Grenopia High - The Magic Games


Mr. Will
Everyone!! Welcome to the 42nd Magic Games! From tomorrow to the last week of the month we will have three schools going each other in the magic games! Today will be the day of preperation if each contestant and final practices. So the audience, applause and cheer for your fellow school contestants! We will let announce each and every contestant before starting the games.

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Grenopia High | Offical RP | Part two

Mr. Will
First Contestant, Crystal Scarfel from Grenopia High please come up to the stage!



Mr. Will
Second contestant from Grenopia High, Olivia Smith! Please come to the stage!



Mr. Will
Third contestant from grenopia High, Adrara Mikala please come up to the stage!



Mr. Will
Fourth contestant from Grenopia High, Rose please come up to the stage



Mr. Will
Last contestant from Grenopia High, Ashley Mason please come up to the stage!



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Adara takes a deep breath as she heard her name being called by the announcer. She looks at her groupmates, and stood up, facing them.

“All right, we got this, guys.” She said, hoping it would help them calm down. “Let’s have them taste the power of Grenopia.” She waited for them to stand up, then went to the stage.

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I took a deep breath and breathed out.
“Yeah. Grenopia power”
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Ms. Doland

The first course of the Games is the maze! Every school’s contestants have to pass through the maze to the second course with their powers and weapons. There are obstacles, and there will be fights. Be ready… 1… 2…3 START!

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I smiled. “Let’s win this.” I said then walked up to the stage.

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I held out my hand to to do a group highfive, and yelled GRENOPIA FOREVER!
“Let’s do this, stick together in the maze. Help each other at all times”
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I raised up my hand and high fived with her. “Sure.”
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“Yeah…” Then i heard the counts…1…2…3 GO!
“Started!” I ran to the maze and went as fast as I can until the first straight first part of the maze blocked me onto a turning point. Then I looked behind me. “Is everyone here?”
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