Gracie's Background, Splash, and Overlay Request Thread [OPEN]


Hi, everybody! My name is Gracie. I have decided today that I will be opening a background, splash, and overlay request thread. Some things I would like to mention is that overlays will take a while depending on what you request, for example, if you are requesting an overlay for an episode character arm, that will take a while. I do most type of backgrounds, but I will let you know if the background you requested cannot be made.


  1. You must give credit to @epi.alyssaa when using my backgrounds/overlays.
  2. Please be patient for your requests unless it must be done during a certain time.
  3. I will accept either posted requests or requests from google forms, but google form requests are prioritized.
  4. Feel free to ask me any other questions via pm :slight_smile:
  5. My thread is only open on weekends, since I am a student attending school still.
  6. Your request will be put in a drive unless stated otherwise.
  7. If you need an Episode character overlay, you must provide a picture.
  8. If you’d like to see some examples, feel free to pm me :slight_smile:
  9. If you’re not requesting via google form, please be specific.
  10. I am only taking requests on weekends, sometimes weekdays.

Background Request Form
Overlay Request Form
Splash Request Form

Resource Folder with Backgrounds, Overlays, Request Forms, etc.

I hope you guys request!

**OFFICIAL** Overlay Sharing Thread

The background says nothing


It says nothing


It doesn’t say anything because I pre-made the folders so it’s ready to have backgrounds when they are made.


oh do you have examples


Yes, please pm me if you’d like to see some.


If you guys are interested, I have a background with some overlays I edited. Although, if you use these, give credit to both @epi.alyssaa and alexa_episode on instagram. I simply just added in a closet.

Picture not available


I also have some splash examples made by me :slight_smile:


Hi I was wondering if you had any vampire blood overlays?


Sure, it depends on where you’d like it to be on your character. Mind sending in a picture of the character so I can something compatible?


Sure won’t be a sec


Take your time. :slight_smile:


Ok, so I would like blood dripping from his mouth like he had bit someone.
And also vampire teeth marks on neck.
BOTH as overlays




Hey, I found these:

Image result for vampire bite png

Are these okay?


I really like the second one but could you make one that could drip from his mouth and it fits well


Also I can’t click on the second one to save it.
BTW where do you find these images


I find them on google, and I’ll get that second one to you.

What do you think of this one? I think it will fit if you spot it properly.

Here is the second one btw.


I’m more so looking for it dripping.


What about this one? It is dripping. :slight_smile: