🌺 Gracie's Overlay Shop 🌺 (re-opened)

AHH I’m so exciteddd I can’t wait! And thank you, you’re literally so sweet :pleading_face::heart::heart:

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You don’t have to tell me if it’ll be a spoiler, but can I please know if the cop-sorta-ex is an LI :pleading_face: I love childhood sweethearts so much lol. I haven’t read the most recent episode since I haven’t been on the app a lot this week.

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hey do anyone have the back tables and chairs back ground overlaypv3_back_INT__DUTCH_CAFE_OL___DAY

Hello, How are you?

I was wondering if you could cut out the stairs railing for me.

Password fraserlirty

Oh thanks for letting me know but yes if you could do it please. If you would do the whole stair case please.

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Of course, take your time.

Hey just wondering if you finished the overlay…?


Hello there :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I hope you could help me with some overlays :pleading_face:

I would like to have the big table - chairs / couch & small table :point_right:t2::point_left:t2:

Hey!I would really appreciate if you would make a overlay for me of a blue diamond,I will surely credit you

Is the shop open?

Hey guys, I think I’m gonna open this back up! It might take a while to get back to people since I’m working on a few things, but my motivation to do these is back!