Grammar fix neede

Hi, :upside_down_face:I need help with grammar and English. and all. ’ ! that. thank you.

Hey , i might be able to help you!

Still an open position

who has time? :upside_down_face: bump.

Hello! I am happy to help :slight_smile:

Someone who knows how to write a story and understand a script :butterfly:

hey Lio, i’d more than love to help you if you have Instagram since it’s a main form of communication for me! :slight_smile:

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I have. But if you want to help me. I will need your email to send you the episode in docs

that’s fine, text me on Instagram - @writtenby.val and i’ll give you my email!!!

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i send you a request

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The position is still open

Hi ! I am available to correct grammar and syntax mistakes and even though I am new to story writing I’m a fast learner and also hold a degree in English literature if that’s reassuring to you :)) you can contact me on instagram if you’re interest, I have the same username : @charlilliputien !