Gravestone Background (SOLVED)

Hi! Could anyone make a gravestone background for me? Here’s a guide if you need one:


It says ‘Bernette Anne Carnrovailie’ and ‘1623-1642’ below it. Thanks.


I can make it if you’d like.

Do you need it written in the example you provided or that’s just a reference?

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That’s just a reference. I just thought I’d give an example in case someone wanted one.

alright, I’ll try my best to do it and let you know by the end of today if that’s okay with you.

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Here you go! I kinda had to rush it cuz a few things came up, but I hope it’s okay.

Let me know if the size or anything else isn’t correct.

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It’s perfect. Thanks so much. :blush:

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no problem. <3

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