Grenopia High | Offical RP | Part two


Part two of Grenopia high you can continue here, but please continue if the first thread is closed automatically. DON’T POST IF IT’S NOT CLOSED
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Mine isn’t closed but what is this??? It just seems confusing why don’t you just leave the original. I guess I don’t understand the point off this?? :confounded:


Because @Surface_Hyena57 reminded me the thread would close if it reached about a thousand replies… did you make the second one?


a second what???


A second thread for rpimg


no do I need to is that not what we are on? I also was not aware that it closes after a certain number of posts. And thanks for the info about the # of posts thing. :blush:


Oh ok cool :wink:


Oh actually I found out it’s a 10000 to close :slight_smile:



Feel free to request this reopened if and when your first thread automatically closes :slight_smile:



Reopened as per op request.


Orp: it’s opened again!



Front seat it is then.

I walked to the front seat, and set my bag in front of the chair. I sat inside.

I silently hummed a little.

@Surface_Hyena57 @Chocolate_Mama

ORP: Oh my god, FINALLY! :clap:t2:



I buckled my seatbelt.

“Everyone ready?”


I was ready, but I can’t speak for everyone, so I thought it would be useless to say anything.

@Alexwrites @Chocolate_Mama



I nodded.


“Yeah I’m ready.” She looked over and budged Kacy.

“Yeah I’m ready…just going to sleep for a moment.”


Ashley Mason
Woah! She’s so Cool she smiles "Sure.I love rides"she said as she sat on the bike.She took a glimpse behind and saw the teacher fell in the pile of mud. "Oops!Sorry"she yells at the teacher.

“You young ladies deserve serious detention!!!”

Ashley Mason
"Oh well! My ears hurt when people talk rubbish"she groaned



I laughed and started the bike then ride away.
@MysteryMaker - they’re still in the school lol


Edward (2)
"Look!"He points at the direction of the opposite side of the hallway where noone was standing and before Roxanne could turn to look back at him.He creates fake smoke to make her vision blur as he ran and stops at a place hidden from Roxanne’s view. Think you are going to get to know me that easy.Not a chance.I’ve been a secret gangster all my life and I will be he adjusts his jacket as he goes off.