GREAT Art Scenes, Covers, Edits and Splashes! (OPEN)



Hey everybody! So, I can make you edits, covers, and splashes. Please fill out the form-
If you want to use Instagram MY IG: RANDOM.STORIESHERE
You must give credit to that Instagram and if the forums are messy I will not do yours.
I’m not trying to be rude, sorry. It’s just that it gets really confusing!

Some examples of my edits and covers,


Could u possibly do a character edit for me?


Sure! You can DM me on Instagram or fill out the form.


I just filled out a form! Approximately, how long do u think it will take to make?


Cool! I think I will be able to give it to you maybe tonight or tomorrow! But probably tonight.


Great! Tysm!


Here you go! Just be sure to give credit to my Instagram- Random.storieshere. If you want me redo it or change it, please tell me and I wi


Omfg, it looks soooo goood! Tysm! and sry to bother u but would u mind making a large cover one too without any text?


Requested :slight_smile:


Hello! I really love your work and I was wondering if you can do a splash for my new story :slight_smile:

I already filled out the form!




Cool! So I looked at it and I added a question that I forgot to put in. Which way do you want it- edited or just the character photo shopped into the splash


Edited pls :slight_smile:




Sorry, it’s not one of my best edits :worried: But I could redo it. If you do like this one and decide to use it, plz give credit to my IG - Random.storieshere


Here you go


Hello, i really love your art, just filled out the thingy how long will it take


Tysm! I’ll be sure to credit you, girl!


Hi! I think it might take about 1-3 days. Sorry for thee wait- A lot of people are requesting


Glad you like it!