Goth's thread 4 art (closed)

Hey! This is Goth. I’m back from a pretty sudden hiatus. If I forgot about you on my previous thread, DM me! This thread is closed now and I’ll be focusing on doing the art.

I can do busts to full body and you can also request more than one character in your image. If you’d like, I can also put in extra effects and some pretty fancy lighting!

IF you want me to draw a picture for you, please put the following in your comment! I will not be taking requests by dms anymore as they are too hard to keep track of.

  1. Character personalities + (a little) backstory. This will give me some basis and very important information about your character. It gives me the freedom to add little details and more based on who they are.

  2. Character CC. A pose reference isn’t required but would be helpful, but an idea of what you’d like would be just as great! I tend to forget things like necklaces or tattoos, so if it’s really needed, please say so. Make sure to put screenshots as well and close ups of their faces and outfits you want them in.

  3. Resolution and background: If you give me a background image I will put your drawing there and even shade it a bit, otherwise, the background will be transparent. If you have any specific requests for here, don’t be afraid to let me know! Also make sure your backgrounds are copyright free by going to places like Pixabay, Unplash or using the default episode backgrounds.


Extra notes:
I won’t be doing separate rendering styles until I get things a little more organized. If you’ve got any questions, don’t be afraid to DM. If you asked for rendering style C on my previous thread, DM me.

More examples:



Hey goth! I hope you have been doing well lovely!

It’s Cherry! Well I’ll soon be going by G hehe (I’m revamping my story like persona to be more personal)

So I would love to request a character art! I have yet to update my CC but the only things that have changed is the lip colour and eye colour and mouth shape.

CC + character Screenshot

Lips: small heart
Eyes: Dark Hazel
Lips colour: Fair Neutral Matte

Could they wear thin round black glasses too please??

If my character could be in this outfit please! :alpaca:


Maybe this type of vibe with the character holding a writing pen

Tell me if you need anything else :butterfly: Tysm lovely!


Hey! I would love to request :hugs:

Story Context + Character Personalities

Story Context: Romance, New Love, Opposites Attract.

Character Personalities: Shy Girl x Golden Retriever Guy, Scorpio (F) x Pisces (M), Gamer x Gamer.

Reference Pose

Character Details + Outfit

The necklace is actually only one heart, instead of three.

The mole on her cheek is significant.

The stud earrings.

If you could add a black fluffy scrunchie to her wrist as well.

He has a goatee, but Episode doesn’t have one in portal.

The earrings are sliver studs, and only two of them–no second piercing on the left ear.

His locs go past his nose.

Male Character Locs + Goatee Reference


PNG + Solid Color (You can choose whichever color you think fits best).


Hello, thanks for your request! Sounds really cool! I wish you the best of luck with it! <3 The only thing missing is a bit of story context! I remember Cherry’s character so you don’t need to re-include that. Thanks!


Hi! Thank you for requesting me! I really appreciate the references! Those will be very helpful. The only things that are missing are story context, character personalities and the image for the background! Thanks!

(Also love the reference you picked, that’s adorable :>)


Hey, thank you for this! I love your art. I would like to request a bust art of me and my friend for a matching pfp :yay:

character 1

close up


character 2

close up



(the background can be anything)
edit: maybe a darker lighting too.


Oh it’s not a story character lovely! I’d just like to use your wonderful art for a pfp and maybe as a outro in my future stories if that makes sense :butterfly:


Thank you for the opportunity! I updated my OG post :blush:


Absolutely!! Thank you for clarifying and it’s all good! <3


Hey, girl!
So glad you’re good again!
Taking a break is necessary too!

I have something with absolute no deadline for you ; )
Lemme just write down everything 🩶🩶


So you know both characters already :wink:
The backstory is too sad :sob:


The scene looks like this:
Everyone returns from somewhere barely alive, the boy sees the girl unconscious and badly hurt, runs to her trying to wake her up even if he’s in pain by himself. Tears are flowing down his cheeks, blood coming from his chest. More like deep cut style not bullet wound. The hand he has on her stomach/abdomen - he’s pressing the wound she has. A bit blood from her mouth, bruised face WITH her scar.
And you know what Elements they are ; )

Both characters

Add bruised face too if possible : )


Don’t mind some things being weird, as I generated the pose with the help of AI.
But the idea is exact. Maybe only one of his hands could be under her head like he’s lifting it and her legs not as straight as there.
And his head could be looking at her or to her wound. That’s your choice.

And no background as I haven’t decided it yet, but it’s a night time, so the shading can be dark.


Hey! It would be amazing if you could make me a piece of your art. : )
If it’s possible, could you draw these two characters for me?
Please and thank you so much!

Scarlett: A 17 year old girl who just witnessed her mother’s murder, and moving to a new country. She’s a little sassy, caring, , has bad anger issues, but she’s sweet if you get to know her.


Alec: A 17 year old boy who just got cheated on, on his 1 year anniversary. He’s a triplet with neglectful parents, so he practically raised him and his siblings. He’s very passive aggressive, doesn’t like people, closed off, and is pretty quiet, but has a really deep and caring side.


If you could do a transparent background that would be great!
Here’s a reference pose:
If you could make Alec’s face like bored/ annoyed and Scarlett smiling or laughing would be amazing!! <3

You are so talented by the way, I’ve been waiting for an open art thread of yours lmao. :two_hearts:


Going to be spectating this new thread now too as I absolutely love your art! :heart_eyes::hearts:


Hi, Goth. Welcome back.
This was from the previous thread before you closed.
I’d love to change my story’s cover.

The girl in black should be the one at the back while the other should be at the front

The bg


Hey i love your art so muchI’ll be requesting a half body story cover! :two_hearts:


Character 1: She didn’t really come from a hard time but her father left her and her mother when she was only 5 years old due to a argument (i cant say too much because the story isn’t out yet) Character 1’s personality is Loyal,Honest,Impatient,A little too honest,Sometimes she is impulsive,Strong has a dislike for character 2, stubborn,Finds character 2 irritating and annoying. Also she is Colombian!

Character 2: His mom died when he was 12, He had to raise his sister all by himself since his dad leaves for works all the time and his dad also drinks a hell of a lot. Character 2’s personality is flirty,hella sarcastic, nonchalant sometimes, impatient as well,jealousy towards those he likes, communicator, adventorous, has a strong dislike to character 1 since she sasses him a lot, curious, strong,relaxed, a player kinda, goofy and arrogant! He is Dominican/Black!

Character 1

She has a lace tattoo on her arm and she has black nails also she has a scar on her hand as well:)

Nail reference:

Character 2

He has black tattoos all on his upper body and a silver nose stud

Tattoo Reference:

Pose Refrences (Any that you prefer!)



(They both have on black boots on btw)

BG and Lighting

A solid black background with a caution tape or this:

Also can u do this kinda lighting with police lights?:

If u can’t that’s fine ofc!

I hope you enjoy! Ill be sure to credit you during the reveal!🫶🏾


Love your characters, love your story! Can’t wait to have this out for you!


Thanks so much! That’s so sweet of you! <3


Hehehe can’t wait! Thanks so much!


Of course ; )
But firstly, take care of yourself before completing all requests 🩶

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Thank you so much💕!


Hey goth!
Thank you sm for doing this again!



and as for the bg I don’t need it but just the characters art.
Also, she has a butterfly tattoo on her wrist

This is Serenity and she’s supposed to be on the top of Karma as shown in the pose.

Lightnings & vibes

And it’s morning time art scene so can you add some sunlight and they’re in love btw.


They both are in their 20’s like they both are 24.
So expressions don’t have to be awkward. Karma is an artist and Serenity is an author.