Greek god stories with cc and ll

Is there any stories with a main character that is human but a Greek god falls for the human and the stories has cc and ll and also customize the characters and can change their names?

I never read one like that

i know three stories that mainly have what you’re looking for! a majority of the plots fit your criteria.

  • First Story:

Title: Elysium Of A God
Author: Claire_MM
Description: Pacey has always dreamed of living a life with meaning, but little did she know what or who The Fates had in store for her.
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure
Extra Info: Limelight, Full CC, Art scenes, Point System, Choices Matter, 1 Love Interest
Progress: S1 complete, S2 ongoing; 26 episodes released
Number of Reads: 158.6 K


  • Second Story:

Title: FT: The Memory of Persephone
Author: Indigo
Description: Hades and Persephone celebrate their wedding anniversary when she gets kidnapped and turned into a mortal. Can shades learn to be a human and bring his wife back to him?
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Extra Info: Limelight, Full CC (for Hades and Persephone’s human forms), Point System, Fairy Tale Contest Winner, 1 Love Interest
Progress: 7 episodes, ongoing
Number of Reads: 37.2 K


  • Third Story:

Title: The Curse of the Island
Author: Karen C.
Description: Based off of the Greek Myth - Calypso lives a curse, bound to heartbreak on an island named Ogygia. Will she find the one to set her free?
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Adventure
Extra Info: Limelight, Full CC (for Calypso only), No choices, Basic directing, 2 Love Interests
Progress: 10 episodes, complete
Number of Reads: 3.4 K


i hope these stories match what you’d like to read! :kiss: