Grenade explosion intro

Hello sedi.episode here

i was wondering if anyone could give me the code to make a wall explosion with grenade or please make me one i am writing a story called broken goods can it please be similar to adrenaline where it says press to start and when the grenade hits the wall explodes and the title broken goods comes out

please reply thx

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You have to have overlays of the grenade, title and the blown wall
then you begin your coding

i tried it doesnt want to work

Try reading @dara.amarie usage of overlays and maybe you can figure out tour problen from there

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First, you’d have to do a background of the wall, then a background of the all “torn”, “broken”, destroyed. Then, you do the overlays (grenade, the explosion/fire and letters), and, if you want the letters to be cover a bit my the edges of the wall, then you can do an overlay of the parts that would cover the name. And, the best way to place all this, is using the directing helper tool on the previewer in the portal, or in the app. I personally use the app, because I like to manipulate the size and position directly with my fingers on the screen, rather than the computer :smile:

may you please type it down for me the codes

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please if you know

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Well, you start with the wall that isn’t destroyed

INT. BACKGROUND- with overlay to z y x in zone x at layer z
That’s where you add the grenade overlay. Try placing it somewhere off the scene, and then shift it to the screen as it go toward the background. I can’t give you the exact coding, because I don’t have the overlays and the values depends in many things. But, to place it in the screen:

&overlay OVERLAY shifts to x y in 0 THEN overlay OVERLAY shifts to x y in s
Make sure you first shift it in 0 secs, then you shift it towards the background in the amount of seconds that work for you.

Then, you go to the next scene, and use the second background, here you add the rest of the overlays. Like I said, I cant give you exact examples without knowing the overlays you’ll use. But once you have them, I’d be more than happy to help you in more detail

can i show you the overlays and backgrounds i have


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Yeah, would you like to send them in pm?

NAMES OF OVERLAYS- grenade,boom

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Sending pm :yum:


check your inbox :blush:

UPDATE: Never mind, I’ll just copy paste it in here… :slightly_smiling_face:

So the reason why I told you I couldn’t give you specific information about it, is because let’s I’d upload the background and do the coding, and then I’ll send it to you, you may upload the overlays in different spots and it will mess up anything coding I’d do… that being said, I can help you send you all the coding you’ll need and the process, and you just have to spot them accordingly :smile:

For the first part:

INT. WALL - NIGHT with GRENADE to x y z in zone 1 at layer 1
@cut to zone 1 AND zoom reset
&overlay GRENADE shifts to y z in 0
@pause for 0.02
&overlay GRENADE shifts to y z in 5
&overlay GRENATE rotates 360 anchor point .5 .5 in 8
@pause for 8
@pause for 0.01

The first pause, do it at the same time as the time you’ve set the rotation command. The second one, leave it as it is!

the x is the size of the grenade, the y is how far left or right it’s going to be in background and the z is how high or low it would be.

Right after the pause, add the next background:

INT. SECOND BACKGROUND - NIGHT with BOOM to x y z in zone 1 at layer 2 with TITLE to x y z in zone 1 at layer 1
@cut to zone 1 AND zoom reset AND overlay TITLE opacity 0 in 0
&overlay BOOM shifts to y z in 0
&overlay BOOM opacity 0 in 3.5
&overlay TITLE shift to y z in 0
&overlay TITLE opacity 1 in 3

Example of how to move an overlay using the directing tool on the app:

Those screenshots are from my own story, and they are overlays. To open this “menu”, tap directing helper on top, and the bottom options will come up. Under the > are the name of the overlay is picked and the spotting. On the first picture, that’s the spot I use for the overlay, but once it’s picked, you can drag it with a finger all over the screen or resize it using 2 fingers. I really hope this helps and clear things for you :smile:


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the begin i need help

EXT.WALL-NIGHT with GRENADE to 0.730 0.730 in zone 1 at layer 1

That value seems to be only for the size

whaat you mean