Goth new art thread [reads4art]


Hello Episode community!

I know I vanished off the face of the earth and six feet under a few months ago, but I really wanted to apologize and do/finish some requests for you guys and give you a bit of background as to what happened.

So I was very enthusiastic about your commissions and very happy to give as much as I could because I saw that my art could make at least one of you happy.

I was a little too enthusiastic though, because the sun would go down and I hadn’t really moved from my seat since I started that morning as I was still working on free commissions here.

Pair that with a car crash and some more very eventful, but stressful happenings in real life. I also know I took a lot of breaks in between but the moment I came back I’d be overworking myself again.

I finally came to a boiling point and dropped off completely even though I didn’t mean to.

I just couldn’t take it anymore and felt compelled to finish them all as quickly as I could for you guys.

I was also having some pretty bad mental health problems at that time.

None of that changes the fact that you guys are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met and I’m sorry for leaving a lot of you hanging like that.

I’m considering this being my last art thread here but I really enjoyed all of your positivity and just being in the community and meeting each and every you guys!

Thanks for everything! Your requests are deeply appreciated and have always been :heartpulse: thank you for letting me draw for you!


Request info

I’ll be doing covers, art scenes, splashes and banners for reads.

Comment your-

Character names, details, personality details, story context and title (if published, if you don’t have one that’s ok!)

Please be very specific on things you want added. I tend to miss small things :,)

Reads info:

1 character (can be full body) OR 2 characters (waist up only) + non complex background and details = read chapter 1

(If you just wanna pfp that would be totally cool too lol n depending on the details that’s can be free)

2 characters (can be full body) OR 3 characters (waist up only) + non complex background = read chapters 1 & 2

(Or 1 character with a complex background/details or lighting!)

3 characters (can be full body) OR more complex background for two characters = read chapters 1, 2 & 3

3 characters + complex background OR 4 characters full body w a simple background = read chapters 1, 2, 3, 4


DO NOT READ THE STORY UNTIL: You give me the idea of your request under the thread and I’ll let you know what I can do for you!

After I confirm I can do your request, dm me with the screenshots and I’ll get back to you! Please don’t upload screenshots of the story to the thread.

Oh and make sure to tap slow! I’ve had people rush through it and completely glitch it out lol, it’s extremely delicate and the coding is a bit unstable.

Let me know if you find any glitches!

No deadlines please! I have a really bad habit of overworking myself and burning out.

I may not be able to get all of you but I can damn well try. If your request is very detailed simpler ones may be covered before you but I’ll do my best to make the wait worth it

Please also understand that these requests can take awhile to do depending on a lot of factors. I’m also going through a lot irl and have a lot of projects to finish but either way I can’t do fifteen in a day like I used to :frowning:

Do not DM me your requests. I can’t keep track of DMs very well so it’s easier here! I’m now open on Insta too @lupine.draws! If you wanna message me there, cool!

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I’m so happy to see you back BUT so sad to see you had to go through something like that :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:
I sometimes really don’t understand why we have to go through something bad. :sob:

Hope we can talk soon🩶🩶🩶

And I was thinking - I’m still need of the art I mentioned on your previous post. It still has no deadline, but do you think you could complete it?

This one:

And it’s totally ok if not, I don’t want to be a burden and make you feel awful :pleading_face:


Hello Lovely! :pleading_face: I am SO glad to see, that you are back, but at the same time, I am also quite concerned you had to face so many problems! :confounded: I really really hope you will be ablet to at least feel a bit better soon and recover fast from everything that has happened! :heart_hands: Just a quick reminder: It´s completely fine to take breaks and no one on here will be mad at you or disappointed, if you decide to take a break. I think we would rather be glad, considering how eager you are to complete requests and try to do something for other people as much as you can. :bangbang: Having said that, I hope you will stay with us on here for a long time, even if taking breaks, because I am pretty sure you are very dear to the community, or at least and definitely quite a few of people! :blob_hearts: :people_hugging:


Hiya! Thank you so much, I deeply appreciate this! Sure thing and I really hope so too!! <3 I can get it done for you! Please don’t worry about it, you’re no burden!!! You’re very sweet!!


Hi! Thank you millions!! I really appreciate it and I’m in a much better place now!! I really hope you’re doing okay too! It’s appreciated very very deeply! I can’t really put it into words :heartpulse: Wishing you the best!!

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You’re absolutely the best! 🩶🩶🩶

Did you already see the sad news?:sob::sob:
Forums is closing this month


Oh my god I didn’t see it! That’s actually horrible-Why would they close the forums??

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They’re moving to Discord and the only explanation we were given - people on Forums are not as active as it was. : (
Read this: Goodbye Forums, Hello Discord!


That is so sad! I think that’s a really shitty decision imo and it’s a bit disorganized as well, but hopefully they find a way to make it work!


BUT they are moving threads and things that are important there so you can even move your thread there.
And people need to make suggestions to what is needed like from bg and ov creators that are not active anymore as flowergriefer


That’s one way to put it :melting_face:
I’m not the biggest fan of it either :sob:


That’s honestly amazing and I really hope the transition is smooth! Maybe the change will be for the better which is what I’m hoping!

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Honestly me neither :sob: I just rlly hope they do what’s best and it all works out ok


There were spamming already so mods had to put a warning. Something tells me it won’t go smoothly :woman_facepalming:

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omg that’s awful :,( I really wanna try and stay enthusiastic about it but I’m a little biased toward the thread



Amazing to see you’re back - and to hear that despite everything that has been going on, you’re doing better now. Sending you all the love and fortune you may need! :sunflower:

Just make sure you don’t feel obliged to anything here, ever. If things happen to go over the top again, don’t hesitate to let people know, you and your well-being are valued and it’s fine if you need a break every now and then - or even don’t feel like finishing a piece at all.

That being said, I have no idea how I could miss the fact that you published your own story(/-ies?). Links don’t work for me, so if you could let me know the Name of the story, I’d love to read it! As a reads4art that would of course be the cherry on top - but only as long as you don’t feel like you’re over-burdening yourself with work again :sunny:

Kindest regards,
Sigma :wolf: