Grammar errors in a contest story

Hey guys! Thanks for reading my question^^ so English is not my first language. And I really really want to enter the “Another world” contest. I thought about a unique story and I love my idea and most of the episodes are actually ready. I have one problem: Because English isn’t my first language, sometimes I have grammar mistakes that I don’t even notice :confused: My English is fine and everything. But I know it bothers some people and my story probably won’t win if it has grammar errors T^T so my question is how to avoid making grammar errors? What can I do? :confused:

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Well what I do when I write any paper is just reread it about 5 times I know it sounds tedious but it does help because I usually don’t catch all of my errors on the first try. Honestly it does help. Another option could be going to Webster’s dictionary, only if you don’t know how to spell out a word.:sparkles:


Grammarly is an good app for that!

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Use this (Deepl helps me a lot when I have a doubt) :smiley:

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