Got logged out of my account and can't login

It won’t let me login using the email I always use but if I login using an email I’ve never used for episode it’s works

This has happened to me before so I made a new email account just for episode cuz it wouldn’t let me login with my old email

And I still had access to my gems, passes and story progress from my old email but I didn’t have access to the story I wrote on there (which was fine by me cuz I wasn’t playing on continuing it)

But I have a story on this account that I’m working really hard on and I don’t want to start over

I’ve contacted episode support the first time this happened but they couldn’t help me

I don’t know what to do I’m literally about to start crying

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This happens to me! You just have to wait it out. :confused:


After a while you’re able to get in again?

Yes i was!

@kittyxomeow did you reset your phone already? I usually do it once when i gst the msg and then when I’m ready to try again. After about 30 minutes it comes back. No problems! So i wouldn’t worry about it. + do you still have access to everything through the portal? If you don’t then I’d worry about that the most…


This also happens to me all the time! Like @sirens I just wait it out. It comes back later in the day or sometimes the next. I’d just wait it out for 3 days max to see if it comes back. Lots of people have this issue.


I didn’t restart my phone cuz I did that the first time this happened but it didn’t work but I’ll try again

And I do still have access to the portal it’s just the app I’m having an issue with

Hello @kittyxomeow, if you haven’t already, please send a ticket to support.

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