Goth in medieval history were literally warriors who beat up rome

If you can tell me who this is then you are a real modern “goth” :wink:


I was looking for modern Goth culture and found an ancient race of people that called themselves “Goth” but not like modern Goth, apparently. Or they called Goth.

I found this on google…

Goth goes waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back before my generation decided to declare goth to be black clothes, lip stick, nail polish, makeup and switchblade symphony, the birthday massacre, type o negative, skinny puppy, etc.

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Some good reads!

Wednesday Addams approves!

1 Like of the photos could be just a sculpture or statue bu twhatever.

I’m a bad goth and had to do some digging for this, but… is that Nivek Ogre? :eyes:

:scream:I will admit I am shocked that someone knows of Ogre! Yup, Singer of Skinny Puppy and other pretty good goth/industrial bands :slight_smile:

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