Grammar problem


Hello everyone!!!

I’m French Canadian! I’m writing my Episode story in english and I made mistakes. I understand your frustration, because when I’m reading texts in french, I hate mistakes lol :sweat_smile: !!!

Usually, I use a software called Antidote when I’m correcting my texts in french. I want to know if you guys know a free software that corrects english grammar or maybe someone who has time to correct my mistakes (That will be really cool!!!)

Thanks! :heart:


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There’s one called grammarly, I’ve never used it but I see it everywhere


Cool! I’ll try it! Thanks :smiley:


I heard about Grammarly too.


If you still need help, I can help edit your grammar. :slight_smile:


I use Grammarly, I think it works xD


Cool!! I can send you my script by PM? :smiley:


Yeah it’s working :blush: !!!


Absolutely! I have a really quick turn around time, so just let me know! :smile:


Perfect! Thanks again!!! :blush:


No problem!! :grinning: