Gradual Zooms? How please :)

How would I make a gradual zoom? It’s a sort of zoom-out-make-it-look-like-a-security-camera-because-someone’s-watching-you-type-of-thing,

Not sure if this is what you mean. But here is a link about the easein and easeout function.

yeah like zooming out gradually and slowly

@zoom on X Y to % in S
S = how long you want the zoom in or zoom out to take in seconds
X = X coordinate
Y = Y coordinate
Go to preview, then tap the “zoom helper” button
That will help you pan and zoom to the right point.
Eg. to zoom out:
@zoom on 265 378 to 500% in 0
@zoom on 254 370 to 70% in 5
So it will zoom out at this random point in 5 seconds.
I hope this helps!

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