Gracie and Alyssa’s Art Shop!

Hey, everyone! My name is Gracie and my name is Alyssa! We have decided to both do requests and share a shop. We would also like you to note some stuff as well as some rules.

1.) Sometimes, the overlays we create will not be from our backgrounds, and we will give credit to the rightful owner.
2.) Alyssa and I are sharing my account, @graciebear20 to do requests. Our names will be in italic and bold.
3.) Sometimes, our artwork will be watermarked, as it was made for one person only.
4.) We are open whenever, but, we will be doing most of our requests on weekdays.
5.) You can request via google form or just by making a post here, but google form posts are priority.
6.) Please be patient, otherwise we may cancel your request.
7.) If Alyssa and/or I aren’t active here, do not advertise other threads. This is outrageously unacceptable and disrespectful.
8.) We are able to cutout overlays from an Episode asset, so let us know if you need that.
9.) If you do not provide enough information, your request will be deleted.
10.) If we cannot do your request, please respect that we can’t and we tried hard enough.
11.) If you have any other questions, please contact us via pm.
12.) If you guys wanna some examples of ours, check the backgrounds and overlays already in our drive.
13.) The only bedroom background we have was originally made by @alexa_episode on instagram, so credit her and us if you choose to use it.

Alyssa and I do splashes, backgrounds, and overlays.

Drive - Includes backgrounds, overlays, splashes, and request forms to be used for all.
Splash Request Form - To request a splash
Background Request Form - To request a background
Overlay Request Form - To request an overlay


Waiting List:

  1. @JonasJones - One background


Can we have an example of your work?

Examples are in our drive.


@JonasJones Your background order has been completed by Gracie! I hope you like it. Please contact me via pm if there’s anything you wanna change. The actual image will be sent to you.


This is not in our drive.

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Hey, guys. Gracie here. Today, we have some new examples to present. We are now able to make iPhone text messages.

Order yours now!

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Am so happy can I please have this

AMAZING I NEED :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:

Hi, guys. We are closing the shop. If you want our backgrounds and overlays, request through our page, Episode Blush, on Instagram.

@Ryan @Jeremy Please close.


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