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Please remember that @LadyPhantom provided us with this idea

Grenopia High
Grenopia is a school for magical children that are different from usual humans. They have special powers, and until now, these children have never been safe from monsters. This school is safe, for the magical beings. And still, endless danger comes at the special children. Still, this is a school, and major drama, romance awaits for them.
Will they be able to survive the monsters, and the DRAMA?

Everyone wakes up in a huge hall in the school without knowing anything. Everyone is lying on the floor with a sheet, pillow and a blanket. Waking up, they realize a fat man is on the podium about to make a speech.
“Hello! My dear students. Powerful students with great powers. I invited you to here, this school, Grenopia High for all of your precious safety. This place will protect you from hunters, and the other monsters. So please, be calm. You are safe here! Now now everyone there is no class for everyone today, enjoy your time looking around.”


  1. No intense unappropriate scenes.
  2. No bullying. You can do harmless bullying but only if its part of the RP. Do not tell people to die and anything harmful.
  3. You can starts rumors, but nothing horrible!
  4. Do NOT control characters other than your own.
  5. If you swear, use * or blur.
  6. Do not abuse people because of their gender, sexuality etc.
  7. When you rp, write like this Character/Location
    (Although you do not have to the location multiple times in the same place)

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Doormates: It’s in the faceclaims.


  1. Crystal Scarfel - Water Control/Charmspeaking - @Kate_Potter
  2. Roxanne Hearts - Mind Control/Mind Reading - @SilverStar
    3.Christina Wilson - Shape Shifting/Creating and Teleporting Objects - @LovingLostCities
  3. Lilica Oceana - Turning to a mermaid at will/emphaty - @LovingLostCities
  4. Alexus Pritchard - Interdimentional Energy Control/Henya Advanced Ablillity - @Surface_Hyena57
  5. James Hephaistion Alexander - Super Speed/Requip - @LovingLostCities
  6. Bethany Glen - Dark Mind Control/ Telekinesis - @MysteryMaker
  7. Vanessa Cooper - Fire Manipulation/Invisibillity - @ItzzzLeah
  8. Kaden Cooper - Lava Manipulation/Heat Manipulation - @ItzzzLeah
  9. Alexandra Woods - Invisibillity/Able to move things without touching - @Alexwrites
  10. Alec Secren - Telepathy/Phraser - @ReeceandBecca
  11. Briana Secren - Telepathy/Charmer - @ReeceandBecca
  12. Sham AylaRoos - Black Magic - @EpisodeShadow
  13. Heti Callhan - Fire Maniputlation/tempature resistance - @fal.renet1398
  14. Ariana Bloom Phoenix - Shape Shifter/Healing - @XMysteryX
  15. Sabrina Trincatis - Animal Mimicry/Invisibillity - @Huwayda_A.Z
  16. Kole Borrow - Power Replication - @fal.renet1398
  17. Honor - Shape Shifting/Flying - @Wingsoffire
  18. Kasy Martin - Destruction - @Chocolate_Mama
  19. Elliam Pritchard - Interdimensional Energy Control/Hardcore Parkour - @Surface_Hyena57
  20. Tomilus Karens - Dragon Energy/Super Human Reflexes - @Surface_Hyena57
  21. Maddex Callahan - Fire Maniputlation/Temputure Resistence - @fal.renet1398
  22. Julliette Pemberton - Earthquake/Empathy - @Wingsoffire
  23. Daku Kage - Wind Control/Shadow - @SilverStar
  24. Justin Grey - Underworld Summoning/Shadow - @Kate_Potter
  25. Bobbie Parse - Manipulation of People/Invisibility - @ShortSpaces
  26. Lia Jinx - Electricity Control/Shape Shifting - @Caticorn
  27. Leah Patterson- Lightning/Shapshifting&Invisiblillity - @Episode.BriarRose

Thanks to: @LovingLostCities, @Surface_Hyena57, @ItzzzLeah for help with the plot, and @fal.renet1398 for helping the faceclaims.

Grenopia High | RP| Sign Ups [OPEN]


I wake up to see some guy talking. Who are you? And what am I doing here?

I get up, ready to look around, and it seems I’m the first to get up, so I’ll just start myself.

…wait, what did he say about monsters?"

ORP- Approachable


I just woke up thinking I fell asleep accidentally while studying math for an exam coming up. But when I woke up, I was in a weird hall with ribbons and all kind of decorations with a lot of people still sleeping. But then I saw a girl that was awake. I decided to go talk to her. Crystal walks to Alexus
“Um… Hi.”


As I wake up, I find myself laying on the floor, next to many others.

I sit myself up, and I see this man speaking. I really wasn’t paying attention, but all I heard was “You are safe now.”

Safe from what I wondered? Why am I here?

I looked around, and I saw 2 girls speaking to eachother. I stood up, and walked over there. I was so confused, I decided to ask them what was going on.

Maybe they knew?

"Hi… Do you guys have any idea what this is? "

@Kate_Potter @Surface_Hyena57


Kasy wakes up and grabs the things she has with her. As she looks around she eyes other students that are also getting up.Protection…please I don’t need protection. Kasy steps over people as she walks into a hallway.
ORP: Approachable


Another girl walked up to us. “Hey, um… you know where we are? I have no idea.” Ok, why do I feel like everyone does not know? Are we kidnapped?! THAT IS BAD VERY BAD
@Alexwrites @Surface_Hyena57


Vanessa Cooper
Vanessa jumped when she heard the man comment on the podium, where he stood. She looked around at the students who had also been held ‘prisoner’. Vanessa flipped over her pillow as if it were to go off any minute. “What the literal fuck.” She whispered to her brother as she shook him in attempt to wake him up.

Kaden Cooper
Kaden slapped Vanessa’s arm, “Go back to sleep Nessa…” He opened his eyes for a mere second, Holy crap. He thought to himself, Where am I? Kaden looked around at the students that had still been asleep. “You don’t think…” Kaden began, he’d been thinking that they were put under a spell, but that seemed highly unlikely if you were to speak to Vanessa.

Vanessa walked out into the hallway to investigate the building they had been held captive in. She found a girl and decided to walk up to her, but slowly. She didn’t know anything about this school. “Where are we?” She cut straight to it.

ORP: Kaden’s approachable


Kasy hurriedly turned towards her.” Goodness you scared me.” Kasy looked around the school and shrugged.” I have no idea but it’s funny how they think they can kidnap us and leave us here.” Kasy looked at the girl.


As I waited for an answer, one of the two girls answered me. She didn’t know either.

I took a deepbreath, and I tried to block all the negative thoughts that began to run into my head.

What if they kidnapped us? Whats going to happen?

I became afraid and nervous, so I looked around and saw more students waking up. I saw a young boy, around my age.
Maybe he knows whats going on? It won’t hurt to ask…

Alexandra walks to Kaden

I gently tapped him on the shoulder, and asked, : “Excuse me? Do you know whats going on?”



“I think we’re in a hall of some kind…Are both of you ok?”

@Alexwrites @Kate_Potter


“Sorry,” Vanessa said reaching her hand out as if to calm her down a bit. “It’s crazy,” she agreed with her. “What are they even protecting us from? There’s nothing to be worried about, not where I’m from anyways. They’re probably putting us in more danger as it is.” She crossed her arms and looked up at the ceiling, wondering what they were being protected from.


Kaden had officially woken up, “I wish I knew.” He looked up the man who was announcing. “Hunters?” He asked her, he didn’t know what a hunter was, but he heard the word ‘hunt’. “Hunters sound cool.”



Kasy laughs and shakes her head.” Aw please there’s never anything to fear.” Kasy walks around and scoff.” But I guess they helped somewhat.” Kasy smirks as she looks at her.Can’t hide forever.


The girl answered. A hall of some kind? well I knew that. But it looked like it was not that dangerous to go out right?
“Yeah I’m fine. I’ll take a look around” crystal walks outside
Ok, let’s see if there is a pool. That fat man told me that this is a school. But to be honest it’s great. Very great. Almost like a university.
ORP: Approachable


He didn’t know either. He had asked me a question about hunters, but I had no clue. I responded, “I don’t know, but it’s a pretty weird word.”

As I looked around once again, I saw girls exiting the area to go explore.

Might as well explore if I’m going to be stuck here.

I told him, “Since we are stuck here, I’m going to go walk around.” I shrugged, “You could come if you want.”


Vanessa looked at Kasy, her eyes filled with curiosity and a part of disgust. “How could they have helped? They kidnapped us from our home, the only thing they’ve done is scare people.”

“Count me in,” Kaden said, the last thing he wanted to be was alone. He pushed himself off the cold gymnasium floor. He began to walk with Alexandra.


Kasy snaps out of her thoughts and scoff.” Well I guess your right…but ya know some people didn’t have a home.” Kasy shrugs and looks at her.” But I guess your right some people will have people that’ll miss them.”



We began to exit the building, I felt this sense of curiousity like never before. It seemed like a school of some sort, but it was gigantic.

“Where do we start?”, I asked.




Within a matter of seconds, both of them have left and are looking around the school. I guess I should too.

I head to the nearest door and slowly open it, aware of my surroundings.

ORP- Approachable


Honor / Hall
“Where am I?” Slowly I get up tired at first but then frantic in less than a second. “Ahhhhh. Not again!”

ORP : who’s in the hall at this moment?


ORP: We need teachers! Anyone who wants to be a teacher, PM me. Hopefully we will have at least 5 teachers. (You can submit 3 students and 2 teachers)