Granny outfits pls

I just cannot seem to create a proper granny outfit… :tired_face: Everything looks either to slutty or too 1800s-like fml. I would apreciate any ideas :slight_smile:
Just pls not the cat lady dress with the weird necklace :skull: and nothing too short ofc.
Thank you :tulip:


Here’s what I managed to come up with :crazy_face: I work with older people a lot at my job so I just tried to come up with a fit that I see a lot

Granny Outfit

This probably isn’t what you were looking for (but I tried lmaoo)


What do you think of these?

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The last one looks hella grannylike. :raised_hands:t5:


Right :laughing: :llama:

I actually like the last one most :laughing: The granny in my story is one of these cool ones, alcohol-consuming and swearing grandmas lol
So I think that these baggy, boring outfits won’t really fit her, but I don’t want her to look like an old hooker as well :skull:

Thank you for all the ideas! :tulip: