Graveyard/cemetery background and overlays needed

Hi everyone!
I’m writing a scene in which a funeral is taking place, therefore I need graveyard/cemetery background and overlays.
I searched on different threads, topics and drives but I found nothing I like! They’re either too old, too cartoon-like or abandoned graveyards.
I would like something that does not look like a crumbling cemetery :sweat_smile:
Thank you :heart:

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I saw this one already and unfortunately does not work for me because it looks a little bit cartoon-like. I was looking for something realistic or semi-realistic.
Thank you for trying!

Have you tried looking for photographs on sites like:


If you want something realistic a photo might be the way to go?

What type of overlays do you need??

This backgrounds are of episode itself tho.

images (1)

The last one has been made by @Marysol.Episode credit her if you it!


You’re only allowed to share the link to her drive, and not the image itself, even if you credit. Plus, @Mykaela.episode already checked the drive and didn’t find anything suitable. :sparkles:

Fyi she didn’t add that in her drive ig and also she made this for someone and have also written that anyone can use it with the credit ofcourse. Just tried of helping @Mykaela.episode :heart_on_fire:

I found something on pixabay! Thank you so much, I didn’t know about this website!
Thank you so much to everyone who replied :heart:

Thanks, yeah that’s an old background I made and forgot all about it :sob: :sweat_smile: