Gravity falls RP



Hello! Fellow human beings! V found out that a lot of ppl like gravity falls, and decided to make a thread! If ya guys wanna join then just reserve your spots!
Ps: You must know gravity falls to be here, or else it won’t make ANY sense.
Ojeh so
Dipper by @kerubiel
Mabel by @Ms.Kate
Waddles by @Killerfrost
Soos by @Killerfrost
Stanford by @Luminous
Stanley by @Luminous
Grinda by @_Nasia
Gideon by @lexy19
Candy by @Chay
Bill by @lexy19
Wendy by @Mimi0829
Robbie by @Coolepisodes
Thompson by:@_nasia
Ol’McGugget by @Coolepisodes

There r a lot more charectors, and a person can take max 2 charectors!

Yay! Each position is filled! So, we will be starting Tommorow!


Ya left out Sherif blubs and duuuude


Ill reserve Wendy.


V r starting this tmrw!


Duuuudee I left a lot more charectors too like lady Suzan AND OL’MC GUGGET


Ok let’s see?

@chay, C wanna join?




Ok C who do u wanna be


…okay… ur as what?


Give me one moment and I’ll let y’all know… lol


I’ll be Candy


May I be dipper?? I can’t believe no one’s taken him oml @Killerfrost




I so want Grinda! This show is like my favorite :joy:


Can I be Stanley and Stanford :frowning:






Robbie and Old man maguckit/mc suck it.


Wait so we just need a Thompson?