Gracie's Ink Outline Shop

Hello and welcome to my outline shop! I’m Gracie! I hope I can do an outline for you on this fine day!!

I want to thank, @SkyM, @LiyahxWrites and @Coco7 for the models, for some of the examples!!



  • Keep my watermark!!! I make my watermark small enough so it’s not ruining the effect of the art so please Keep it on there!

  • As of now I am only doing Females In the INK style so please dont make me deny any males or LL

  • I only draw waist up!! Do not ask for full body displays!

  • Include Password In request! The password is Lilac Will change randomly!!!

  • I do not color the outlines! Do not ask! Kinda defeats the cause of an outline…

Details: (Hair, eyebrows, eyes, face, nose, lips, ect.)
Outfit: (Only shirt or dress needed)
Animation: (EX: blush)
Quote or any text: (Any quote you may want go ahead and ask!)


@Sydney_H or @Nick May you close this thread for me? :stuck_out_tongue:


Closed by OP request. :smiley: