying in the next few hours! Sorry for the wait, school’s been slightly hectic but I’m back. I’ll try to end my replies so that we can move to the time skip though @themaystorms. Also, once we skip to Lunch, will auditions be right afterwards?


Don’t worry about it, it’s still a few days at most until I post the time-skip. I was thinking the auditions would be during lunch, so characters would not be limited to one place, and would have the option of going to or switching between the auditorium, the dining hall, etc.


On another note: We’re finally at 2000 posts!! :grin::grin::grin:



I think I was the 2000th post?


Yep you were! I was just commenting that we had reached the 2000 marker :slight_smile:


can someone help me out and tell me what class of period we’re on?


The class before lunch, not sure which period that would be (4 maybe?).


Thank youu~


I feel like the rp is slowly fluttering away. I feel like we need an event coming up to spice things up at Constance Billiard.


Yeah I’m active now well for rps again and ready to get Jordin and my other girl out there again.