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Gotham: A City Gone Mad. :cityscape:

Welcome to Gotham, A city…shrouded in mystery and crime. Many millenniums ago, an evil warlock was buried alive beneath what would one day become the central island of Gotham. It is alleged that while the warlock laid in a state of torpor, his evil essence seeped into the soil, poisoning the ground with his dark, corrupt touch. By the warlock’s own reasoning, he claims that he fathered the modern spirit of Gotham City and has even taken to calling himself-* Doctor Gotham. Now here in the 20th Century crime and corruption has reached a significant height in Gotham in which it became immortally characterized as a dark foreboding metropolis. At the same time, however, Gotham became the home of two of the earliest super-heroes: the Golden Age Green Lantern and Black Canary. Eventually, the Justice Society of America would even make its headquarters in Gotham for a short while. However, no matter what good these forces managed to do, the city remained in the control of organized crime.

The Goal: The Batman who laughs, A sadistic super-villain and the evil counterpart and alternate version of Batman within the multiverse. He is depicted as a hybrid of both Batman and Batman’s arch enemy The Joker and a member of the Dark Knights. Somehow he gained access to Gotham through time manipulation breaking free from his former home Earth -22. Angered and relentless he’s planning to wreck havoc upon Gotham City, Using the same chemicals that transformed him with the goal of turning them into a combination of himself and Batman. Citizens, Hero’s, Villains no one is safe- Will everyone be able to save themselves and Gotham at the same time?

  • No Mary Sue’s or Gary Stu’s it’s literally impossible.
  • Please be respectful of everyone in the role-play.
  • PLEASE Be active! A post every 4 days is required, If you give an excused reason as to why you need more than 4 days please pm me. After a week of inactivity you will receive a warning through pm. After 2 weeks your character will be put up for adoption.
  • Relationships are allowed along with: Sex and Drugs. although make it minimal with a trigger warning, Anything too descriptive take it to PM.
  • Do not attempt to kill characters without permission from the owner of said character.
  • Please add location to your character’s name so it wont be confusing on where you were if you take some time off the rp.

Hero FC: :man_superhero:
Villain FC: :woman_supervillain:
Hero FC: TBA




  • Brideshead
  • Burnley
  • Burnside
  • Cherry Hill
  • Chinatown
  • Devil’s Square
  • East End
  • Crime Alley
  • Gotham Heights
  • Gotham Village
  • Miller Harbor
  • Otisburg
  • The Bowery
  • Crown Point
  • The Hill
  • The Narrows
  • Tricorner
Parks/Recreational Areas.
  • Robinson Park
  • Grant Park
  • Gotham Children’s Museum
  • Gotham Museum of Antiquities
  • Gotham Natural History Museum
  • Wedgwood Museum
  • Gotham River
  • Sprang River
  • Finger River
  • Dillon Academy
  • Evanston High School (A magnet school.)
  • J.J. Carmody Senior High School
  • Louis E. Grieve Memorial High School
  • Gotham Academy
  • Gotham Heights High School
  • Gotham City High School
  • Gotham University
  • Widow Creek Elementary
Other Public Locations.
  • Amusement Mile
  • Archie Goodwin International Airport
  • Gotham Cathedral
  • Gotham Cemetery
  • Gotham City General Hospital
  • Gotham City Hall
  • Gotham City Police Headquarters
  • Gotham Public Library
  • Gotham Clock Tower
  • Gotham Subway
  • Gotham Zoo
  • Sacred Heart Convalescent Home
  • Saint Eligius Medical Center
  • St. Michael’s Square
  • Thomas Wayne Memorial Clinic
  • West Mercy Hospital
  • Ace Chemical Processing Plant
  • Gotham Opera House/Vauxhall Opera Shell and Indoor Concert Center.
  • Caroline’s Diner
  • S.T.A.R. Labs
  • Iceberg Lounge
  • Monarch Theater
  • Noonan’s Bar
  • O’Shaughnessy’s
  • Peregrinator’s Club
  • Rags 'n Tatters
  • Jack’s Old Diner
  • Easy Living Daycare
  • Sea-Fine Seafood
  • Silver Lake Shopping Plaza
  • Sundollar Coffee (multiple locations)
  • Tobacconists’ Club
  • Minxy’s Wedding Planning
  • Wayne Enterprises
  • Wayne Aerospace
  • Wayne Industries
  • Gotham Broadcasting Company (GBC)
  • Gotham Gazette
  • WXYZ Radio (Channel 2)
  • Gotham Eagle
Other Locales.
  • Arkham Asylum
  • Batcave
  • Blackgate Penitentiary
  • Club Vesuvius
  • Finnigan’s
  • Gotham State Penitentiary
  • Hall of Justice (Super Friends continuity only)
  • Iceberg Lounge
  • Justice Society Headquarters
  • My Alibi
  • Shadowcrest
  • Slaughter Swamp
  • The Stacked Deck
  • Toxic Acres
  • Wayne Manor
  • Wayne Tower

NOTE: Locations are there for role-play purposes, Anything is available to work in.

Writing Format:

Character name is in bold or colored text.
Actions are normal text.
Thoughts are italic.
“Speaking is in quotation marks.”

The moon has set and the morning sun has beamed upon the earth’s surface, Police aren’t on much of an edge since some criminals only move within the night- The streets began to fill with pedestrians as the morning news chimes in updating civilians, heroes, and criminals alike on any crime that happened within the night. A new day, A new foe, A new journey has just begun. Your character could be at home, at a cafe, just finishing up a robbery or anything of your choice.


:black_joker: The Batman Who Laughs :black_joker:


“Your just in time!” I said with my signature wide smile sharp pointed teeth emitting from every edge.

???: “What do you want from me!? I thought you were imprisoned here!” The person blurted out strapped down and afraid.

“What do I want from you? Hm… Oh yes! Your ship!” I said as I happily skipped over to the table the victim was tied down on.

???: “I will never give you my ship you monster!” The victim spoke out but quickly regretted what they said as The Batman Who Laughs picked up a knife and shoved it deep within their leg they screamed out in pain.

“Tsk tsk. Let’s not be rude for such a happy event!” I said pulling the knife back out of the victim’s leg as I raised my finger to my mouth making a shh motion.

“Don’t worry…I’ll take good care of Gotham.” I said with a sinister laugh and proceed to pick up a scalpel and pointed it near the victim’s mouth. “I think you should smile a bit more- Everyone loves a good joke.” I said as darkness faded around the room and the victim’s scream could only be heard throughout the halls.


:black_joker: Harley Quinn :black_joker:

“Bum bum badada dum dum.” Harley hummed to herself as she had just got done stealing valuable jewelry from the local jewelry shop stuffing the trinkets and necklaces in her bag and skipping out of the store.

Harley wore her signature outfit and dark makeup to match.

“Hey you! Stop!” A local police officer yelled at Harley.

“Oh no ya’ don’t!” Harley yelled with a smile. “BABIES!!” Harley yelled as her two spotted hyenas Bud and Lou came bursting through the jewelry store glass and attacked the police officer.

“Good boys! Okay, Now follow mama!” Harley said as she ran off and dipped into an alley flipping over the gate as Bud and Lou followed close behind her. “Hmm…Where should we crash?” Harley stated pondering locations to hideout. “Ah I know!” Harley said in a cheerful tone as she ran off down the street dodging police officers left and right finally arriving to a dumpy motel.

“It ain’t 5 star, But it’ll do!” Harley stated as she walked to towards the motel.



𝕵 𝖔 𝖐 𝖊 𝖗

He hummed to himself in some light tune that he had no idea where it originated from. That was the sheer beauty of it, the chaos and repetitive sequence of the notes. That’s the thing, music was an art form, one hard to read by the normal person. By all means, the Joker was no exception, but he did enjoy the few moments of distraction that a simple melody could create as he gunned down another bank teller.

Was there any reason to? Absolutely not, but the seer horrified look on the customer’s face was absolutely delightful. In fact, everyone else in the Gotham Central Bank was in some state of distress. The Joker continued to stride forward while reloading his customized purple and green, full-auto, Glock 17. Beside him, fully clad in armour was Deadshot. Mask and all, sniper rifle poised and everything. He was a last-minute addition, but Joker figured that after this heist, there would be enough cash for Deadshot and his family.

Toward the back, was Lady Shive hidden somewhere in the shadows. He had no clue if she killed people randomly at will, but that one female customer did look quite annoying, come one, stab her. It would definitely be entertaining.

“You see, there happens to be something missing…” he announced to all in the room before settling his gaze back on the bank teller, “where are the heroes? It’s been,” he glanced at a non-existent watch on his wrist, “usually Batsy is here by now, but I suppose something happened…” Joker leaned against the counter before flipping out his phone.

Of course, the rest of the team would be waiting to do something. Joker casually waved at them to get the money from the vault while he did his own thing. Nocturna’s powers would certainly help with the fear factor.

“Harley dear,” he spoke as soon as the call went through. For emphasis, Joker did a slight ‘shushing’ noise to the bank patrons around him, “well now…ha ha ha…I don’t quite see you here. Now that’s an issue, do you know why?” Joker waited exactly three seconds before holding the phone ridiculously close to his face, “because I need the fucking getaway van just about now. Ditch the hyenas and get over here!”

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:black_heart: Lady Shiva :dagger:

She watched from the sidelines, the shadows lingering around her. Only the moon reflecting on her pearly white teeth as she smiled slightly, while the rest of her body remained in the dark.
“Come on Joker, you don’t have all night. Best start silencing these puppies… They’re making too much noise.” Shiva said as she stood up, the light reflecting on her black hair. She walked past the bank patrons, and suddenly stopped in front of one single female customer.
“Sit. DOWN.” She said in a sharp tone. The woman froze, but brought herself to slump to the floor. Shiva simply scoffed and returned to the corner, darkness surrounding her again as she watched the heist unfold.

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“Joker, you have failed this city.” Arrow mumbled to himself, he had prepared for battle. He was suited in his dark green hood with the black makeup around his eyes as he pulled back his bow.

The first arrow he shot hit the ground. He wasn’t worried, since it doubled as a smoke bomb. By the time he shot the second arrow towards the roof the smoke bomb had went off. He used his bow like a zip line to get to the bank.

He dropped to the ground his hand ready to grab an arrow from his quiver as he entered the bank. He shot a third arrow, this one had been a bomb and it had blew the back wall of the bank off. “Get out of here!” He shouted, needlessly to the hostages, who had already started running.

As the smoke cleared, Arrow shot an arrow at deadshot’s gun. He walked up to him, hitting him with his bow and arrow. He knew he couldn’t do this alone, but the least he could do was stall.



:black_heart: Lady Shiva :dagger:

Shiva chuckled and effortlessly slid open a window and pulled herself up the skylight, doing and acrobatic backflip while doing so.
“See ya.” She winked at the others before jumping on top of another building to eventually disappear into the dark night.



DeadShot :axe:

“Man. We aren’t here to fight heroes we here for the money,” Deadshot wondered how someone can be so crazy, and have a nonexistent motive as well. “This is the last time I’m working for you.”

He had pull out of a black duffle bag and filled it with cash, even put some extras in his pocket. Of course he felt the arrow hit one of his guns before he saw it, and he turned away pulling out another one and aiming directly at Arrow.

“What are you doing in Gotham? This isn’t your town!” Deadshot said aiming with deadly accuracy but Arrow was able to dodge them.

“This is why I hate heroes. They always found a way to make my accuracy go down.” Deadshot yelled putting his gun away and taking out his knife, and went for a gut stabbed.



:black_joker: Harley Quinn :black_joker:

Harley was about to book a motel room until her phone beeped and she saw Joker’s icon pop up, She quickly answered. “Harley dear ,” Joker spoke as soon as the call went through. “Puddin! Oh ya’ won’t believe the jewels I sto-” Harley exclaimed happily until he cut her off.

“Well now… ha ha ha …I don’t quite see you here. Now that’s an issue, do you know why ?” Joker waited exactly three seconds before holding the phone ridiculously close to his face, “ because I need the fucking getaway van just about now. Ditch the hyenas and get over here!”Joker yelled through the phone.

“Yes Sir!” Harley exclaimed wincing a tad as she hung up the phone. “Alright babies! Go inside!” Harley said as she pointed to the motel door, She threw a wad of cash at the hotel manager and skipped outside. Harley looked around for a vehicle then spotted a van with tinted windows with a bright gold color. “Now that! Is a car fit for any girl!” Harley cheered gleefully as she hot wired the vehicle and hopped inside speeding down the road and abruptly stopped outside the bank.

She honked the horn and quickly fixed her makeup and outfit, Applying a fresh layer of black lipstick.



𝕵 𝖔 𝖐 𝖊 𝖗

He snapped the phone to a close, a sold click emanating from the end of the call. And other phone case and it would have shattered by now. Harley was certainly lovely, but just not, up to standards. Joker loved her like a parasite, but she had to hold her end as well. Women these days.

Joker watched with an annoyed posture as an arrow landed, shattering the glass from the front door. Now, the heroes were doing more damage here. Bloody hypocrites, all of them. More importantly, why wasn’t Batman here yet? He held his Glock close again and strode out of the viewpoint of the smoke. Another step and a smiled while blocking a child’s pat to the entrance of the bank. “I need hostages,” he whispered while kneeling down to the child’s level. Behind the small girl, her parents huddled together, the father torn between lashing out or staying unnoticed. Joker simply laughed, not his signature one, just a smaller one.

All of this, lovely chaos. Of course, the incessant killing would have to be watched. The sound of fighting in the bask slightly moved his gaze toward where Green Arrow was duking it out with Deadshot, buzzkill.

Joker had half a mind to stab Deadshot as well for simply proposing the fact that Joker’s heists weren’t fun.

Or he could leave the two of them to dance.

“Change of plans,” he said again to the family in front of them. Joker blew them a kiss and hauled up several bags of money that had been left over. The roaring sounds of the van outside was the one good thing today.

On second thought, he shot the father in the family anyways. What was the point but tone decisive? It would do nothing to do nothing. Really, he was helping his own fun side. The father was helping. It all made sense.

“Harls! You came! Just like I knew you would,” he said while striding out the bank entrance. Hastily, he tossed the bags in the back. Lady Shiva and Nocturna were nowhere to be found, nor did he care.

“Now, be a doll, and hit the gas. Batman didn’t show up, Green Arrow did. I’m not in a good mood.” Already flashed of blue and red lights accompanied by wailing sirens flashed in the background.


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Slade sat in the Mayor’s office, spinning in his swivel chair with his blade in hand. He heard the door creek open and he spun around to face it. “Hello there.” He smiled, but it wasn’t visible because of his mask.

“Deathstroke… you don’t want to do this.” The Mayor’s plead for his life was barely audible.

“You’re not very popular this time of the year, are you?” Slade ignored his plead as he stood up and began walking closer to him. He stuck the tip of his blade into his throat, drawing a bit of blood. He decided against it, pushed him down to his knees and shot him in the head.

“We’ll be done with that.”




Arrow wasn’t stupid, he knew Joker had left, but that wasn’t his villain and he was kind of busy. “No cheating.” Arrow shot the other gun out of his hand. “Where was the police when you needed them?”

Arrow aimed at deadshot knee, pulling it back he shot. “I’ll leave you for the officers.” He looked around, something was suspicious.

“Felicity, can you manage to pull up the bank cameras?” He spoke into his earpiece. It wasn’t just the two of them pulling of this heist. Where were the others? He stayed on guard if anyone were to pop up out of no where.


I decided to bring her into this.


:black_joker: Harley Quinn :black_joker:

Harley squealed in delight when she noticed Joker stroll out of the bank, “Mistah J!” Harley yelled out happily as he carried multiple bags filled with cash. Harls! You came! Just like I knew you would,” Joker said as he tossed the bags in the back. “Of course Puddin! I would neva’ abandon you!” Harley stated as he slid into the passenger seat she wrapped her arms around him giving him a big smooch.

“Now, be a doll , and hit the gas. Batman didn’t show up, Green Arrow did. I’m not in a good mood.” Joker demanded. Harley stepped on the gas as the van sped down the road.

“Ya know Puddin…Our anniversary is coming up.” Harley said in a seductive tone. “I was just thinkin’ if we could go out for dinner ya’ know just me n’ you!” Harley stated as she wasn’t watching the road she heard a woman scream and Harley stirred the car to the left dodging the woman. “Hey watch it! I just stole this!” Harley stated with a laugh.



:black_heart: Lady Shiva :dagger:

She heard a gun shot, ringing from a few buildings up ahead.
“This should be fun.” She said to herself as she parcoured trough the city. Shiva finally arrived at the building and went trough the doors. She stepped into the elevator and it opened at the exact right floor where the shot was heard from.
“Lucky me.” Shiva said as the elevator closed behind her.
She walked trough the halls and followed a trail of un-proffesional execution as she’d like to call it. She opened the door and took in the scene.
“Tsk tsk tsk, what a shameful thing to do.” Shiva softly chuckled as she leaned against the mayors desk.

“Slade, long time no see. Is this… your new occupation?” She said as she pointed at the mayors dead body.




“Slade, long time no see. Is this… your new occupation?” She said as she pointed at the mayors dead body.

Slade cleaned his gun and kicked the mayor’s body, he took of his mask. “What did I tell you about saying my real name?” He sat on the mayors desk. “You know I’m an assassin for hire. I heard there was some trouble at the bank. I would’ve joined but no one asked.” He chuckled.

“Besides the point, I just finished a job, is there a reason you can into my place of work? As you can see I’m quite busy.” He pushed her out of the Mayor’s chair and walked over to the Mayor’s body. He grabbed him by his arms and dragged him to the chair and set him down. He admired the mess he had created.

“Weren’t you supposed to be at the heist that Joker failed to pull off? He can never do anything right.”



Nocturna :black_heart:

I watched as Harley and Joker’s van sped right past me, I scoffed and teleported on top of the van. Carefully walking on top of the door I opened Harley’s door when she had a “punch gun” sock me right in face, I nearly fell off the van but latched on last minute. “Ugh! Stupid sidekick.” I said as I crawled to the back of the van and opened the van door. “Hey! Get your own bags of money!” Harley yelled but I rolled my eyes and gave her a mischievous laugh.

I snatched three bags of cash and teleported off the van until I realized Harley had wrapped some sort of clown scarf rope on my leg as the Van dragged me down the street. “What the!” I exclaimed as I attempted to tear off the scarves dropping two of the bags and holding tight onto one. “Shit!” I yelled as I teleported away from the van and Harley stuck her tongue out at me.

“Well, At-least I got one.” I smirked walking back down the street.
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:black_heart: Lady Shiva :dagger:

Shiva frowns but then smiles.
“First, we have known eachother for a long time it would be weird to call you by your nickname. Second…” She pauses and grins.
If anyone was here and heard your name, I would kill them. You know I wouldn’t bring you in danger like that.” Shiva chuckles before her face falls into a frown again.

“Weren’t you supposed to be at the heist that Joker failed to pull off? He can never do anything right.”

“Oh, you know I only watched them… right?” She scoffs as she goes over to the window, the moon making her eyes sparkle softly.
“But of course, I got interuppted before I could finish watching them mess up everything…Like they always do.” She turns over to him and sighs.
“Arrow infiltrated and I of course couldn’t stay. I simply removed myself from the situation. And now-” Shiva points her arms out. “-I’m here.”




If anyone was here and heard your name, I would kill them. You know I wouldn’t bring you in danger like that.” Shiva chuckles before her face falls into a frown again.

“I don’t want to take the risk.” He stared at the Mayor a moment before adding. “But I know you’re always there when I need you.” He looked up, sending her move.

“Oh, you know I only watched them… right?” She scoffs as she goes over to the window, the moon making her eyes sparkle softly.
“But of course, I got interuppted before I could finish watching them mess up everything…Like they always do.”

He watched her eyes sparkle. They were always so beautiful when they did so. “I bet even Harley messed up. Honestly I don’t know why people keep them around, but that’s why I prefer to work solo.” He hopped up from the desk and walked over to the window.

“Arrow infiltrated and I of course couldn’t stay. I simply removed myself from the situation. And now-” Shiva points her arms out. “-I’m here.”

“So annoying, I managed to manipulate him when we were on the island together, even got him to help me get free. But since then he’s been all good, I just wish he would join our side.” He crossed his arms.



:black_joker: Harley Quinn :black_joker:

Harley heard footsteps ontop of the van, “Looks like we got a visitor Mistah J!” Harley stated with a smirk as she looked in the side view mirror seeing a woman with dark hair and pale skin climbing towards the door. “Hmph! How rude to interrupt a couple’s day out!” Harley said as she snatched her punch-gun from her bag and pointed it towards the door awaiting for it to be opened.

The woman opened the door and Harley clicked the gun as it set off and the glove wacked her in the face. “Hehehe haha!” Harley laughed. “I guess you missed the punch-line!” Harley stated as the girl struggled to hold onto the van.

Harley focused back on the road until a gust of wind hit her and she turned back seeing the van backdoor open and the lady stealing three bags of cash, “Hey! Get ya’ own bags of money!” Harley yelled but she simply rolled her eyes but Harley began to drive wildly shaking the van back and forth to throw the woman off.

Harley gasped when the woman’s body began to fade, “Not so fast lady!” Harley said she tied her clown scarves onto her leg just in time. The van dragged the woman down the road as Harley hit every bump she could.

Harley watched the woman tear off the scarves but drop two bags of money, Harley steered the wheel with her foot and managed to wrap the scarves around to two bags pulling them back into the van as the lady walked off with one bag. “What a thief!” Harley stated as she switched back to steering with her hands.

“Ya’ alright back there Puddin?” Harley asked in a sincere tone hopping he was okay.

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:bat: Bat-Girl :bat:

Barbara spun around in her chair, watching her third movie of the night. Bored? Nah, she told herself as the opening credits scrolled across the screen. I’m not bored. Just… She grumbled, switching to the police radio channel. She had tapped in a while ago, when she first started her… night shift. It was easier being a superhero when she wasn’t prowling the streets like the rest of the bat family. That was just begging for trouble. ‘Work smarter, not harder’ was her motto.

She expected the other end of the line to greet her with nothing but police yammering, as it had most of the night. Instead, she heard the voices of several officers, the typical stress tinged with excitement. “10-30, robbery at Gotham Central Bank, requesting backup. All available units, report to the scene.” Barbara grinned to herself. Just another night in Gotham.

She sprung up from her bed and walked to her closet, pep in her step. With flair, she opened the door and shuffled through the normal outfits masquerading her true goal; her suit. She smiled just looking at it. It seemed like a million years ago when she first wore the design to the GCPD’s masquerade ball. She never thought a stupid party would lead to everything she had ever wanted and more. Within minutes, she had stripped off her pajamas and donned the suit, opening her window and heading off into the night.

Barbara never felt more alive than as Batgirl. Sure, her day job was fun, but… come on. Staring at dusty old books all day was nothing compared to running across the rooftops, chasing what may or may not be her doom. Dad would not approve, she thought, chuckling slightly as her foot touched down on the ledge of the next building. Had she jumped a split-second later, she would’ve ended up a splat on the pavement below. Yep, definitely not.

As she neared the bank, she spotted the classic red-and-blue flashing of the police cars. She scanned the area, noticing someone had beat her to the punch. She crouched near the ledge of the rooftop she was. At second glance, she noticed the dark figure shrouded in shadows, marked by a signature green hood. The Arrow’s here? That’s interesting. Police were scattered about the area, helping escort hostages off the premises as paramedics took in the injured and zipped up body bags. Barbra looked away for a second before regaining her composure.

She tapped her earpiece, hearing the chattering of officers come alive in her head. They got away? That’s not good. Despite the implications that came with multiple dangerous criminals on the loose, Barbara couldn’t help but smile. Finally, after her whole life, she was doing what she loved- protecting her city. And it was fun, too. With not so much as a whisper, she ran off into the night, cape fluttering behind her.

It took a bit of time before she spotted the inconspicuous looking van, unmarked. The shadow of a license plate hung above the fender. Probably stolen. She trailed after the vehicle for a bit until she was able to definitively catch up with it. Her heart was beating quick, her breaths shallow, but despite this, she wasn’t at all tired- all that excercise had done a number on her stamina. Who knew being a vigilante by night was good cardio?

She leaped down onto an awning before flying onto the roof of her van, taking only a split second to secure herself onto it. It was making wild twists and turns, as if the person who was driving it had never seen a car before. She crawled towards the front before another body appeared, seemingly out of thin air. Within a minute, she was gone, leaving hundred-dollar bills floating in her stead. They’re even stealing from each other now? Good grief.

In this girl’s absence, the robber was driving even more suicidally than before, nearly sending Barbara skidding across the concrete. It calmed down after a few seconds, but it rattled Barbara so much that she needed to take a minute to herself to calm down. Afterwards, she continued across the van, getting to the cab after a few seconds of grueling effort. She kicked in the window, glass shattering across the street.

Barbara twisted back around and peered into the broken window. Of course it was the psycho clowns. It’s Gotham, who else would it be? She grabbed onto the window and swung into the cab, grabbing the steering wheel and veering to the left. The van crashed into a trash can with a loud bang, but it slowed it down to a point where not much damage was done once it crashed sidelong into a building.

Shit. Barbarda twisting around, the cramped cabin space not meant to fit three people. Hopefully, this would gain her the upper hand- can’t pull out a gun if there’s no space to use a gun. She sent a kick towards the Joker’s face, using the momentum to turn back around and punch Harley. And here I thought this would be an average heist. Where the hell are you, Bruce?!

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