Got Any... Goth Girl Outfit Ideas?

I’m currently writing a story from the point of a goth girl studying abroad (Oh My Goth!) and I’m trying o come up with cool outfit ideas. Sure, episode has its goth girl clothes that kinda work but I want to see anybody else’s ideas before I just fill my story with random crappy ones, haha. Here’s an example:


I feel like you could literally put in her in anything as long as it’s black, there aren’t too many Hot Topic specific pieces but I would say stick to this general closet and mix and match. Choose pieces that are semi-Victorian like Chelsea boots and those Dracula sunglasses, things that are lacy or leathery, don’t limit yourself to things labeled “goth” those outfits end up looking cartoony and not like something an actual grown woman would wear.


Here’s my suggestion:

Punk Look Jacket
Punk Look Boots
Headphones White
Music Video Sparkle Black Tights
Red Lace Corset
Braided Red Bracelet

Good luck with your story :relaxed:

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: