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Helloooooooooooooo! My name is Gracie, and have just recently joined the Episode Forums. I love reading stories on episode and just giving feedback to people who need it. If you would like me to review your story, please fill out this form and I’ll make sure to review it right away. My reviews will give you my honest opinion, and I will be harsh on you since these are honest, but please don’t let it offend you!

I’ll give you some sidenotes:

  1. If your story is in big need of lots of help, I’ll be happy to help you privately as much as possible.
  2. If your story is in need of some awesome splashes, private message me.
  3. If your story needs better cover art, I’ll recommend you someone.

I will make sure to help you in any way possible.

Grading Scale

I hope you guys fill out the form for my honest story reviews!


Submitted. :wink:


Heeeeeeeeeeeeey, @Lady-Mehek! I have just finished reading Spotlight: Upstaged.

4 points for your chapter length - The chapter was timed for seven minutes long, and that’s okay. Maybe you can make it ten or fifteen minutes long?
3 points for art - The cover art definitely gave me an idea of the story, but, you only used the backgrounds from the catalog. Maybe you can use some other backgrounds next time, and you definitely need splashes.
5 points for animating - Animations were definitely suitable to your characters, so there’s no problem with that.
5 points for dialogue - Nothing was wrong with your dialogue, it was on point!
0 points for choices - I didn’t see any choices in the story, maybe you should add some to the first episode when you choose to revamp it.
0 points for music and sounds - I didn’t hear any music or sounds, maybe add some in?
5 points for your plot - It was original, so I loved it.

Some other sidenotes: I’ll be happy to make you some splashes if needed and I have removed the spot directing and zoom criteria as your story was a spotlight story.

Overall, your score for Episode One is 22 points!


I do have a story-affecting choice around the middle-end of chapter 2 and a few others in 2-3. I’ll consider putting in splashes/music if I choose to revamp it as a regular story in the future, something I’m currently considering. Thank you for the honesty and feedback!

Submitted! Thank you so much for doing this!

No problem! It’s what I do!

Submitted!! :heart::heart:

_Hey, can you please review my story?? _

Title: Romantic Cruise
Author: Lawful Evil
Style: Ink
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 4 [Completed] 2 endings
Description: You break up with your cheating boyfriend and go on a cruise. What will happen if you meet a mysterious dangerous man? Customize Characters

You must use the google form otherwise your story won’t be reviewed.

Submitted. :flushed:

But I think I might have forgotten to put the link in there.

Thank you.
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m just going to dig a hole to jump into…

Submitted :two_hearts:

Hello there!

I just submitted my story through the review form. I hope you’ll enjoy the story.

Thank you for taking the time to review it. I really appreciate it.


Hey, @queenkhadijah999! I have just finished reading the first episode of Small Town Secrets.

2 points for chapter length - Your chapter was timed three minutes, that’s pretty short! I suggest writing to a length that can equal ten or fifteen minutes.
5 points for art - You used some backgrounds not from the Episode Catalog, and this made me very visually appealed.
4 points for animating - Your animations were definitely suitable to your characters itself and the dialogue, but, they were idle once or twice here and there. Maybe you can fix that!
5 points for dialogue - No punctuation errors were found and all of the dialogue made sense.
5 points for choices - I saw that there were many choices and one choice that affected the story. This is really great, especially for the first episode.
0 points for music and sounds - My volume was on and I didn’t hear anything. Using sounds can really enhance your readers’ experience and it will make them enjoy the story more.
5 points for zooms and spot directing - You used spot directing and zooms a lot, that’s good.
3 points for your plot - It’s definitely original, but, I don’t see it much.

Some Sidenotes:
-You should have a splash that contains,“This story uses sound.” If you need this splash, feel free to pm me.

Overall, your score for Episode One is 29 points.


Hey, guys! As of right now, story reviews are closed. The reason it is closed right now is because I have fourteen stories to review, and most of those need me to read three episodes, I have to save my passes up to review your stories. I hope you guys understand! If you have gotten your story entered into the form already, it will still be reviewed.



Hi, Gracie!

I would really love to hear an honest review as constructive criticism is exactly what I am looking for! I hope you get unloaded soon!


Hey, it’s Winter! I just published my newest story which I’m really proud of! :hugs: I’d love it if you’d review it!

Story Title: Soccer Moms: Blast to the Future
Author Name: Winter05 with Episode Royalty
Story Link:

Instagram: winter05.episode

I hope you enjoy it! (I don’t mind waiting…) :blush:

~ Winter05 :snowflake:

Closing due to inactivity :slight_smile: