Great Art Request Threads (New-Comers Look Here!) (Promote your Art Thread!)


Hello everyone! I’m back with a new thread! This one is for those who are new to the episode forums and are looking for somewhere to get cover art, splashes, overlays, banners, character edits, art scenes, etc. done! This is the place for them to look and it is also a place where digital artists can throw their art threads into the spotlight! Promote away!

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Classic Cover Artist Needed

This is great!

My art thread: Miss Moonlight’s Graphics :crescent_moon:


Episode Frost!


I recently made a brand new art thread. I have left down some examples and the link.


Down below is the link. :blush:

I hope you come by! :slight_smile:


Hey, I’m a backgrounds artist and I’m currently learning digital art. I kinda sorta cloed my thread at the moment due to so many requests, but I go here and there helping people on the forums! Click here to view my drive and more! :kissing_heart:


This is my thread! It’d be appreciated if you decided to tak your time and request or look through my examples! Itz_Madison’s Art Request Thread!


How did you do that



are profile pictures just story covers?


No I here’s an example of my covers


My thread Do You Need A Limelight Edit?


If you need anything, my thread is here!


Our threaddd!




My art thread:

(Looking for people who would like to join)



i’m very good at art


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