Got Any Tips For A Beginner?

Any tips that a beginner at creating stories on this platform should know? Thanks guys!

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before published a story look it over on your phone

always make sure you post in the right catagory

dont get worried about been flag. happens to people all the time

before makeing a forum asking for help try and search and see if it has already been answaerd

follow this people on youtube
Joseph Evans
Episode EllyYT

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Thank you so much for the tips! And I will so sub!

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Website to check out:

Thread to check out:

practice, practice, practice with directing! Also remember to have a plot before you begin a story.

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This is a cool template for CC (character customization)
choice “customize character” {

@PLAYER goes to character avatar

} “use profile avatar” {

@PLAYER becomes female profile

“I look good already!” {


spot directing isn’t as hard as they say, its acc pretty simple!

If a character 1 is speaking, don’t leave the character 2 in an animation that says “loop” in the end which causes the character 1 to keep on speaking with no lines. Only use animations that contain “talk_” for talking otherwise their mouths won’t move and it will look weird.

People like choices! So make a lot, but don’t overload.

If you want covers/backgrounds etc. you can visit shops on the forum cause they will make them for u (lil self promotion: check my covers/backgrounds/splashes one if ya need I will make FREE covers/splashes for your story! [OPEN] [FAST] and I will make 100% CUSTOM BACKGROUNDS for your story FAST! [FREE] [OPEN] or ask me to make something else, I’ll do it!)

use zooms on ur story to a characters face when they are speaking to make it more interesting.

You can use a “pan” to look around ur backgrounds (it’s usually divided into 3 zones, occasionally 4, but only 1 can be shown at a time, tho you can show all the zones panning)

U can also use zones to put part of a gorup in each and cut between them for a convo.

idk what else thats pretty much it :slight_smile:


Thank you so much @JemU776 @gigistorm and @line123462 very thankful for all the help!


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