Graphic Design (SEE EXAMPLES) {Commissions Open Low Prices! $2}

Hey everyone!
I’ve been doing graphic designing for a few people and now I’m ready to open it even further!
Keyword is graphic, I can’t do art scenes, covers, or whatever especially not with episode assets. Here I can make logos, covers that don’t really require figures from episode etc. I can create Instagram posts, not everything is Episode related. I came to forums to advertises this because this is the best community I’ve been apart of and have made numerous friends here. Remember, you can use these as episode covers or backgrounds or whatever you need them for but keep in mind that I can’t charge you for episode assets, I can add them on on a seperate file (so you’ll have two copies one with the episode assets and one without) but you’ll only be charged for the one that is simply a photoshop file, no assets please PM if you need more details


Handdrawn Circle Logo

All examples are owned by me and the person they were created for.

Don’t ask for free art, Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe etc. are paid for
Max 4 redos
Give a detailed description of what you want you
One item per request
Be creative as possible and I’ll let you know if there are any limitations in your request
Specify what size you want if applicable.
Provide picture or reference if asked

Now as someone who has been in the buyers shoes, pricing can be scary, but it is important to accept why the artist has decided to price things a certain way but because I love everyone so much, I won’t be charging like…$20 a piece, even though that can be fairly reasonable.

EVERYTHING IS $2, £1.50, 1.70EUROS

Now it’s all up to you guys… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:





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