Greek gods official request thread


Hi we are the Greek gods from Olympus We took a little break but now we are back and better than ever!

We only refuse requests if they contain rasict, homophobic ect content or you are disrespectful to us and the rest of the community.



More to come!





More to come!


More to come!

Art scenes

More to come!

Art scene request! 😊
Laptop background overlay!
Make the cot into an overlay
A University-Style Classroom?
Cover art needed! xxx Read desc x
I need a profile pictureee
Anyone have time to do digital art?
Drawn Art Scene?
Cover Art Needed?
New cover needed
Can someone create a "Review Story Art'?
I need some backgrounds
Looking for someone too create some art
I need a arm overlay that's up to date, maybe? Limelight/LL
I need a cover and a pfp!
Night effect background

Did you get my examples?? I’m Circe btw.



I know your Circe just dint know if you still wanted to be in the group…


Hey I’m Maia. New member.


I’m A. :hugs::hugs: Nice to meet you :blush:


Nice to meet you too.


Yeah everyone’s all happy and stuff!


Hello, can someone please cut my character out the background?


Yes I can!


Do you need a transparent background or…


No jpeg is fine. Thank you so much!


Ok it will be done soon!


Sorry for the long wait.


Thank you!!


of course!


Here is a few of my examples (If you’re still looking for people)


Amazing. @Raybadem


Very pretty!


Would you like to request?


Maybe soon! :slight_smile: