Gracie's Episode Overlay Request Thread


Hey, my name is Gracie. In most of my time when I’m bored, I like taking Episode Backgrounds and taking some of the objects in the background to be an overlay, so characters can stand in front of the object or behind.

To request, just simply tell me which background you’d like to use and the object you want as the overlay.

I hope I can help you!


Hey can u make an overlay for the hand of the male so when you put the overlay it looks like he is hugging the female



Hey, the whole arm or just his hand?


is it okay if you can do both of them please


What do you mean? The man and woman’s arm or their hand?


Hey, can you do a scar overlay ?


Hey, I only do overlays from Episode’s art sources like characters and their backgrounds. IF you’re looking for some scar overlays, @RudeInception can surely set you up with some at her thread over here and help you place them.


Just the arm of the male
so the overlay of the arm will be hugging her


Could you send me a picture of the male in that position only?


ye here can you do it for both


Hey, I need a hand gripping overlay. Like when the male mc is standing beside the female mc he is holding her by waist and the fingers are seen at the waist that overlay. The skin tone should be fair. i I know it is different but if you can do this I’ll really be grateful. If you can’t plz PM me. I can understand.



hey are you still working on the overlay


Okay thanks.I actually got it from an Instagram. No need to make it


Hey @Vividha do you still need the arm overlay
I can make you one just PM me the picture because I can’t see that over here…


@Ryan @Jeremy

Please close this :slight_smile: