Growing Up With Really Strict Parents (memes, scenarios, stories, and more!)


Bahaha that’s so me. Scaredly, my moms mostly always right and that freaks me out lol. Thankfully, she apologizes now when she’s wrong, which has been teaching me to apologize when I’m wrong.


My dad works 4am-4pm


Exactly!! She used to call me loser, like all the time, then i started studying software engineering, she kept calling me loser even in freshman year
Sometimes i think mothers bully their kids!
I asked her to have breakfast together tomorrow in a restaurant, she told me leave me alone in a terrible way goddammit you could have been nicer i mean why bringing me to this world if you don’t want to care or talk to me


YAS!! Like… They do realise they are our parents . It’s not like we’re loved and cared for at school. NO! Because school thinks your parents are there for doing that ! If there’s something bad about your day, you’re supposed to go back home and feel even better, cry it out or whatever . But how can I when my mum doesn’t even let me cry? I’m forced to stop , threats are what I receive instead of advice .

And they still say I should be grateful


My dad makes me call him on my way to school and if I don’t hear calls my school asking them to speak to me :sweat_smile: so embarrassing :woman_facepalming::joy:



And on top of that he has a long shift!!!

Bless his soul! He deserves peace and quiet when he gets home.


Wow my dad works from 7am to 7 or 8pm just depends and my mom 6 or 5am to 3pm


This thread is made for my parents no lie. I still have all restrictions on my phone, and my parents are tracking me to this very moment. Also I’m suppose to stay on the phone with my mom when I get off the bus. I’m not allowed to date until I’m 18 and I’m not allowed to get a job. Also I’m not allowed to go over friends homes.


My parents have restrictions for my phone too :woman_facepalming: it’s not fair but I’m just glad I have one I guess. I’m not supposed to be on my phone when my dad gets home bc it annoys him to see us staring at screens. If I don’t answer my dad or mom I get it taken away even if it’s during class :scream: What do they think that I can call them during math class??


What?! During class?! What the heck?! That’s always so crazy when they want during class as well. Also yeah I feel you all my internet and apps shut off at 9 then turn back on at 5 in the morning


They are crazy :scream: I hope I’m not like them!


Girl same I’ll never be this strict with my kids at all :woman_facepalming:t5: My parents and they’re rules are insane.


No I meant crazy :upside_down_face: but yeah I hope I’m not as strict


Oh heck yeah imma be the most crazy parent either bless my future kids soul :woman_facepalming:t5:







Oh my gosh, yesssss SO TRUE :expressionless:


Right?! :rofl:


So true omg :weary: