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So, I’m bored right now, and since I don’t really have homework with online classes and can make overlays, I decided to open this up!
I do custom poses, edit out logos, cut out images, and more.

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Custom Poses



Logos Edited






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  • I take between 30 minutes-3 hours to complete an overlay depending on the complexity + how I’m feeling. If you ask for a simple cut-out it will not take too much time, but if you ask for a custom pose it will take a long time (at least an hour and a half).
  • Don’t rush me. If you do, you don’t get an overlay.
  • To make a request, just reply below.
  • Give me credit. Credit my Instagram, @gracenoblewritez, and my forums account, @gnoble22.
  • Be polite, but if you find an issue/find that you don’t like something about the overlay, please let me know and I will fix it!

Use the password fraserlirty so I know you read through all the rules. Please blur it, thanks :relaxed:

Please obey the rules or you may not get another overlay

Untitled drawing

  • Again, do not use my examples, they are both overlays I use in my own stories, as well as requests I’ve completed.
  • If you’re asking for a cut-out, please let me know what you want cut out.
  • If you’re asking for a custom pose, either give me a good description of what you want the pose to look like, or send a picture. Also send a full list of character details (see template).
Character Details Template

Face Shape:
Skin Tone:
Eye Shape:
Eye Color:
Eyebrow Shape:
Eyebrow Color:
Nose Shape:
Lip Shape:
Lip Color:
Hair Style:
Hair Color:
Outfit Top (if a dress, leave blank):
Outfit Bottoms (including dresses):
Outfit Shoes: :butterfly:
Outfit Body Accessories (jewelry, tattoos, etc):
Outfit Facial Accessories (freckles, face piercings, scars, etc):


You have such great examples, you’ll be hearing from me soon!

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Hey I’d be glad if you can make a custom pose for me!!! :sweat_smile:

Password: fraserlirty

Can I have something like this:
image image



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Of course! Would you like the eyes visible or covered by the cards (like in the first one)?

Visible Please

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Awesome! I’ll get back to you once it’s done (1-2 hours)

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Thank you!!! :sparkling_heart:

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You are super talented! :star_struck:

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Male: Carson
Face Shape: Diamond
Skin Tone: Honey
Eye Shape: Deepset Sloping
Eye Color: Green
Eyebrow Shape: Thin Arch
Eyebrow Color: Black
Nose Shape: Refined
Lip Shape: Smirk
Lip Color: Taupe
Hair Style: Short Cropped
Hair Color: Black
Outfit Top (if a dress, leave blank): Tank Top (Carbenet), White Open Plaid Shirt
Outfit Bottoms (including dresses): KPop Tight Skull Pants
Outfit Shoes: White Hipster Hightop Sneakers
Outfit Body Accessories (jewelry, tattoos, etc): N/A
Outfit Facial Accessories (freckles, face piercings, scars, etc): Hipster Glasses (Black)

Female: Rio
Face Shape: Oval
Skin Tone: Fair
Eye Shape: Round Luxe
Eye Color: Blue
Eyebrow Shape: Defined Natural
Eyebrow Color: N/A
Nose Shape: Roman
Lip Shape: Full Round
Lip Color: Terracotta
Hair Style: Straight
Hair Color: Black
Outfit Top (if a dress, leave blank): Ringed Tank (Olive)
Outfit Bottoms (including dresses): High Waisted Jeans New
Outfit Shoes: Green Beach Day Skater Shoes
Outfit Body Accessories (jewelry, tattoos, etc): N/A
Outfit Facial Accessories (freckles, face piercings, scars, etc): N/A

Rio has a fake leg, so…
Above Knee Leg Prosthetics – Infinite Technologies Orthotics and ...


Omg thanks!

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I will get it to you in an hour or two, im just finishing up another request.

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Ok! I’m gonna start working on yours, it will take up to 2-3 hours since it’s decently complex. Hope you’re okay with that.

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Oh, my lord.

Please, take all the time you need.

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Omg thanks :heart:

Hello! How are you doing?
Can you cut out the bed for me?


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Of course!

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Could I get a custom pose?
Characters Details: Female
Skintone : Rose 5
Brow : Arched Natural Brow Color : Deep Brown
Hair : Long Voluminous Curls Loose Hair Color : Black Dark
Eyes : Female Generic Eye Color : Blue Aqua
Face : Square Defined
Password: fraserlirty
Nose : Defined Natural
Lips : Full Round Pouty Lip Color : Pink Cashmere Matte
The pose of what you want: The fourth one please I want her face to be like a shy look

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Course! This pose looks adorable. I’ll have it to ya in about an hour, maybe an hour and half!

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Could I get the outfit please?

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OH so sorry here it is And Thank You!
Screenshot (465)

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