Gracie's Edit Shop! 🎵

Hello!! So I think I am okay at editing and I’m hoping to edit for more people!
I can do, Small Covers, Large Covers, Edited Art scenes, and/or splashes! In LL or ink, and I can try classic!

-No thread hopping
-If I say no to your request it’s because, I don’t have time, or I SIMPLY CAN’T DO IT!
-I’m very shy/sentistive so any harsh comment will stop me from doing your request.
-You can request up to 3 things at a time, and With schooling and marching band It may take a few days.
-You must include the password in your request and the password is: Bella the cute dog IF YOU DO NOT BLUR THE PASSWORD OR INCLUDE IT IN YOUR REQUEST, YOUR REQUEST WILL BE DENYED
-Please do not spam me with “Hey Gracie, are you done yet?” “How’s it going?” “Why did you deny my request”

What I need to complete the requests
-Character Details (body, eyes, hair)
-title & author name (covers)
-any text you would like on it, (this story uses sound, ect…)
-poses/animations (NOT CUSTOM)
-I have a few filters DM if you would like to see examples of them


Covers and Art scene(s)

Also Credit to @Krystyn-Kylie for her requests to make the covers :slight_smile:


No examples at this time

I hope you send requests :slight_smile:

Random things I've edited, for my family or LBGTQ=

With love,




Please request, this is really sad.

B U M P!

@Sydney_H can you close this thread please. ;/

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: