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Of course, thanks for letting us know! Have a great time! :slight_smile:


My character Augustus is still approachable :slight_smile:


Okay! Mackenzie can approach him :slight_smile:


hello everyone, I’m opening up relationships for my new character, Emelie Manchester

emelie manchester

She can be described as a deceptively sweet girl from a very wealthy family with few trust to give and fewer friends to trust…


She’s open to friendships, enemies and frenemies


I think she and Julianna would get along well. :slight_smile:


Apologies for being out of action the past week. Gonna be getting back on to posting shortly :heart:
Sorry especially to @benitz786 being trapped on the nick X aly convo


Sounds good!


Anyone approachable? My character Petra just got caught taking a picture of someone bc of her flash. I guess someone could be the person she took the photo of or just a bystander of the incident? Sorry for being inactive lately! School is crashing down hard


No worries! Honestly I haven’t had the chance to post in the last few days as I had finals, so you’re all good!


I know you just said you haven’t had the chance to post for a few days - but just in case you missed it, Eddie responded to Alex :slight_smile:


I saw! I’ve been waiting for @themaystorms to reply with Jay before replying as I fee that will affect them more.


Okay no problem! Just wanted to make sure their storyline was not forgotten :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t mind having one of my free characters approach, though it might not be in the next few days, as I’ve got a busy week coming up! :slight_smile:


that’s fine! i’m a bit busy too so i think that’ll work out!