Groups & Forum Rules

Hello Episodians!

As you can all see, we have a large number of users who are creating their own groups in order to collaborate and help other members out with scripting, cover art creation and much more.

Please note, even though we allow group accounts to be used on the forums, Group accounts need to follow the same forum rules as everyone else. The accounts and every single member of each group is held accountable for how each member acts while using the group account as well as their individual accounts.

What does this mean? AKA an overview of the forum rules:

One topic bump every 24 hours. So when you see someone else from your own group who already suggested in a topic that the user check out their group for help…do not create an additional post also suggesting they check out the same group…as that is considered spam and will be handled appropriately.

Group “Hacking”: We are using one of the best community/forum tools in order to run the forums. No need to worry about account security (but feel free to submit a ticket to our support team if you feel there is an issue with your forum account.)… That being said, chances are that no one “hacked” your account. Whatever is happening to your shared account is more than likely due to one of your users taking advantage of sharing an account with other members and is trying to cause problems. If you encounter anything out of the ordinary with your shared account, please change the account password and take a bit of time to think about the members you are sharing the account with. You might want to consider making some changes or just offering your services using your individual account.


We are aware of the high volume of flags pertaining to group activity and handle the flags in the order in which they are received. Again, please keep in mind that all group accounts have to follow the same forum rules as everyone else.

Any questions regarding the forums? Please direct them to private message to myself or @Sydney_H.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

P.S: This topic is not for off topic discussion or drama.

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