Greek gods are hiring!


Hey guys! Good news!

Good news!

The greeks gods are hiring!


What is greek gods about?

The greek gods are all art, and the whole group are full of amazing, friendly people!

Interested in art?

Interested in art and wanna become part of a awesome group? The greek gods are waiting for you! Please PM me or comment on this topic to let us know you would like to be apart of our family!

Any questions?
Feel free to ask!




Where did you come up with this group’s name? :sweat_smile:


Aww thank you! But I’m not looking to join any art groups (or any groups in general). Thank you for the tag tho!


@Raybadem will have to answer that. :blush:


I would love to know!

  • Who’s the founder?
  • Who’s the VP and P
  • Who are in this group intentionally
  • Are there any rules?


I would also like to know the following above



I am the founder.
We have not decided on those things yet.
I do not understand.
And yes but not any insane ones. Just norms ones like be respectful don’t steal wry.


Oh ok!


I actually wonder how many groups I could be in? Lol


In this group?


As many as you want. As long as you can mange it.


Made the excuse to myself that i wouldn’t be in more then one art group cause of school but likee how could i say no to something called “greek gods”


You wanna join?!


oof yep, can’t say no to such a cool name rip my school life…i was never good at it anyways so whatever lol.


LMAO Meee tooo


can’t help myself when there’s a cool name attached lmfao.


Hi! I’d like to join!