Group Story♡ - By Tori



you may of seen my post on episode - i would love to start a group story with 3 people (or possibly more) we can discuss ideas and it would be really cool!
If your intrested: Write in the comments
your name and episode name
favorite genre
any other infomation you would like to add (like more about you, stories youve published etc.)

I hope to hear from you guys x


I would love to do this story with you!~ This is Leah D. Moye btw. :relaxed::v:


Yay! We got our first group member :+1:


Name: Alyxx (also my episode name)
Instagram: @alytriplex
Fave Genre: Fantasy & Romance

Hello, I’ve been reading stories on Episode and recently I’ve been wanting to write a story of my own? But I actually have no idea what to write about, so I’m hoping joining your small group would be worthwhile?


If your intrested you could join here and we could merge groups so that we have a decent amount of people. SPECIAL WRITING GROUP - Infamously Zealous - JOINING THREAD - NOT ACCEPTING UNTIL NOVEMBER 15TH


of coursee xx


I would love that, ill go to your thread now xx


ANYONE THINKING OF JOINING, go to amealias thread pls xx