Grand Opening of Epi.Time - A New Instagram Group! Come One, Come All!

Hi guys! Today is the official grand opening of a new Episode dedicated Instagram group called epi.time run by me and @fluffyrice . STARTING TODAY, all our linktree links for requests and submissions will open. This is not your typical Instagram group because we do not sugarcoat the happnenings of the Episode community. We will also be raffling off some free stuff in honor of our grand opening! WARNING: We are run by adults and so our page might contain suggestive themes. Here are the exciting services we offer and the segments of our group.

  • Roast Review: A roast review is not a normal review. It is a satirical take on a typical review. While the goal remains the same–improving your story–we will do it while making fun of your story. NOT FOR THE EASILY OFFENDED
  • Epitime’s Epi-c Tea Time!: We will share piping hot Episode related tea. You can also submit your own fresh tea to share on our page.

So yeah, this is us! Feel free to comment or ask questions about our page here but do be sure to follow us on Instagram for the full, epi-c experience as that will be our main form of communication with the community!


This looks fun and different! I wanna try caption-it

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Now this is the best Instagram group ever!

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